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What could you possibly need me for

Does anybody know what "finna" means?

Sounds suspiciously like Ebonic

Goodness heavens I do hate the negro populace

Is it weird that I go on gore binges at least twice a day and masturbate whilst watching it?

Huh well fuck me up the ass and call me jenny, now I want to kms

@jmack no I think my father is ashamed of me

I had a dream last night that I was in a bar with a girl that I met Friday night but it was after hours and was shut & she was holding a seance just me and her in the middle of the room with only the Twilight shimmering through the windows illuminating the room

Then this demonic figure grabbed hold of me by the scruff of the neck and levitated me upwards and against the wall & started making me feel really scared and I couldn't speak

Then I felt all my strength start to ebb from my body as it became weaker and more lifeless

Idk what all that was about

But I felt its presence with me as I awoke

No she did not but I believe she may have had romantic interest

I can't believe I wrote all of that and none of you fuckers thought it worthy enough to offer your opinions

ur pineal gland is calcified

I think it was Orobas cos I summoned him with the help of @PBL but then I publicly rebuked him

I rebuked him cos he made me scared to go to the bathroom cos it was dark and my lightbulb didn't work

Don't pretend you don't sleep with the lightbulb on

Actually I only do that after I watch a movie that gives me to spooks

Or summon a demonic entity

Also I sometimes hide under my blanky with a hot water bottle if I hear a bang in the night



I think that qualifies for the ban hammer

This is why we have Gibraltar and you do not


>imagine not having an overseas territory on another nations soil

The Jews did 9/11 4000 Israeli's were absent from work on the day of the attack don't believe Snopes it's owned by a kike look at the officers report of the 4 mossad agents pulled over just after the plane hit WTC 2


@Bolsapryca you're not white and that is why you can't have Gibraltar

Actually no I hate you.

cuz I don't think ur sure

@Bolsapryca but you don't get to steal Gibraltar ;)



*secretly wanting your own land back*


@Bolsapryca also looks like a decent chance you'll never get Gibraltar back & you'll be eternally cucked by the Anglo master race

@Shane you're goddamn right <:bootie:622898070727950337>

Salvete iubio spectatores optimus aurus si sunt vacidae aurum advertite

Latin is the language of the nobility

That flag looks so 3rd world

The banana republic of Catalonia

@everyone who is the worst: the kikes or the eternal Anglo?

Has anyone here heard of the GNAA

The Gay Nigger Association of America?

The Gay Nigger Association of America believes that Uganda, is in fact, the centre of the world

Everyone knows that the world revolves around Britain we invented *TIME* for Christ sake!

@Major Slow you're a fucking mutt just admit it

My profile picture is Pepe he's not even the same species

@Bolsapryca you look like you have seedy unprotected sex in public bathrooms and has a dependency to poppers

I'm the only white guy here you're all a bunch of niggers

bbq does Gibraltar belong to Britain?

bbq should Argentina relinquish claims to the Falkland Islands?

bbq should I choke on the next dick I gobble?

What does mote be it mean?

bbq should we bring back the British Empire?


bbq should we demolish Madrid?

bbq should @Bolsapryca bend over and take my big British cock?

bbq does anaconda have a chode?

bbq should Hong Kong return to Britain?

British mandate in Hong Kong now!

bbq should America return to British control?

@Major Slow You'll need to apply for a license I'm afraid sir

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