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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7mikiHutcA a pretty good breakdown, references well worth a read. Sadly you'll need to use HD and pause to read what comes on screen

by all means, an example?

not an example

that is false. Iraq = justified and authorused under UN resolution 1441. Syria is a civil war, created by the regime killing civilians

for peaceful protests

cops do not indiscriminately kill blacks

and the EITs were legal and ethical

also procducing intelligence that saves thousands

SFA is not a terrorist group

nope. Most of their weapons are provided by the Kremlin

hence why they mostly use AKs

the US targets ISIS.

so you've not provided any human rights violations by the US

those weren't provided. Those were from the raids they got from Iraqi military bases.

that's not supplying them

if i rob your house, and steal your gun... did you provide me that weapon?

that case is not a human rights violation

that's a mistake

exactly, however in the case with ISIS, they stole weapons from Iraqi forces that were left to them by the US

HAHA RT, you buy into Putin's lies? The former KGB agent?

meanwhile the Kremlin ahs supplied terrorists the world over, even working with the Taliban

while also targeting civilians in Syria

sure Trump's a moron... but Trump is being lead on a leash by Putin

they do have their own command

so still no human rights violations

those are agencies, not human rights violations

are you able to chat in a voice channel?

those aren't violations

Iraq war justified and authorised under UN resolution 1441 and Afghan authorised under UN charter article 51

for self defense

no civilians have never been targeted

yes, and he was arrested, put on trial and got life sentence

'Joint and Combined Targeting: System and Process' https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2830229

still not a human rights violation, per your claim

i will send you a PM

and i'll clear chat for the discussion

in the politics/religion

hmm when will you finish up?

all good, PM when you're able

i'm in Australia

the US doesn't target civilians

most casualties come from the Taliban

look at the numbers

where does it fail?

ISAF V insurgents


that report is worth the read

noting the success

of humanitrian efforts

this report notes larger efforts from the nations involved

on humanitarian efforts that proved successful

but again, the US doesn't target civilians, and avoids them at all costs

the hospital was never targeted

so as you can clearly see, the US goes to great efforts to learn/avoid civilian loss of life

those footntes are well worth the read

just 'open original'

to see the text clearly

they are good

they don't like the Taliban/AQ

because they're victims of those groups

while the US, etc support them

and those people fight against the groups

lol RAIM is such a joke

please just refer yourselves to the primary sources i've cited

you'll learn a lot

help assad commit war crimes?

and crimes against humanity?

US didn't fund ISIS

all of those links emperically show Syrian regime behind a number of chemical attacks

by this flawed logic, Russia is the world's biggest funder of terrorism

since most of them globally use Russian weapons

see the references i've cited

all the evidence is there, to the primary sources

to remove Sassad

keep the government

help them choose someone who's competent in leading

who's moderate

false, ISIS wouldn't win

because the government would win

however Assad and some others will be gone

ISIS victory does not depend on Assad staying alive

isis does NOT depend on him being alive

as long as the military remains

and the coalition remains to target ISIS

and other groups

it won't be an issue

the mujahideen fought off illegal Russian imperalism

the group fracured due to several years of political/religous infighting

you'll learn a lot


^HAHAHAHAHA nice meme, Kremlin disinfo agent

i didn't claim it was/wasn't

he's at work, with the internet research agency

(Kremlin troll farm)

sounds about right, nice projection though. Keep trollin for daddy putin

false, it has killed

if you think ODing is the only method of action to die from drugs, you're an idiot

the mechanism of action is clear

not my argument

i'm against it to an extent, it has no medical value as marijuana. Some isolated compounds do look promosing

however they also suffer limitations, this is reflected in the medical literature

isolated compounds do

not marijuana

superior drugs exist on the market for pain relief

it's worse for depression

trumptard logic in a nutshell


*Report on the legal and policy frameworks guiding the United States' use of military force and related national security operations* https://fas.org/man/eprint/frameworks.pdf 2016 edition. New one comes out this Monday for 2017

*Report on the legal and policy frameworks guiding the United States' use of military force and related national security operations* https://fas.org/man/eprint/frameworks.pdf 2016 edition. New one comes out this Monday for 2017

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4411804-3-18-War-Powers-Transparency-Report.html#document/p1 important to read in conjunction with the 2016 report
Would love to see the classified annex for targeting

"Every step of this process must be recorded, including an analyst’s justification for conducting a query and the basis for retaining results. The bill also requires periodic and random auditing, and all auditing reports must be provided to the National Security Intelligence and Review Agency (NSIRA), a new review body introduced in Part 1 of the bill with the authority to investigate the activities of all national security agencies. What’s more, should NSIRA be of the opinion that the querying or exploitation of a dataset may not be in compliance with the law they can refer the matter to the Federal Court of Canada.

