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so i state what server im from and my ideology?

ok my country is america, im a southern nationalist, and im from bimmlers server

are there any socialisms here?

i wanna talk to some lefties tho

Who doesn't like kanna tbh

These ppl are the big brained

Leave them alone

Let's all just calm down ok? We can settle this over a nice cup of tea

You guys need a hug

Because he scoop poop

I love you guys

Kanye saved me from the jaws of autism

I like welding

I put metal on other pieces of metal using metal

This is entertaining

Kanye west created the bread

I wouldn't go that far

Poopity scoop

This is gold

Guys let's just hug this out

I'm not wrong

Hugs are a good way to solve conflict

I don't mind

That sounded a bit too kinky

You've opened a gateway!!!


That's my uncle

35 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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