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Hoi hoi

Runescape world 3

Hitler was wrong guys

I love Jews

I love race mixing

(((They))) are watching this server

I love getting dominated by black men

I'm a Gaelic supremacist I want to kill all none Gaelics to create a Gaelic mega state with Gaelic and shiet

Fuck classism you're either a nationalist or not

Heimbach is a fucking retard ahhahgahahaha


I was always on the right but used to be more socially liberal when I was younger as in allowing gay marriage etc

The communist party in China is no longer communist nor N Korea

Socialism done right is 'okay'

Nationalism comes from socialism in the ancient sense

There's a balance to be found

Tbh current capitalism is NOT for us


Does that movement accept people from all social backrounds ?

That's good

I'm Irish so I can't offer much but I'm involved in similar movements here

Identity Dixie 🙋🏻‍♂️ awesome

I'd imagine your membership must be boomin


Group infighting is the worst

Do you get involved in any elections at all ? Or do ya stay out of the democracy realm wholly

Rate my OC niggas

Ulster is b a s e d

'Based Anglos'

Vote no pls

Oi oi

Anyone here do graphic design to some degree?

anyone on

Nigga nigga nigga

BUF is back lads but it comes in the form of a pro abortion legalisation campaign in Ireland

this photo was taken today

you'd think antifa/feminists would know not to use a fascist symbol


So Ireland is the last european country where abortion is illegal

we're voting on it soon

lets see if we follow the rest

55 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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