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/k/ommando reporting in

>Not being an /akg/fag


Enjoy your jam-o-matic

I swear by Lewis Machine and Tool

They are the best

I regret nothing

Good taste

I have considered getting one Dave but I am too much of a jew to shell out for one

What a hero

GG my man


Would buy at

I'm so sorry

I'm sorry for you Dave

What type did you build yours Jason?

Will you try to restore it Dave?

That is a shame to hear Dave

Still a cool piece of history despite Bubba

I am fond of the SXP series of shotgun myself

Saigas are nice but from experience, I can tell you that don't work so good

You have to do alot of work to get them to work right

t. AKfag

Saigas are nice if done right

It just requires alot of elbow grease

Yes, like a nugget.

About the same effort as decosmolining a nugget

I did that once to find out what it was like

I made mistakes

Yes I have

I had a J-frame with a squib

I'm sorry for you Dave, that had to be rough

Did you get it out?

My deck stunk for weeks

I did get the squib out myself

I got lucky

Yes I was

I never made that mistake again

Oh shit

Thats is alot worse

How did putting your own AR together go?

Never change Joe

Never change

How fucked was he?

Rest in pepperoni

46 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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