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Hey guys

Split up with my girlfriend of 2 years yesterday. Woke up today to a text from some guy who basically said he fucked her brains out.

Just been miserable all day

I'm sure she does

She lives in a rural costal town in Canada. Text was from the same area code.

I did

Her attitude had changed over the last few months and I just wasn't happy

I know it's stupid to be sad over someone I chose to break up with but we were extremely close

She's been with me since before I joined the military, was always super supportive of me and I think she just lost feelings at some point along the way

I loved her a lot but just couldn't deal with the constant fighting all the time

Having a hard time letting go of those good memories from the past

Yeah no I'm just crushed that she would go out and do something like that right afterwards

He said she burned all the letters I had written her too

I told him to enjoy my sloppy seconds and then just blocked him lol

Guys who do that are truly the lowest life forms on the planet

Just trying to put myself back together and forget about her and man it's rough

Yeah, I feel you man.

Well I'll probably be hanging around here more often now. I need to be part of some sort of community outside of work and school. I just moved to this area and I'm in need of the support.

Need some fellow goons to hang out and relate to

Yep. Most of my social life is online at this point.

Well thanks man, it's nice to have someone to vent to

I'm gonna go to the store and grab some beer haha

Hey gang

Dunno how many here are into strategy, but this is an amazing book that looks at Soviet anti-guerilla tactics during the Afghan war

Highly reccomend if you can get your hands on it


Mine is exactly 221 pages, including the intro and glossary in the back

Kind of a short book but it's chalked full of info

three drinks in

pulled some secret squirrel maneuvers and the person who sent that text is actually one of her female friends

petty lmao

Insh'a'allah brother

the classic


Just had the exact same thing happen to me Totenkopf

2 years together and now she's with one of her friends. Painted me as toxic/abusive to all of her friends.

Just realize that those kinds of women are truly the abusive ones, and that they will continue the same cycle of bouncing between men and taking them for all they've got.

Focus on yourself and be better than her.

Fuck them. They're fucking leeches who get what they want because of their genitals and they won't ever change no matter what kind of man they're with.

Cut her off and hit the fucking gym.

The secret is

Good women are a dime a dozen and bad women love to pretend that they aren't

Take this as a learning experience, deal with it in a healthy manner, and I can guarantee you'll find someone better than she was

You should feel pity for the poor sap that decided to indulge her immature way of revenge

If she'll stoop that low with you, she's bound to do it to him

Don't do the same shit she did lol

You can go hook up with some chick to get this girl off your mind but don't start a relationship out of spite because you'll just be wasting time by avoiding the healing process

Need me another French girl with a great ass

40 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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