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@Fevs congrats, you've been admonished by Anglin himself!


Honestly Antifa's optics are so bad we should just let them rip Chicago apart. When Trump turns his back on us there won't be any one left to defend him.

We can't be burning our MAGA hats one week then running up to Chicago to defend Trump

Another strategy might be to figure out where / when they're doing their events and do our events at the same time, different location. That would force them to divide forces and screw with their logistics.

Then the narrative would be "they had their event; we did our event across town to minimize conflict. Then they left their own event to attack us.'

Also would divide law enforcement manpower, who would have to choose who is the bigger threat, us or Antifa

In these shitlib cities, if we had police out in riot gear for us and we're well-behaved and have some nice speeches; while Antifa is across town destroying stuff, we're the only ones who win

Then it becomes an issue of who gets issued permits where & when

If the cities issue dueling protests in the same location / same time; they're setting up Cville scenarios

If they issue permits for different locations / same time, police have to split manpower resources

If they issue for different locations / different times, then they run the risk of one side crashing the others events

12 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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