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you can only buy so many smartphones and tablets
I kinda wish you savvy deal hunters would find more unique things other than cheap phones.
also the best Casio is the f91w with the rubber band

once it breaks you either get a NATO strap or you just buy a new one

Ive just been lurking hot deals forever and 80% is the previously mentioned. not that I have any grounds to complain since you are making the effort of sharing these with us

gearbest 2 gud

is there any harm in wearing cheap rings?

I'm still waiting on my first ali order to arrive before I order another thing but I'll look into it

really sketchy with this one

it's overdue and when I wanted to check on it I found out the account I had created for the order was deleted

but my browser even still had the password and email saved for the website

some clothing thing

also it seems like the majority of ali accepts paypal now

that wasn't the case a couple of months back

>what about cancer

they sell these at mujis too never found one that actually smells nice

turbo kek

I am a lefty hello

pls respect my minority

send free moni here

2018-04-11 13:13:50 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

nice logitech mouse

2018-04-11 13:13:54 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


a wallet should be soft so you can sit on it...

where do you put it?????

is there like a good time for chink phone deals?

I wouldn't know about electronic sales

heck that's too far away my phone is falling apart

I'll get that meizu note 6 somth seems good

my budget is like 150€

I can see it's a good phone

I ahve weird requirements

the main camera

could be non existant

I wouldn't care

because I always have a real good camera with me that is nfc linked to my phone

only thing I care about is the front camera for snapchat and ig

but why does the poorfuck trash samsung I bought in 2016 do

then I want a snapdragon octa I guess

god why

I thought some of them had it

oh god you are right

only huawei

consider your car hacked

am I missing something with this phone?

seems good to me

also it has NFC

I don't see a reason to not trust other manufacturers

I'm already taking so many gambles with chink shit

site auto filters for that apparently

good ip tracking

but that will my phone work site is horribly outdated

the site already shows that

I thought you meant a handson check

like it shows the most common german carriers and I have one of them

and even if not

getting a new carrier is basically free

so if it wouldn't work I could just change to one of them that works 100%

I just wish there were still modern phones with headphone plugs

it seems fine on paper

I'll try it

200€ from german warehouse as opposed to 191€ from china

so I don't have to worry about potential tax cucks

it has like the highest cost efficiency rating on whatever botnet site that is

(if you need NFC that is)

>snapdragon 430


really insecure about this

just bought it

1 day delivery leggo

which one

heck what season was that

hmm In was asleep in ss16



I'm from /g/

I've been in this channel for probably 5 months now?

I just don't talk much

half of my discord is fashion shit
I see supreme in the wrong half I reply

simple rules

I've fucked with preme since 2012 or something though

sold everything except some personal pieces because it's dead now

normal thrifts are fucked in Berlin now

thrusting is so popular they want more there than at lacoste flagship stores


got some good shit at popup events before


I wish shit like this was legal here


also while I hate fakes I wish there was a bigger fake market here

it's way more fun to style on hoes wearing fakes than just poor kids who wear nothing

nah I mean like


not laugh at

the Turks here wear fake Gucci caps all the time

so I bought Gucci slides and a cap for a short while just to make them feel bad

still have the slides because they are comfy

Turks do

they want to pretend they are rich

or anyone

not just turks



my fashion is expensive

I like what designers do with clothing

I used to just buy stuff I liked

but youth is very obsessed with it now

owning a balenciage cap is the new my mom got me an Xbox for Christmas

everyone has a fucking fashion YouTube channel now

I don't think you should spend more than uniqlo level on clothing if you don't earn your own money

When I see 15yo kids in real yeezis that they probably bought on resale I get sick

yeah it's weird. When I started fashion it was fucking gay

if you cared about your looks as a man you were a metrosexual

now you are hopeless if you don't

it's so weird

metrosexual is not a word anymore

youth doesn't know it

it's normal to be metrosexual now

nah it lost its purpose

it was used to describe something that goes against the norm

what his name

David beckham

in 2006

was a metrosexual

now that's everyone

cyber wave

you'll see it in your lifetime

even the 2000s get a come back

got my phone over this today

imagine a coat with this

the left one though


I'll increase my monthly fashion budget to 900€ soon

it's going to be fucking fun

do people just write extra bad

is this clickbait?

is there a generic /g/ discord?


is type C usb the oval one normal with modern phones?

because that's different from my old phone and I'm a little concerned

this boi

if that was like an obscure port that would have caught me completely offguard

after a day of usage with the nubia I can say that the OS is pretty trash

the notifications don't show

like I get a snap and it doesn't tell me until I open the app

even though I have everythign enabled

but it vibrates everytime and lets me know when my router goes to sleep and says "wifi is not working"

annoying thing works the main things don't

I'll try to get rid of the nubia OS I think

the phone itself is really good

like it's not a cheap product at all

front camera is bad in low light without flash

and the buttons feels great

not regretting it all in all

200€ is pretty fair

but discount also embodies their trashy culture

You are a boil with bit boobs

I think this is good news?

there is that one guy

who once posted on


/s/ or something idk

it's been capped

"my fetish is the product showcase page from ali "


oh wow

you are welcome fellas

yeah but can it tell me why garlic bread is so great?

didn't think so either

internet 0 : 1 garlic bread



didn't know you were australian

why are people talking about /fa/ again

this board follows me fucking everywhere

aren't you supposed to be /g/ nerds

almost everyone who posts himself on /fa/ is absolute cringe fodder

even the fa discords laugh at them

jonah might be an exception but I feel like he only posts to give the board at least the tiniest amount of credibility

/fa/ is just consumerism they don't do stuff themselves

it's only withint the communities that some people create but they are already professionals so there is no need for channelwide exchange

does anyone here actually care for fashion or do you just follow /fa/ bantz?

here is a better question

why are you dressing for others than yourself

if you dress to impress others you already lost

dress so you feel comfortable with yourself

if you are comfortable with yourself gf comes by her own

I'm pretty short too


king of manlets tier

5'9 or something

I know a girl that is legit 5'4

5'8 then I'm not good with amerimeters

I'm below 180

yeah even if you need the girl to be shorter because you can't cope her height

you'll find someone

I am like the shortest guy

in my friendcircle

I'm the shortest or second to shortest guy anyone of my friends know and it never bothered me

it literally only matters because you get self conscious about it

you just have to be likeable

americans are shorter than europeans

it's just african american basketball players that drag up the average

hurry up my frien otherwise incelpolice will put you in an asylum (^:


even that would work no matter how awful of an advice it is



is he 14?

fuck dude

sure after a certain height it's becoming really hard

but it's never hopeless

just work on yourself before you try to impress your surroundings
become something you are actually proud of

and that doesn't necessarily mean anything like body build or clothing choices


it's like

high end stores that can afford filtering their employees by height

>wanting to work for the police

if there is a gun involved at your job it is not an easy job

where do you live

>greece still has a police

how can you even afford that

start paying back your debt



otherwise we'll go back to buying your islands

what is your aesthetic

do you look like the ancient greek native

or are you a generic brownskin "greek" turk

I think the language is beautiful tbh

but the country doesn't know how to follow modern western work morale

dug its own grave

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