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yes, lengyel magyar két jó barát 🇵🇱🇭🇺
(I learnt it from lengyel brothers under kárpátia songs XD<3)

they're watching me 😳


>polish brothers on dc
>Immediately an advertisement about Poland

Yes, I don't watch anime too often or never finish them but I watched it all in a few days

Eat pickled cucumber and cheese sticks with me

I always fall down in them and wake up with a heart attack

Guys this sexism is really disgusting, please talk about our dishwashers with more respect

80 inch indian monster cock

I'd delete my fb but I need the shithole anime groups and shittier memes from there

Anime was a mistake just like me, but at least we can bait retarded weebs and kpoppers 🤠

I'm swabian but I look like a gypsy

I wanna go to Poland but my wouldn't let me go 🤠

She thinks I'm a little child haha

I hope I'll be kidnapped

let's all have sex together

wait that really was him?

nice hair btw would touch

yeah, it takes about 10-15 mins : (

idk i'm not egoist tbh i just hate everyone else around me so ofc i'll do everything for myself and i want all the pleasure for myself

cringe not cringe can't do anything with it

miért szar, gyere mondd el mi a baj baby figyelek rád . . .

body positivity is important



only 2 men can have real, sentimental sex

real love doesn't exist, only between men, let women go

@d0erli your voice is just like the thunder, so deep

Can I join next time? 😼

Yes but I had other stuffs for now, so I didn't even ask it

Thanks <:uwu:456208314817314817>

come and sleep with me, let daddy make you have sweet dreams

come to daddy, i love y'all

Orbán > everything <:uwu:456208314817314817>

today i had to understand why do people hate banquets

and a woman told me that my skirt went up to my ass

i hope i was walking around like that for at least 15 minutes

i'm a girl but i'd rather be a gay boy

i'm the hungarian brother

trap when i have to be the alpha and i beat up the boys

but most of the time i don't have a dick

i'm not a thot, i want to be a boy :(

i'd be an alpha, i have big shoulders and disgusting boyish face

but i'm disgusting as a girl 🤠

but pussy makes life easier so wew

wait i'll try to make a boyish pic

let's watch furry porn together


actually she could be hot af

she has a really similar face to belle delphine

doesnt do anythig with her hair

and not have a shower too often

and she wears his dad's 30 yo old clothes i guess

i am tarzan from jungle you can be my friend

i am jane and i like to ride and elephant

aiaiaiaiaiaiai wheres my samurai

i'm not a reverse trap because i have long girly hair

i got a heart attack i thought my mom's coming jesus

1 year ago nobully pls this was the first pic in my google photos


i have every photo at there since 2016 it's useful :(

sry they're disgusting atm

they brke off a lot of times

to put some nice color on em

i'd sell them if
-i had a nice body
-or at least face
-and had a card
-and if i'd want to be a slut
sorry mom

jealous to my broken cartilage?


but i keep breaking myself instead

yeah because i look like a trannie

i am the only girl child in this whole family and i have the most masculine face

i haven't seen too much tbh

because i had others to watch

then dropped all of them

i seen a lot when i was a child

and i forgot a lot that i watched when i was 12-13

i like every anime that i watch to the end tbh

too wide shoulders not enough hip

i left today from a discord server because everyone blocked me that i like

they were bullying me in the last 2 years

i'm just watching a video about bible brb

because i'm annoying as fuck

i cant take seriusly nothing

and i make meme of everything

idc if someone is rude with me just don't block me so i can bully back

i wanna go there tbh but my mom wouldn't let me go alone

she didn't let me go with my friends to camping before she couldnt meet one of them

But not like a cute tomboy

But you can't sleep at us

I'm fine thank you for asking my friend, what about you, sir?


Everyone is a chad in my heart 😍

sex sex sex sex sex sex furry furry 80 inch indian monster cock sex sex sex

I watched hentai for fun with my friends when I was 12 xxxxxxxxxxx

Sad, it's better in this context. . .

I like him, every other political parties are just fucking clowns

Except the new Mi hazánk party

>liberal mom
get off 😠

i was good at math when i was 7


No check the first 2 equation


Yeh I know it's worse now

I'll let my friend to make them next time

I want nails like this next time or idk


I did that when it got dry

Yes this is why did I send it???????

They're ugly that's why I sent it

Yes I know but it's easier because it comes down easily tbh

They're my own nails :((((((

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