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2017-12-03 05:33:56 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Hey y’all . Just downloaded the app to chat with some based gamers

2017-12-03 05:35:01 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

COD 2 was and still is my favourite cod game. You could play as the Germans in online multiplayer

2017-12-03 05:38:21 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Communism doesn’t work

2017-12-03 05:42:41 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:43:27 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Where the normies @ tho

2017-12-03 05:43:32 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:43:47 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:43:58 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Haha good point

2017-12-03 05:45:43 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Getting to sleep can be hard for me. Getting up from sleep can also be hard for me

2017-12-03 05:45:55 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Lifetime mild insomniac

2017-12-03 05:49:25 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

All my friends are normies :’(. Even my older brother, who taught me to question everything, isn’t flashy anymore

2017-12-03 05:49:34 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Fashy *

2017-12-03 05:49:54 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:50:00 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:50:39 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Well in that case I got some gamer buddies who are funny chill and game till the sun rises

2017-12-03 05:51:19 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


2017-12-03 05:52:22 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

What’s your fav game? I’m probly late to the chat but I’ve always loved GTA more than anything. Halo 1,2or3

2017-12-03 05:52:53 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Cod 2 is the best arcade style first person shooter for online IMO

2017-12-03 06:21:54 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  


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