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@temporary warp hello and yes

@SloveneAnon#7434 s-slovenec..?

od kod pa? jst sm iz vrhnike @SloveneAnon#7434

2017-09-08 09:17:38 UTC [/leftypol/ International #arabic]  

suck a butt


why is there so many /pol/ites

This whole server needs less /pol/aks and more comrades

im not staying here too many nazis

if you unironically support trump in 2018 i’m very sorry for you.

i feel sorry for people who have so much time to stalk random strangers on the internet to ‘roast them’ because they hold different convictions

also do you not consider “Heil Trump, Heil our People ✝ ⚔” larping??

listen dude you pointed me out before pointing “Heil Trump, Heil our People ✝ ⚔” out

I’m pretty sure that’s not coincidence

you went so far to dig through my account to find my steam and say i’m larping

Completely ignoring the fact i pointed out someone who was larping

Of course you wouldn’t dare point out fault in a fellow rightist

ESPECIALLY when a dirty commie is pointing him out

i know it isnt yet you sill did lol

you didnt have to

Well no I didn’t but why does it matter

Be fucking fair man

He was larping dont point me out

If you’re against all laprong

Yet you only find time to point out faults in CERTAIN people

People you don’t agree with

No but from this interaction I can only assume you’re favorable towards their actions

Okay, so let me ask you

If I am so much at fault for “larping” as you put it on steam, is the other guy also at the same amount of fault for larping as a knight of donald trump’s round table on discord? In your opinion of course


what the fuck do you classify as larping

you and i seem to have different definitions of ***live action*** roleplaying

did you know that if world war 1 hadn't happen anti-semitism (as we know today) wouldn't exist

the whole "the jews caused our defeat" shit came from hitler

the rest came from the bible

unless you can provide another source

@Shwiani ideological contrast; i dont point out the stupidity of anti-semitic views, you call me sub-human immidiately without context

i can see you're bursting with rationality

i think all abrahamic religions except the bible are anti-semetic

hell i find muslims worse in all departments

then again it's probably because islam is factually just a more extreme version of christianity

yes, forgive me oh great grand master of philisophy rex collins for not immidately associating anti-semitism with all abrahamic religions despite it being used by white nationalists more often than muslims nowadays WHICH HAPPEN to be christians a lot of the time

i'm condemning white nationalists you dingus

where in there did i suggest all christians are white nationalists

i said all nationalists are usually christians

is the average iq of an american -50??

wasn't the guy that betrayed jesus a jew?


even so, it's so much easier to see posts online from white nationalists claiming shit like "the new world order is run by the jews"

man at least in the middle east they dont say stupid shit like that they just hate them because they hate everyone

@Shwiani please never enter the sphere of politics again, thank you

ok one sec

here you go

nice no true scotsman

the term 'mostly' has been degraded to "everyone" it seems

the onion?

dude, that site is satirical, smoloko is not

you could've used r/socialism

because it's implied???

didn't take that much searching

if wikipedia isn't your style

what makes me sending you a white nationalist website that states the "NWO" claim unironically several times over after you saying and i copy and pase"*I have never heard the "NWO" term used unironically before.*"

how is that a strawman*

it's an answer to your question, i could pull more examples it's just the first that came to my mind

another wonderful place to find things like this is the youtube comment section


that's a white supremacist board?

didn't know, i'm pretty sure if i called them that they'd be offended

but sure i'll go through /pol/ if i find one i'm holding you accountable

whilst i didn't find any specific post claiming NWO

which is a first

i did find more anti-semitism and blatant racism than i expected

actually hold on

again, it doesn't outright say NWO

but it feels implied

considering suddenly every ideology is jewish

really the things you find on /pol/ are amazing sometimes

there was a thread that said the grenfell fire was dedicated to satan

i know right?

why the fuck would i admit that when i sent you examples of it being used lmao

i did not strawman, i would strawman if i said the entire white-supremacist community claimed there was a new world order

hell you're kind of strawmanning that i should only check /pol/ or r/thedonald as examples of white supremacist communities

when there's obviously more

if i picked one from a youtube comment section would it be strawmanning again?

oh my god

brb gonna get some youtube comments for you to read if smoloko is insufficient

actual absurdity

i unironically think biggest dingus is a troll

autistic people can be smart though


a šta ako jesam?

this is what capitalism does to an era

capitalism bad

zemlja je srbija

sve je srbija

srbija je liberland

da živio poglavnik XDDD

molim poglavnik, jebaj mi guzo

no shit lol

the ustaše came into towns then proceeded to rape and kill women for sport

and leave their bodies hanging in the front of razed villages

ustaše are the definition of sub-human

@National Trotskyist there's a whole village in croatia that's considered to support NDH 100%

it's called čavoglave

the people there are complete nutjobs

@memya#1013 except ustaše atrocities are noted in ustaše memoirs XDDDD


if you support the ustaše you are actually worse than typical neo-nazis

why is it that there are more american "national socialists" than there are european nazis? it couldn't possibly be because we europeans experienced nazi atrocities first hand and, you know, actually fucking know what the ideology is

fascists too

i doubt there's more than 10000 germans today that have a good opinion on hitler lol

what part of that is unsubstantiated? the whole 10000 germans thing? i said "i doubt" not "i know for a fact"

i know for a fact there's more national socialists in the usa since there are no similar events such as the charlotteville protests

here in europe*

uhm... tell me, what continent was the german reich located on

it wasn't in mexico that's for sure

you pointed out my statement that we got to experience nazi atrocities first hand as if it were an unsubstantiated claim

when factually it's true

so are you saying that it's unproven we experienced nazi atrocities first hand?

