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Thanks for the invite Leibowitz, it's nice to be included in such a vibrantly diverse group. I don't want to be accused of homoethnicallity, there is no greater sin in the current year

Against Isreal? Huh

Yeah, it seems like win-win

Yeah, that's a rare treat, the Onion hasn't been great lately


About what Leibowitz?

And here I got Tor just for the stormer. Possibly I should be using it anyway.

At least they got it the right direction

Works for me, both forum and site

I guess we don't get to evolve to forum V5 as of yet.

This one has been really resiliant, I don't think we've had a forum version last this long since 2

I'm just waiting for the Nation to be fashed, TBH

It's probably best to point out that distancing himself does no good. Radical centrism is a dead end.

Well said


Oh god, the alt-light doesn't need any more supreme dark lords. One is already too many 😄

Oy Vey...

Don't tell me I have to use Tor again

Whats your odds on the anti-fa site getting taken down too? 5%, 10?

The Stormer will live on, if only in sneakernet.

I doubt we can do antifa proof flash rallies

Our vetting isn't anything like that thorough

The Stormer does look good in PDF, man Anglin knows his aesthetics

Oh no, if I don't have a few weeks to plan it's hard for me, even then things come up.

Shifting culture and building connections is the biggest thing, rallies can help with both those things, but they have downsides too.

Nice one NSA

IMO we should always have at least two of our own guys recording every time the media interviews anything.

And the real interview should be spread as broadly as possible

It's not below the media to cut what you said into sounding as bad as it can possibly be.

Do we have many experienced people? We've done one rally.

People love moonbases. Don't dis the Aryian Nazi Moonbase speak.

Yeah, we have speakers, I meant organizers.

When did Enoch deal with the media? I know Spencer is good at it but I didn't know Enoch had any kind of coverage other than stuff relating to his doxing.

It is a huge undertaking, I can't really fault him for having problems.

No, I didn't.

It surprises me a little that these people seem to actually think they are bringing the country together by their politics...

That's probably all it is with them. Some normies do really think that way though.

I'm shocked. I don't know what I'll do with that shocking revelation. I'm really amazed. They campaign on being good and right. Why would they lie? I... I don't even know what to do with this revelation...

Nazis used to do charity work, but it made them popular with the wider community. I think part of the reason charity is more regulated now is because the anti-fa types don't want to face the competition they did in the 20s and 30s, as Nazis are clearly better at real charity work.

1770s and 1780s? That was bad...

They never change, leftists.

But conservativism keeps moving left.

What did they do in that case. I'm pretty familiar with the Republican\Marxist overthrow schema and they're following it to the letter.

Seems like nothing in the 60s and 70s could be as bad as what they did in their many other horrible playgrounds of death.

They really havn't changed much in the last few hundred years, though the groups and terms change to suit the situation.

Looks like the days of rage failed pretty badly

I mean, compared to the actual marxist revolutions, and the one upcoming

Honestly, the fact that America resisted that in the 70s is a testament to it's inner strength. Succesfully repelling commies doesn't happen much. Of the top of my head Spain and and Chile are pretty much the list.

Zorost, it failed, if it succeed it would have snowballed into full communism right then.

It just wasn't rooted out.

Someone just listened to FTN 😄

That was quit the tidbit.

Oh, cool

DoR had no negative effect on them and provided a lot of benefits. But it was repealed in the way conservatives repel anything, it stalled the revolution.

Thats fascinating Vangaurd.

You must be quite proud of her. I love it when my mom normie trolls shitlibs

So good

Need more cow tounge. Or are we talking about people who consider 'Taco Bell' real ethnic food?

That's fantastic.

I'm sure you'll shift your bro in time.

Yep, it's real.

This is why universal suffrage democracy is a terrible, terrible idea.

Endless middle eastern war, so libertarian. Freedom talking that is.

He doesn't have kids, does he?

Yeah, but most people in college are over 18, if you don't have your first kid by then, I mean...

The holdout libertarian I know does online DandD 6 nights a week, and wonders why he can't get a girl.

Cant even 'hey I'm having a party this friday come by if you like' nope, D&D. On his one day off he talks about libertarianism and D&D

That I don't know, girls dig deep guys. Are you reading shit philosophy?

He'll get there eventually Vangaurd, just takes some time to deprogram

Very nice, esp the heraclitus

Damn good stuff Moosey

You have the internet, you have basically everything.

Of the wide world availible you made some damn good selections.

Had to look him up, looks interesting.

At least he didn't disavow eh Gusphase?

So, was ending dueling culture dysgenic?

No arguments

I'm not American, but I do deeply respect the Cavalier culture of the deep south.

That's good to know, Chesterton in the '20s said that the civil war was mostly about cultural annihilation, and the North wanted to destroy all the best parts of America.

Ah, thats so nice.

No, fighting should be more normalized, I really don't like the extent to which physical confrontation is restricted, it's bad for everyone.

Fighting is normal for the swath of the population called 'men', and especially 'boys'. It's not bad, though boys should be limited to things that don't do permanent damage.

Ooh, see, dems are the real racists.

That's right, the fear of the physical is so strange to me. No fighting, no spanking, no corporeal punishment. But isolate a kid or imprison a person is totally fine. You don't get time back, but a sore ass or a whipped back heals.

I'd charge her a fair bit. Why would you punch her for free?

What was the question, anyway?

Oh, I don't believe anyone should vote, so it's kind of a moot question for me.

few people said that.

You just need to get the the sex=marriage notion in your head and then none of this matters...

Hoes looks inheirently terrible as you think of what life with them would be like

Looks like a good setup. Too many single guys in nationalist circles... Get a woman and it'll end all this weird trap\anime nonsense.

Plus it's the way to make the future.

You got a good one Brad 😄 Feisty to idiots but submissive to you, apparently. That's ideal.

I have a scottish woman as well, they're a lot of fun.

So, nothing interesting to talk about then?

Oh cool, pride related stuff seems to be getting vandalized a lot

In Canada too. I was very impressed when this happened even in a lefty-uni town like Saskatoon.

The Hyde reference makes it clear, I love it.

They're going to catch someone on camera soon and they'll be martyred. With all the anti-pride vandalism happening it's just a mater of time.

Hopefully this polarizes people

Campus certainly is, but normie leafs think we're in carebare lala land and all this kind of problem is an American thing

In 'Toon they did a pride crossing, the next day someone had peeled out and burned rubber all over it.

A pride crosswalk that is.

Oh yeah, everyone outside of us can easily see that Canada is polarized into many factions that pretty much hate each other, cut a lot of Canadians are oblivous.

Possibly it wasn't intentional. Possibly.

It's their entire identity. Why wouldn't they do that?

The most disappointed I've ever seen anyone is when a Lesbian came out and I shrugged and said 'yeah I figured that for a long time' was hilarous.

I have a white shirt, that's like your think bantaman

How is the toon nowdays shaman? I live close but never go there because I rarely have reason to

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