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God where them arabs

Sup bois

Guess ill go fuck myself

Whomst hooty

where are all the leftists then

Dude i wanted to join the socialist server three days ago and my request has been pending ever since lmao

I dont quite remember

Meh foken hell

Yankee socialists and communists need some work tbh

Like the god emperor Unruhe or smthn like thay?πŸ˜‚

Anyone here like underground thrash and hardcore punk?

>tfw arabs cuss each other's mothers to address one another

>tfw best culture

>tfw christian arab ba'athist goth gf

Ben shekelpiro rips open socialists heart with fax and lojik! Epik!

The Netherlands is foken lit tbh

Went there for easter holiday

To some extent

I thought it was hebrew and was pretty shocked when i first heard it tbh

Never expected to have so many "kh"s

God mein throat

Not talkin bout the political system

Just talking about the country in general

Stefan karl stefanson on the other hand

Why am i cryin in the club rn

Orthodoxy or death my dude

Whats not to love in Lebanon

33 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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