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things are fine

i reinforced all walls to metal, but the door is still wood

some guys killed me, i lost all my armor, appears that our neighbors are dicks


im p sure like

it actually DID need a tool cabinet

even though it said it wasnt deteriorating

but it still kept like, deteriorating

but it was too dangerous at the time to go harvest materials cus our douchebag neighbors

so i sorta had to just watch it wear away



well im tired asf so ima head to bed

good luck with all that

ye, definitely

Yeah, when it gets really active, it gets super difficult to try and collect anything. Unless you're in a group or something

Safety in numbers and all that

My priority, once I get back on, is to replace the door with a metal one, and get keypad lock

Oh nice, perfect time

I'll be able to get on in a few hours time here

I'll be getting on in an hour or two, depends. Some irl stuff going on today, but I've been eager to continue

How are things going?



I'm gonna try and rebuild hat building by the way, once I can, and I'll be sure to place a tool cabinet in it this time xD since apparently it does need it

I thought it covered a radius, so I thought all I needed was just the one

Yeah, that's what I wanna do, I have a metal door built in my inventory, I'm gonna get on very soon

Like... Thirty minutes, maybe an hour?

Forty minutes minimum

Nice, nice

So we can basically dump the existing keys

im about to get on rn, getting in the vc

probs that one chick you killed xD


well ill just get on, check out stuff, maybe see if i can harvest some materials

then probs get off aswell

she probs did, totally seems like something she'd do

i mean, so far, she hasnt really done anything adherently violent, besides weird shit

and stalk us


and just be generally creepy


oh nice


why was there a crapton of chests outside the base btw? XD

something the stalker did?

i didnt see a keypad out there btw

ooo, oki

wait what

is everything gone?

wait, last i was on

the sever was saying messages about restartintg

maybe there was a wipe?

that would make sense

i cant rn, but yeah definitely

ehhhh, like two, maybe three hours, it's been a pretty busy day

28 ppl are on the server last i checked, probably a big rush for supplies and good spots since there was a reset

but thats not as high as ive seen it


highest i saw the server was 100-115 people

and it has a capacity for 300 or so


Oh, nice

ill be able to get on long enough to probs find you guys, but the i gotta go do some other stuff

oooh right

im not sure what sector it's in either


I can't get on now, but what's the damage? Like how much is gone

Those guys are really on our shit list, we need to either negotiate some sort of peace and clear things up, or work our way to explosives as fast as we can, and wipe them off the map

O h.

71 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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