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Has this born out of r/physical_removal?

Looks like our memetic influence reached far

your on the edge of being far-left in terms of leniency to the left

whatever you do

gene wars

anybody who disagrees with should be physically removed, so to speak. And so to do.

dissapoiting of u, but ur not a mod

bye then

I'm not advocating for violence antifa style

just for contribution for end-game result of victory

which can include violence, contingent to it being desirable by the above terms

physical removal is the only solution unless memetic conversion is not only possible but viable and permanent

or more economically efficient to maintain given natural ancap interest rates

than military capital spending

still waiting for trump to do something

he's just throwing mosquitos at this point

call me when welfare state is banned, and debt restructured

also with a purge

low scale calculations seem futile

even when implemented on a massive scale

low scale murders

whats 1 less commie?

whats 1 less commie per every participant?

kick me if u find me unacceptable

I think they won't be cut out, it would simply be a game of letting them commit their ritual of collective suicide

and we'll have to immigrate

or we could just keep the land or secede

they have already made first strike

moral ground irrelevant

just declare them terrorist organization

then by extension, attack - academic operatives and media operatives

drain the marxist intellectual swamp

who's against that?

1. Declare antifa a terrorist organization

2. Media and academe will take their side

3. Kill leftists academe and media

4. Don't tell me I told you

come on vet me

Society is full of legal violence

you think taxation isn't violent?

what if we just tax them 99% instead

also send them a copy of their own social contract riddles

I don't understand most of you

I can only speculate at this point

Equating coercion with violence is anything a civil person would do

You think a gun to your head, in a bank robbery for example

is not violence?

I'm an ancap

democracy is a form of soft communism

because it rests on the premise of everyone being a shareholder of everyone else through their power to treat others like slaves through government

so long as they have enough shareholder consensus

usually most of it takes place every 4 years

for what?

left wing censorship

for what

maybe I'll fail your vet and won't even botther to stick around

you think an antifa would make an argument as sophisticated and clear as mine?

maybe it's not meant to be one

I'll watch a video first

whats going to stop this screeching

at this point I would just leave if it wasnt for hypothesis paranioa vetting


what if I was a kike?

you guys could use better leftist defenses

this is very messy

back in another server, commies can't even survive in the atmosphere and it's 0% as hectic

there's like 5-6 people screeching at me

I mean I'd rather read a cuck make a sophisticated argument

you almost sound like a gang member

71 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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