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How's it going everyone

Pretty good, and you?

Good stuff man


hoi4 and mic-spam


tbh hoi4 is the worst paradox game ever

most unrealistic game ever

oh yea I forgot about that pile of dogshit

I guess that's worse

haha hoi4 is so terrible in mp, the game is unbearably slow you have to wait a few hours before the war even starts

same tbh but I only play singleplayer

heeeey me too

b a s t i o n o f c i v i l a z a t i o n
spot the difference (((you can't)))

what does that even mean

by eastern you mean central ?????

are you in germany or what

germany is central



>czech calling germany a shithole


yeah because of the modern islamist invasion of europe

oh well

germany more like Germanyrapes haha xD

the what now?

the XD sorry my discord app is lagging terribly is already in chaos?

and moldova

and then more and more

no moldova proper

it's a fucking joke

putin makes jokes about moldova's election

which was basically openly rigged

and elected a russophile

eh w/e going on a tangent

me too make them gib back land

that would be dope?

fuck off

russia is a shithole

I would rather be dead than be a braindead commie

old but


well duh of course

both are shitholes

but in russia atleast you can go mad max

ukraine has laws


what the fuck

where you from/


that's some illuminati shit

what's your source on the hanseatic league being jews?

an opportunity for whom?

it will just be the same shit

that ain't gonna happen unless the state itself completely collapses

and if that happens it's going to be other countries taking advantage of it

nuked into stoneage*

can't wait for fallout irl

is this how russians are born?

nukes kind of ruined things tbh

we need wars

but people are scared of wars now because hurr durr nuk

you're a cuck

only good slavs are serbs

very accurate

"between 2002 and 2015"

at best it's outdated by 2 years

at worst it's outdated by 15 years

well, almsot 3 and 17


neither does czech republic

but the holy roman empire did then

what's your fucking point lmao


well I mean

it's not really germany's fault that bohemia didn't expand

because that's really the only line of logic i see here

which is basically american experiment lul

and i mean

germany was prussia

prussia was brandenburg

brandenburg was whatever the fuck

they existed for a long time

they just expanded and changed name as a result


is germany not modern-day prussia? would you argue against it?

ok im done then


what even

did you only now google prussia or what?

yea as made obvious but what crap you just spat out


yea being bohemian doesn't equal czech republic either


so you didn't exist

and prussia was ruled by the german people


literally learn history

the teutons germanized them


do you have a point/

"germany wasn't preceeded by prussia because germans include english, germans(????) and flemish herp"

they were ruled by germans


they were not

prussians were not reffered as teutons

they were reffered to as prussians

and bohemieans

were not reffered to as czechs??? they were reffered as bohemians


prussians are germans

now you're arguing against yourself

ok i'm done

you're actually braindead

you must not even know how to browse wikipedia properly

to come to this conclusion


you absolute fucking retard

i'm just done

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