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Hallo goyim

No worries


I probably would go to bed in 30' too

It's ok to be a Nazi

They can call Natsocs whatever they want

Lol Day of the Rope when?

Only if it's a hot chick

Funny, you know how I become redpilled on the JQ?

I thought at first most of the Jewish stuff is just "Nazi" propaganda

I was back then part of a trad Catholic group chat (not Catholic btw)

And they started talking about certain Jews who were involved in subverting Western civilization

So then I was like

Oh ok so it's not all propaganda

I'm not in any group

At the same time I read a blog of this Jew who admits that Jews support too many left wing causes

So I was like Oh, wow

Then I joined good old UNF

And learned about what was going on in ww2

Lol you are still obsessed with that shit?

Get lost

Yeah me too

All races are totally equal goyim

Nah I think it's fine

Different folks different strokes

TWP is for working class people

Id Evropa for middle class

I think so

Although they seem too Nazbolish for my taste I'd support them as long as they do the work

I heard Strasser tried to appeal to Jews on class reasons and Hitler didn't like it

Everyone had a blue pill phase

I supported Obama until I came across Return of Kings

I think TWP did say something that Soviet economics had some good points

Which might be what triggers some ppl

Tf those IE guys look more like Antifa

This is why we need uniforms

I feel like you need to gauge the general consciousness of the place you are trying to redpill

Where I live

To simply name a club "xyz College European Students association" is seen as Nazi

But then it's college

Cause it's seen as the group is not well organized

Did they not like being seen as Nazi?

What is the real problem with IE

Why can't they seem to get along

What do you think of Rick Spencer

I watched the recent Spencer vs Sargon debate

Sargon ... lol, he thinks society is made up of nothing but individuals with no real connections to each other

Spencer sounded way better

Looks ready for war

I guess this is where you succeed and IE fails. The middle class, as many a right wing scholar have said ... has that bourgeoisie mentality


Fuck that sounds like some shit a liberal would say

Both are based

But what's the difference between ID and LoS

Fair enough, they seem to be quite intellectual

Northern Appalachia is Midwest

What is VA?

I like how the South has an actual cultural identity

Both high culture and low culture

It's too weak

Northern high culture is basically sending kids to Ivy League

But considering how pozzed they are today

That's no culture

It's understandable when they were oppressed

Southern culture is Norman and Scots Irish + Anglo Saxon

In all honesty it resembles France

No wtf

The problem with the North is the same as the American problem: no high culture

Come to New Zealand

It's summer here now

I'm gonna sleep shirtless if it's too hot

You can chill at the beach haha

Oh so did Antifa try to kill you there

No I mean at Cville

Antifa only got that far because of police collaboration IMO

Berkeley was lit

Love how Nathan Damigo rescued some Hispanic dude while in Berkeley but no one ran the news

But yeah, Virginia is a commie shithole

It's the 2nd time a right wing rally happens in a left wing state

A big one I mean

Not to try minding your business, but IMO you should do demonstrations only in right wing states for now


Yeah but you risk state collaboration like Cville

Another fact is that Cville was announced months before the actual event

So Deep State got time to prepare. Berkeley was like 1 month before

Could be? Idk

Oh gotta say before I go to bed, so you people don't freak out thinking I'm trying to hide something. I'm actually Asian (yeah I know, I have this Facebook account with this white name and photo to hide my real life Id). I however believe white people are actually under threat, and I believe once they got rid of all whites they will get to other smart races. So I support white people fighting for their existence.


Asians need to get past this Communist notion of right wing whites = racist though

I mean, I went to an IRL rally

There were mostly working class and biker white people

And they weren't anything like Nazi and stuff

So I know it's lies

To tell you the truth, most Asians don't like blacks or Hispanics

Or any brown people

They mostly however vote left wing because they think Right = racist

And also it's (((education))) that makes them think any one should be allowed to work and live anywhere

They would however wake up when the economy gets hit and too much diversity happens

Like 1992 LA race war

Pretty much just like whites

Maybe you could start community patrol

Are they right wing?

Or just normies?

They should do open carry and walk in groups

Blacks and browns walk and attack in groups

Melbourne in Australia has had a problem with African youth gangs for a while now

Either when they outnumber you

Or when the economy goes very badly

Sounds like you live in a red state

Midwest perhaps if you got Somalis

At least you're not Canada

Great place, full of prairies and forest.

I would btw learn horse riding in the case you run out of petrol one day

There you go


Remove Mugabe

Oh wait he's out already

But ... but race ain't real goyim!

Morning goyim

I mean goys

This is the most soy filled meme I have seen my whole life

Hitler had 150,000 half and quarter Jews in his army

Something that is never taught

Certain families left before the destruction

Dunno. Not a gamer.

You folks should listen to Triari

They have dope fashy music

I might make a compilation of fashy music and put it up here


Wrong chat sorry


Lol NK

I have mixed feelings about it

I don't want them to take over South Korea and strengthen China in turn

But at the same time, you know ... the mad man

If I were the US President, I would not provoke NK into war

But I would discreetly help SK whenever I could

*while at the same time of course, trying to purge the USA of all the filth

what does the wolf represent

ah ok

Wasn't the Russian Empire outside of the international banking system before the Russian Revolution?

Because I have heard one of the reasons the Revolution happened was because the bankers wanted access to the Russian market

Oh but our guys are trying to dox the enemy though

The main chick is apparently already found with Facebook account

It's data mining

>mentions Russia

> cough cough please Russia leave me alone

My goyim take a look at this

It's from an Israeli magazine, and was painted by a "leftist feminist".😬

She even said that she's communist and that she's antifascist

But talking about double standards ...

you need to be ideollogically motivated

otherwise you'd find yourself at times wanting to quit

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