"...Instead, by placing judicial control at the retention stage, establishing a higher threshold for use, mandating robust safeguards, and giving the review body some teeth, this bill may prove to be both constitutionally viable and operationally feasible."

this is a good step for Canada

allows them to do their job in combating terrorism more effectively. Whilst protecting privacy and civil liberties... and establishing more oversight mechanisms

as explained in the piece, and mandated by the bill

it aims to have the same review/oversight mechanisms basically present in the US and UK

that's a good road to go down, since that means it's very effective in its review/oversight... the US sets the standard in which to have checks and balances of its Intelligence Community

for independence and fairness

https://www.dni.gov/files/icotr/Section702-Basics-Infographic.pdf this looks at in a basic overview, the mechanisms in place for one program. Very easy to understand

that's not an argument. I am CORRECT.

if you cannot prove otherwise, you MUST accept the evidence provided to you

"that's a good road to go down, since that means it's very effective in its review/oversight... the US sets the standard in which to have checks and balances of its Intelligence Community
for independence and fairness" Must be proven otherwise

if you claim they do not have oversight or an effective one as the Americans have, that must be proven to be the case

then how do you know?

https://oig.justice.gov/reports/2018/o1803.pdf OIG shooting down conspiracy theories by the left and right wings.


CONFIRMED: Trump campaign manager knew about the connection to RUSSIAN intel operative.


Now searchable to see all FISC opinions/memorandums/addendum/reviews/orders, Govt responses & transcripts; PCLOB reports, OIG reports, OLC reviews, joint ODNI/NSD compliance audits, transparency reports, training documents, etc either automatically publicly released due to law, or through FOIA submission.

I will put this as bluntly as I know how: There is no way that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York would have sought or executed a search warrant against the president’s lawyer without overpowering evidence to support the action. The legal standard for such a search requires only probable cause that criminal activity is taking place. Under normal circumstances, which these are not, the prudential and policy factors counseling against such an action would be powerful.
For starters, the Justice Department is institutionally cautious about searches involving attorneys acting in their role as attorneys. As Paul Rosenzweig noted, “the U.S. Attorney’s Manual has an entire section that limits how and when the offices of an attorney may be searched. Realizing full well that such searches are in derogation of the value of the [attorney-client] privilege, the manual requires high-level approvals, the exhaustion of other investigative avenues, and specifies procedures that are to be followed to limit the intrusion on privileged documents.” Moreover, the Justice Department would have been additionally cautious about seeking any warrant against this particular lawyer—precisely because doing so makes clear that a ring is closing around the president. Going after a prominent person’s lawyer for matters related to his representation of the client is, after all, an aggressive act toward the client, not just toward the lawyer. And Trump is, as he puts it, a counterpuncher.

This is the kind of step that would predictably elicit a reaction. The Justice Department simply would not take such an action lightly or without evidence that emphatically supports it. Add these prudential, legal and policy factors together and they cumulatively suggest that the evidence supporting the warrant application likely exceeds—probably by far—what is legally required.

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/805311-ranking-member-grassley-letter-131011.html a good read to understand how FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) works

https://twitter.com/mkraju/status/992589114670243840 HAHAHAHA what a dumb human being. He should be removed from office by force. Incompetent little boy

https://twitter.com/NSAGov/status/992542638527209472 this amazing man will be missed as its director. I look forward to seeing his successor in action

https://twitter.com/NSAGov/status/992542638527209472 this amazing man will be missed as its director. I look forward to seeing his successor in action

keen for that DOJ OIG report to shit all over Trump's claims of "FISA abuse" when it drops.
Nunes himself admitted on Fox and friends that DOJ/FBI notified FISC of political bias of the dossier, and of course that admission was quoted in the Schiff memo.
Further we know the FBI confirmed parts of the dossier and that the dossier didn't initiate the investigation into Carter Page (both memos outline).

And seeing how much oversight is applied at all checkpoints for a FISA application... and the fact it was reauthorised 3 times... shows us this allegation is horse shit.
Though the OIG report will just add more details proving Trump is full of it

tag me if you wish to respond back in disagreement so i see it

yep, Mari is bae ❤

time stamped for you


ah, didn't notice you had a memes

and thus more of a regional threat than one posed to the US

the report DESTROYS Trump's fake news narrative

this report is *real news*

not Trump fake news

not at all, since the evidence disagrees with that fake news narrative.

Funny though, Trump thinks they do

https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/08/politics/trump-video-games-guns/index.html video of Trump blaming videos games. So sad... he is fake news in living flesh

Trump is fake news about videos games/violence

and fake news about who causes more terrorist attacks

DHS report clearly disproves Trump narrative

is because you don't like facts.

Trump's ban is ineffective

let me guess, you but into the fake news that Trump and FISAgate is real 😂

or even pizzagate

nor is FISAgate

just fake news by Trump

Trump, due to his stupidity, almost got rid of the US' most IMPORTANT Intelligence collection authorisation the day it was to be voted for by Congress

no pizzagate happened in the UK either

Trump almost ruined the USIC's ability to protect the nation

by going against the WH support for 702 reauth

thankfully it was approved

but Trump came close due to his ignorance thinking 702 spied on him

what a clown


I'm in support of both the authorisations

since i have intimate knowledge about both

sadly too much fake news about both of them

i'm not for totally open borders... nice try though

nice non-argument

2018-06-28 09:38:22 UTC [Sparta #general]  

anyone here study law in the US, with access to Westlaw?

2018-06-28 09:39:01 UTC [Sparta #general]  


2018-06-28 09:39:03 UTC [Sparta #general]  

too true

2018-06-28 09:39:35 UTC [Sparta #general]  

still trying to get access to that damn book

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