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2019-07-14 09:05:52 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

2019-07-14 09:24:19 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Is Armorous still here?

2019-07-14 21:49:11 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Since you know who I am do I need to post gear and ass to get access to all the channels again?

2019-07-14 21:53:07 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

HSGI Denali

2019-07-14 21:55:39 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I'm away from everything and dont have updated pictures, I'll have more tonight, with timestamps

2019-07-14 21:58:47 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

XShell Mk1

2019-07-14 22:02:36 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Yeah its uhh, actually for sale

2019-07-14 22:02:46 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I'm moving out of California finally

2019-07-14 22:02:51 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

And need the money

2019-07-14 23:42:31 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Why not @CTL

2019-07-15 00:02:38 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  


2019-07-15 00:11:43 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@Smart Car Driveby bought some camo net and cut it to size

2019-07-15 00:11:56 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@CTL yart

2019-07-15 06:23:59 UTC [gear queer #newfags]

2019-07-15 06:23:59 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Got myself one of those reversible goretex jackets finally

2019-07-15 06:24:13 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Still need a better phone though

2019-07-16 00:12:53 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Not gonna lie, it's hard to think ucp will ever be cool.

2019-07-16 00:17:43 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I'm probably being rarded again, but why would it suddenly become popular in a few years- minus some sort of movie or game glorifying it?

2019-07-16 00:21:15 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@YNH thanks for the technical answer.
I still *do not want ucp to be popular*

2019-07-16 00:25:25 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Fuck UCP

2019-07-16 00:26:24 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I'd rather wear one of the multiple neon re-colors of m81 and be sent to Syria with just my glock and one bullet than UCP's and a fucking tank

2019-07-16 00:30:10 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

The best parts of those kits are the multimeme parts

2019-07-16 00:31:18 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  


2019-07-16 00:31:53 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But UCP still brings it all down a level or two

2019-07-16 00:33:07 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@CTL Sure

2019-07-16 10:18:36 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

*I kinda want to get a d3crm*

2019-07-16 10:18:47 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But I dont know what's holding me back

2019-07-16 10:21:22 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Anyone in here have experience with one?

2019-07-16 10:37:40 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Everything looks tiny when I wear it

2019-07-17 03:18:16 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

We gonna raid some pedos?

2019-07-17 04:50:52 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

2019-07-17 04:51:49 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Are you not even gonna ask me to post gear or ass?

2019-07-17 05:07:24 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]

2019-07-17 05:10:03 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I can do better?

2019-07-17 05:10:07 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Give me a few minutes

2019-07-17 05:11:58 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I have more if yall want a different angle

2019-07-17 05:13:01 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

A reforming fat fuck?

2019-07-17 05:14:57 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-17 05:18:46 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-17 05:19:07 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I'm a tall, formerly really fat, now strong fat powerlifter/personal trainer

2019-07-17 05:22:25 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

6'6" 284

2019-07-18 04:57:28 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Least I dont need to ask for help with the top shelf at the grocery store

2019-07-18 05:14:58 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

You wanna try that sentance again?

2019-07-18 05:17:40 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Because that wasnt English

2019-07-18 05:22:26 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Oh I got that wallet back

2019-07-18 05:23:00 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Speech to text isnt perfect ๐Ÿคท

2019-07-18 05:35:33 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Yall got 30 minutes to come up with something better, I'm driving back from work

2019-07-18 06:01:32 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I like my women like my religion-
European and Folkish

*Also medium chest w/ tomboy legs is just perf*

2019-07-20 19:19:25 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Whats the consensus on Tactical Tailors malice ruck?

@moses points for redhdeaded

2019-07-22 01:15:31 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

good drill to prep if you have the capacity to

2019-07-22 19:11:23 UTC [gear queer #newfags]

2019-07-22 19:11:43 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Kind of excited to see this

2019-07-22 19:13:56 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I love the idea, it's what drove me to my original plate carrier purchase of an OP Tactical version of the LWPC

2019-07-22 19:17:02 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  


2019-07-23 09:56:29 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

What's the new hot thing for electronic ear pro and why is it the Revision Sensys Comcentr2?

2019-07-24 06:01:35 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

What's the general consensus on the Unity tactical risers/ red dot and magnifier set up?

2019-07-24 06:35:12 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

@Foxhound I am whats up?

An Idea I have seen earlier for PID

LOL what is a P status at the board anyways

If you really feel that way though, try for the most 'Special' of your forces

With a few ins on MARSOC, I know most fall in that M81 or even OD green category

There have been people who have lost their P status and even seperated over 'ties to supremacy'

All I am saying is be careful- your life matters more than you being in this discord

2019-07-24 17:57:44 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

@Foxhound sorry but no, I have not needed to

2019-07-24 18:19:21 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-24 18:58:38 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-07-26 06:34:33 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Anybody played the Arma 3 Contact DLC yet?

2019-07-26 09:46:29 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

First impressions- it's fucking fun

2019-07-26 10:04:45 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Most fun I've had in an arma campaign since I picked up arma 2 as a dork kid

2019-07-26 10:06:14 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

The alien shit is well done, theres a good balance of straight forward objectives and sandbox elements.
It has hidden information and dialogue with often multiple ways to achieve objectives, while also intuatively building on tools given to the player for those different paths

2019-07-26 10:08:24 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

For example, you're given a hand held frequency scanner- microwave and radio. You can record and send out radio transmissions you previously recorded with it. You can use this to trick an enemy squad at a checkpoint to patrol west allowing you to slip in and grab the hostages undetected

2019-07-26 10:09:32 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

It combines the solid gameplay traditional of ARMA with the exploratory rewards and intelligent thought mechanics of a good RPG into a believable environment.

2019-07-29 07:31:43 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

AVS or Strandhogg next?

2019-07-29 07:43:01 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Is the spiritus option really all that?

2019-07-29 07:43:09 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I hadn't considered it

2019-07-29 17:05:12 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

*hey man I heard you want a gucci helmet*
You uhhhh, wanna buy mine?

2019-07-29 17:09:59 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

It's *just* an xl

2019-07-29 17:15:42 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@Juicy ish
@sick I like not being in prison

2019-07-29 17:20:05 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

If I could ship to ital without my fatass being shipping to my nearest federal prison then I would
Those dorks have too much money and not enough sense sometimes

2019-07-29 17:26:09 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Please inform me then

2019-07-29 17:33:29 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I have a TBH-II on hand, I'll take a side by side

2019-07-29 17:35:56 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

It's not some fake ass bullshit

2019-07-29 17:37:45 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Nigga what fucking maritime are yall talking about?

2019-07-29 20:33:57 UTC [gear queer #newfags]

2019-08-02 06:28:40 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Y'all finally removed access to voice chat, good on ya

2019-08-02 06:29:40 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Have a good night

2019-08-03 06:19:58 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

No surprise to anyone, magpul once again has done something better than anyone else

2019-08-03 06:49:57 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  


2019-08-03 08:09:08 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Goodnight y'all, dont forget to drink some water before going to sleep

2019-08-10 07:39:50 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

@Snowback he will always be a Brother in my heart

2019-08-10 07:48:42 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I'm tempted to pick one of those new Airlite SPC's

2019-08-10 07:49:18 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But, I haven't heard shit about them besides they're just an even lighter JPC

2019-08-10 07:50:23 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I was wondering if anyone here has gotten their hands on one?

2019-08-10 07:56:10 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

If it's not worth the time I'm not going to buy it.
Done with the constant buying and re-selling

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