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Adolf Stalin 2017-08-14 19:53:31 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

hey can I get mod abilities?

Adolf Stalin 2017-08-14 19:53:39 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

this is Jeffrey Strasser

Adolf Stalin 2017-08-14 19:54:27 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

borderline X/Y here, been right-wing nearly all my life

Adolf Stalin 2017-08-14 19:54:32 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

since 1994

Adolf Stalin 2017-09-04 18:52:08 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

I'm here

Adolf Stalin 2017-09-04 18:55:54 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

hi Dad, I'm son

hey its the other Justin

I have Verdun but not Tannenburg

I have HOI4 a lot of Total War games, EU4. and a bunch of others

I have that and the Great War mod

who wants it?

Yeah um I'm Slavic, so


old commies are great, the new ones blow chunks

I'm more center left than far left econ though

yeah I know, plus our names IRL are one letter apart

I'm in another party though

I have a hard time with sleep

I have several mods

I have Kaiserreich, Cold War 1970, and a bunch of others

I'd have to check what I have

Darkest Hour, Expanded Laws

Change Ideology

Millenium Dawn

Player-Led Peace Conference

and a bunch of other ones, but I don't use the,

I was thinking of being Finland


oh god

yeah I was around when the bombing happened I was in 10th grade

I remember read US News And World Report as a teenager

I have Serb-Bulgar background so yea....removing kebab is something we must do

I wish my Fallout games were online playable

which sucks

or Elder Scrolls but those are one player

oh ok

what time EST?

I want to get Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 this coming week


It was on sale for awhile, tigersfull

I'm Left Nationalist



I live in Ohio where Heimbach used to live

I don't

doesn't work on my computer

I already have you added

dude I'm level 50



the bad part

shit I just woke up

Slow day at the office huh

I played as Roman in the Kaiserreich mod but it made me choose bad allies

btw, gonna dip out for a bit and get some rest

That looks like napoleon total war

alright, server seems a tad dead

@pk1260 I do

I have the freeware versions thanks to cncnet

although I wish I had Red Alert 2 but its not freeware. I just have the two tiberium ones and red alert 1

@pk1260 sure

whats up my Kike Niggers

I'm getting a whole ton of new games this Christmas, in fact today

is there any objections? they must stay under 70 bucks tops


yeah just downloaded it


daily reminder Trace Gracia is wetback fuckboy

anyways it looks like I'm fucked getting Crusader Kings II

some of your rich kids who still live with mom and dad are gonna have to shell over the ten bucks because I won't be recieving my money until tomorrow

think of it as a belated Christmas present to an old fogie on the poverty line

you wanna help out poor whites, start with me

I generally like Paradox interactive even though they're cucked Swedes and anti-GG people

I've been mostly playing STALKER a lot

take me off mute

yea its because I've been online since 1994

I was white nationalist before there was an alt-right and got banned everywhere

basically I'm a cranky old man

don't like taking orders from youngins

people can bitch if they want, I'm just wore out

if I feel like engaging in intel, fine, but the minute someone is antagonistic I fly off the deep end

click the general thing below the other general

it connects automatically

anyone up for a Vicky 2 game?

anyone want to set up a Vicky2 game, I got all the DLC as of last week so

anyone want to Vicky 2 or something else just tell me

how about MOWAS 1 or 2?

Men Of War Assault Squad


Make Vicky2 and EU4 vc

I play both 1 and 2 of Men Of War

What would be funny is if we both had the cheat mod and blood & gore at the same damn time

@everyone who wants to play some Men Of War or Warhammer Dark Crusade or Mount & Blade Warband?

I have eu4

Eastern Europe rules

Need to make EU4, Vicky 2 and Ck2 channels

well I guess I'll uninstall my M&B games

that's the admin of the discord. cucked beyond belief

I was about to say to him "the majority of people would not find that offensive. its why democracy is an anathema to society"

"mob rule is cancerous"

be sure to spread that through discord and make an example out of him

this will not stand

he's off my comp now so I'm free to play but I warn you I'm not good at it at all

the simple fact he was offended by my name just goes to show how tolerant some people are, if at all

if you're in the discord tell him I'm gonna fuck his mother

its ok, if anyone wants 1v1 on M&B I'll just ask here

I can't afford Rust atm

there needs to be more people in here

hey goys got a subreddit for extremists of all stripes

can you make a Vicky 2 voice chat

hey looking to play something

I don't have Rust, so

that's how I talk to women on the phone

there isn't much going here because people say my ping is bad on online games


this happened to me the other day on /leftypol/

>inb4 whats a middle aged man doing Elliot-Rodger posting on 8chan

that was /leftypol/

I rarely get banned from /pol/

only when I tried to promote third position one time I got banned

holy shit I'm 9 years older than Heimbaich

but seriously I'm 35

like probably the oldest guy in this server

get cheated on by whoring exes, got institutionalized (partially), made music, started chainsmoking, got involved with NRU/then get kicked out for being an asshole, I dunno

