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2019-11-12 16:15:57 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

2019-11-12 16:16:17 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  


2019-11-12 22:02:32 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

oh yes, finally vetted

2019-11-13 00:23:48 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

im currently in north carolina. as for training program i assume you mean fitness, so i use a mix of powerlifting and cardio.

2019-11-13 00:25:30 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

i would like to find people who actually take Christianity seriously. i actually had an encounter where some friend of the family was arguing that accepting LGBT was the "christian way"

2019-11-13 00:25:57 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

and that accepting everyone no matter who they are is christian morality

2019-11-13 00:26:44 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

and thats when it hit me that most people who identify as christian don't take it seriously, and dont really understand the religion

7 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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