jesus fucking christ

it's not like we have family members who were in labour camps

frankly my grandparents can tell me very well what happened in that time

yes, i can't drag my grandparents here

and if you're a holocaust denier (not saying you are) it'll be even harder

because i can't find a single thing on the internet that you won't point your finger at and say "marxist propaganda"

then you've just proven my suspicion that americans are ignorant to nazism because they never experienced it themselves

ok here

okay, here are nazi atrocities in my own country

in poland


see this is just it

no matter what i show you

you will completely throw it aside

and act like a smartass

without looking into it

it's really stupid

it's even more offensive considering we have fucking documents, eyewitnesses, MASS GRAVEYARDS from that era

it's so easy to say

"oh they're just lying"

fuck off.

yeah, everyone also had eyewitnesses and people who were in those labour camps

it's amazing how they all tell the same stories

well it doesn't help that the reich was synonymous with burning books

obviously most documents were confiscated

in the end, no, i can't prove to you that the nazis were the scum of the earth

any normal human being should understand that

if you choose to believe otherwise

i'm not going to waste my time convincing you something that has been proven too many times

do you think the reich would let concentration camp documents behind for the allies?

they razed camps before abandoning the area

because the soviets were advancing a lot faster than the allies + auchwitz was a lot bigger than dachau or any other western concentration camps

i don't care what the soviets did i'm not a fan of the soviet union but i hate the german reich much more

i never, ever fucking said i don't recognize soviet warcrimes

but the scale of them compared to german war crimes is so laughable

it's pathetic how people can be apologetic towards nazis

ever heard of a certain standard in the wehrmacht where one soldier death meant 100 civilian deaths?

yes, did you consider the fabrication of evidence by the western world against soviet atrocities too?

no because you don't like them

so do you believe in the soviet rape during german occupation?

do you believe in human experiments in the soviet union?

and if you do, tell my why do you believe in it

i believe in holodomor

but i believe in holodomor for the same reasons as i believe in the holocaust

because of people who were there

and actually told the world about their suffering

there is as much evidence for the holocaust as there is for holodmor or any other soviet atrocity

there were american atrocities in the war too

how they sent german POW's on starvation marches

and to me the most reliable source are old people who saw it with their own eyes

it sounds crazy when one person says something like that, sure

but it's not when millions of people describe events so vividly and similarly

i'm not even serbian lol

i'm slovenian, you niggers occupied two of our serb villages

čavoglave should be relocated on goli otok

hi coastal serb

that doesn't work since we were both under austrian rule lel

hungarian rapebaby*

personal union?

dude the last king was tomislav

what are you smoking


@KoalaBear Eni so objektivno boljsi od drugih

you could've just mentioned the hanđar division @National Trotskyist

why do neo-nazis have this mindset that muslims are left wing lol

isis is very very very fascist

ante pavelič just exploited the fanaticism of bosnian muslims @National Trotskyist

@amsalem haha funny mem xddd

i saw šešelj when i was in belgrade

he's an even larger fatass than he is on TV

i know right?

i'm slovenian

i've been to all former yugoslav countries

@KoalaBear sej nisem

jst sm anarho-sindikalist genij


sej ko pomisliš,

so bili slovenski poganci iz krsta pri savici tudi anarhisti

mešaš anarhizem z primitivizmom

oh valda


10/10 demokrat

celjski grofi

10/10 demokratska sila

a so pogani bli demokrati

ja ne pizda



to pa je demokratsko

to je bil hec kolega

ljubljansko barje



rojen sm v postojni

in vsi moji predniki so primorci

ja recimo???

vstala primorska je bla mandatory da sm se jo nauču

bi rajš bil nemec?

ne od kod s to zdej pobrou

jst bi rajš bil jugoslovan

veš TIGR?

joj sej se vid da si SDSovc....

lol zoki

men je kakršna koli mošeja ogabna na slovenskih tleh nigga

a ravno tako so mi katoliške cerkve

**ma js ne volm za jankoviča zamorc proklet**


"jankovič must build a mosque in ljubljana because religious tolerance is part of communism" - karl marx, communist manifesto

ej... ti neveš kok grozna je čefurska scena v ljubljani

ti si zih iz prekmurja,,,

žou mi je zate kolega

ampak ne splača se s tabo prepirat

lej vrjem kar hočeš če hočš nukat ljubljano go for it

pa če mislš da je toleranca muslimanov komunistična zadeva tud prou

povej mi kdaj je janša odprto nastopu proti đamiji

ja sploh se ne bi prerekala ker bi blo vse nadzorovan kurac

jst bi na tvojem mestu bil veseu da smo v demokraciji taki kt je

drgač sploh ne bi smel razmišlat tko kt razmišlaš


to da smo v natu je shit

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