NE Ohio is a bad place

especially for people like me

I know but this is the liberal part

where everyone is stupid af

getting banned everywhere for what I believe in

I'm just east of Akron

my views went off the deep end since I was 12 and my stepdad handed me Rush Limbaugh books

went from being a libertarian conservative to someone who is a cross between Third Worldism and Fascism

I get shoah'd on FB constantly, probably the second most one besides Lazia from /pol/

I though feminism was bullshit since I was a middle schooler in the mid 90s

I told my science class that "that McVeigh guy was just defending himself"

got put in the hallway

watch out it might be a booby trap, Adolf

oh boy

lotta Jews there

I went with my parents there in the early 90s and the waitress was rude and I made a jew joke and got us kicked out

I practically invented IRL shitposting when Nirvana was still around

I think I have ancestors who fought in the Confederate brigades

although I might have a touch of Slav in me

Slav & Celt mostly

I'll see when my DNA results come back

not til late February


I dunno, everyone knows who I am, you be the judge. no, Ancestry

look idc about doxxing people have known me on the internet for years.

its from an ex

don't have the courage to take it down

yeah almost all of my 6 exes were whores. women are absolutely disgusting these days

so what do you see race-wise

getting back to the question

my ex looked like this kind of...

she stopped wearing glasses after awhile

and they didn't look quite as dorky

nah ASMR does put me to sleep

its just harder (hur hur) when I hear a girl do it because I get feels

she now burns coal

my ex that is

this place is overpopulated with niggers

I don't have "game" to get women, usually they come to me

I'm usually "that mysterious, brooding guy"

I used to be nerdy as hell, I had a crustache and listened to Black Flag and had a mohawk in my late teens

then I got tired of the SJW bullshit in the punk scene so I left

I knew a guy in HS named Frank, he was Italian and had a moustache and was balding Freshman year

he was in my circle of friends

why do you think Mussolini had no hair? Italian

most Roman emperors couldn't grow long hair either

I mean as far as the soyboy thing, I actually didn't have manboobs, I was skinny as a rail and short

hyperactive too, got picked on by wiggers. started to resent them

well you have good genes, some of us Balkans are short as hell. but here's the thing, short men build muscle quicker

its more compressed so its harder to take us down

could as well be me

since my father has an Anglo surname

but people have looked at him and said "Alpinid-East Med"

he's a semi-famous musician in Nashville

he and I both have music on spotify

like father like son I guess

he was also a manwhore, which is why mother divorced him

eh, disco/rock/funk early on

country music later, and then became a soundtrack studio musician for movies

just look up Geoff Riggs on Spotify

Riggs is my birth last name

yep that's me

I was kind of a nihilist when I came up with the name

subject matter got more extreme over time

yeah because I'm super-productive

but its unlistenable af

surprised bandcamp never targeted me

I know, but there's a wiki about me on the internet. most of its false and from an old bbs I was on early 2000s. basically got called 'retarded' because I was contrarian on purpose

used to jump into political threads and derail them

first bbs I ever used was, that was pre-MySpace

used to get bullied for shitposting

yeah I'd post shit like that

around then 4chan was just starting and was very liberal at the time

so I avoided it

people called me Tank Genocide but noisier

and the themes drift on different ideologies, just to be confusive

except feminism. fuck feminism


I know

have you listened to my shit? make sure to turn your speakers down so you don't blow the subwoofers

its like if Seth Putnam got resurrected from the grave and decided to make noise like Boyd Rice


ah my dad

he plays a lot of instruments

this one, which I did I was most proud of

I can't afford the game

I have a bunch of the others though

mostly the grand strategy ones


mostly Merzbow, Guilty Connector, KK Null and Hanatarash inspired me. with other stuff like SPK and Hunting Lodge, old early industrial

as well as goregrind and black metal influences

the midwest head promoter is a kike though

he tried to get me banned around the area

after we had a falling out


it sucks here

people wanna only hear stoner metal

I've been on the campus

but promoters told me I'd be a risk

yeah pizza joint

I mean I like old NOLA sludge metal and Black Sabbath

shit man

yeah unfortunately

nah I'd rather kill other people, its more productive

too bad SSDI prevents me from owning a gun

that Shitcago bs enraged me

would've stabbed every one of those niggers

did you know even Communism is banned in the EU

found out thru Unruhe

Kasich sold us out to the kikes

next time his head will be on a pike

ah Trafficant, he was killed in (((suspicious circumstances)))

I might live here but I don't identify with other Americans

most of them are stupid af

they have no nuance

our Orthodox community is rarely involved locally

they stay with their own kind

I think its because we're getting blamed for trump

looking to join one, they have bad outreach

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