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trips to the gulag to the bourgeois

for only $19.17 per person

first class bourgeois gulag cells for only$19.45

gommunisms killed 6 billion persons :(((((((((((

im so sick and tired of these stupid helicopter memes

toss out of helicopter

>no tito emote

how dare you

i hate how antifa is voting for killary clitton


most of them are cucks

But some of them are based

selling to fight capitalism

You cant make this shit up

>when you want to drink some water, but fuccing nestle bought the whole reserve of Africas clean water

cheap labor

its basically >hurr durr blacks are wrothless lololol

east berlin fried bologna

they actually ate that

its nice with ketchup

east berlin

i want everything to be state owned to be honest

idk why

but yugoslavs were the richest communists ever

praise tito

death to those who stand in the way of the freedom of the working class

the text on the ukranian an-com flag

if i knew how to fly planes i would drop bombs on those goatfuckers 3 times a day

and if they had any planes to begin with

if assad falls, the capitalists and the zionists would control all the oil

ypg international brigades when?

napalm needs to be legalised only for dropping then on isis

The european urinal is a a better name t b h

lets discuss why nestle bought all the clean water in africa and sold it to the african people

analbania needs to get napalmed

so albania is hell on earth

i hate how the edgy "nazis" in america think that the left wants sweden and germany to become shitholes

Do it again, Bomber Harris!

im sorry if i offended you

crush the merkel-reich

claims of rape

i can hear the women who shoplift scream bloody murder about the shopkeeper trying to stop her from stealing stuff

sweden has retards ruling it

brb gonna drink some nestle brand water xddd


at the scale of 1-10

rate tito

state owned sperm

state owned mcdouble

>state owned negro slaves

the men must sieze the means of reproduction

from their female opressors



we need a tito one tbh

its time to deport mr dapperton

that piece of shit

your pet atom has violated my NAP so i fired a LAW missle at your pet atom

i wish that i could have the diy nazi bashing guide

i would use it to bash isis

never heard of it

the comments on that video

i love cappie tears

real shit right there niπŸ…±πŸ…±a

so, a few days ago i made a thread on /pol/

Asking for valid points against communism

i got spammed with helicopter insults and >muh 100 million dead

and after like a day the thread 404ed

*S O M U C H F O R T H E R A T I O N A L R I G H T*

not to mention that most flags were those meme flags (ancap, nazi, etc)

never heard of r_d

im mostly against censorship, but if i had the power, i would permamently 404 /pol/ and r/TheDonald

thats what IP tracking and gulags are for

so do cigarettes

i wish we could have human admins tbh

have you ever lived in a communist country

that famous >if ur gommunist then move to norti korea xddd

we should have killed more then

you are lucky we have a bot instead of admin

otherwise you would be banned after a good 5 min

hey, if you didnt live in a genuine communist country, why are you hating it?

reply to my fucking question dipshit

i lived in yugoslavia

Name one thing that should be free, but it isnt because muh profit$

your tears are saltier tbh

imo we need a genuine admin

someone who is anti sectarian, so he will not ban other types of socialists and communists

and someone who tolerates capitalists who visit just for discussion, and bans capitalists who come here to shitpost

i wont

@Cotton ok, but i still wont tolerate those ignorant pieces of shit who come here to talk shit and make people leave

did you see this /pol/tard who posted people eating shit and posted the same arguments over and over?

i would ban fuckers like them tbh

on a scale of 1-10 how true is pic?


are agarianists people who think that farms>factories?

i have never heard of agarianism

what happened?

was there a fight?

white supremacy is a joke

is richard spencer that guy who held the hail trump speech and later got punched in the face?

what is your favorite eastern bloc anthem?

mine is the east german anthem

i can swear at fascists in serbian right now

can someone explain the concept of death squads?

i dont understand how they work

i like how the porkies use the >humans begun to trade thousands of years ago argument

disregarding the fact that trading is acceptable in a socialist society

burn em all

i legit hope /pol/ gets 404d by anonemoose

are strela missles spooks?

if they arent spooks they will be ultra accurate because they are guided by max stirners ego

international brigades when?


>be burger white supremacist

>call gommunists degenerates

>fap to cartoon child porn (loli)

who is the real degenerate /leftypol/

>implying that we support libtards

he needs to go get sent to gulag

so that he can eat imaginary shit

back to your containment board you nigger

go be a nigger somewhere else

just fucking block this cunt

i dont know what are you saying

what did you say again?

feed me your salty fash tears

so fucking tasty fam

is someone interested in raiding discord servers?

bash the fash

may 9 1945 best day of humanity

victory day

or is it some other day I think its may 9th tho


is the toothbrush sharing joke actually a joke

when the world revolution succeds, will the world be divided by the forms of socialism?

for example: titoism in the balkans, maosim in mainland china, etcetc

tankies in a nutshell

welcome to the rice fields motherfucker

spanish and protugese are different languages you nignog

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