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@temporary warp hello and yes

@SloveneAnon#7434 s-slovenec..?

od kod pa? jst sm iz vrhnike @SloveneAnon#7434

2017-09-08 09:17:38 UTC [/leftypol/ International #arabic]  

suck a butt


why is there so many /pol/ites

This whole server needs less /pol/aks and more comrades

im not staying here too many nazis

if you unironically support trump in 2018 iโ€™m very sorry for you.

i feel sorry for people who have so much time to stalk random strangers on the internet to โ€˜roast themโ€™ because they hold different convictions

also do you not consider โ€œHeil Trump, Heil our People โœ โš”โ€ larping??

listen dude you pointed me out before pointing โ€œHeil Trump, Heil our People โœ โš”โ€ out

Iโ€™m pretty sure thatโ€™s not coincidence

you went so far to dig through my account to find my steam and say iโ€™m larping

Completely ignoring the fact i pointed out someone who was larping

Of course you wouldnโ€™t dare point out fault in a fellow rightist

ESPECIALLY when a dirty commie is pointing him out

i know it isnt yet you sill did lol

you didnt have to

Well no I didnโ€™t but why does it matter

Be fucking fair man

He was larping dont point me out

If youโ€™re against all laprong

Yet you only find time to point out faults in CERTAIN people

People you donโ€™t agree with

No but from this interaction I can only assume youโ€™re favorable towards their actions

Okay, so let me ask you

If I am so much at fault for โ€œlarpingโ€ as you put it on steam, is the other guy also at the same amount of fault for larping as a knight of donald trumpโ€™s round table on discord? In your opinion of course


what the fuck do you classify as larping

you and i seem to have different definitions of ***live action*** roleplaying

did you know that if world war 1 hadn't happen anti-semitism (as we know today) wouldn't exist

the whole "the jews caused our defeat" shit came from hitler

the rest came from the bible

unless you can provide another source

@Shwiani ideological contrast; i dont point out the stupidity of anti-semitic views, you call me sub-human immidiately without context

i can see you're bursting with rationality

i think all abrahamic religions except the bible are anti-semetic

hell i find muslims worse in all departments

then again it's probably because islam is factually just a more extreme version of christianity

yes, forgive me oh great grand master of philisophy rex collins for not immidately associating anti-semitism with all abrahamic religions despite it being used by white nationalists more often than muslims nowadays WHICH HAPPEN to be christians a lot of the time

i'm condemning white nationalists you dingus

where in there did i suggest all christians are white nationalists

i said all nationalists are usually christians

is the average iq of an american -50??

wasn't the guy that betrayed jesus a jew?


even so, it's so much easier to see posts online from white nationalists claiming shit like "the new world order is run by the jews"

man at least in the middle east they dont say stupid shit like that they just hate them because they hate everyone

@Shwiani please never enter the sphere of politics again, thank you

ok one sec

here you go

nice no true scotsman

the term 'mostly' has been degraded to "everyone" it seems

the onion?

dude, that site is satirical, smoloko is not

you could've used r/socialism

because it's implied???

didn't take that much searching

if wikipedia isn't your style

what makes me sending you a white nationalist website that states the "NWO" claim unironically several times over after you saying and i copy and pase"*I have never heard the "NWO" term used unironically before.*"

how is that a strawman*

it's an answer to your question, i could pull more examples it's just the first that came to my mind

another wonderful place to find things like this is the youtube comment section


that's a white supremacist board?

didn't know, i'm pretty sure if i called them that they'd be offended

but sure i'll go through /pol/ if i find one i'm holding you accountable

whilst i didn't find any specific post claiming NWO

which is a first

i did find more anti-semitism and blatant racism than i expected

actually hold on

again, it doesn't outright say NWO

but it feels implied

considering suddenly every ideology is jewish

really the things you find on /pol/ are amazing sometimes

there was a thread that said the grenfell fire was dedicated to satan

i know right?

why the fuck would i admit that when i sent you examples of it being used lmao

i did not strawman, i would strawman if i said the entire white-supremacist community claimed there was a new world order

hell you're kind of strawmanning that i should only check /pol/ or r/thedonald as examples of white supremacist communities

when there's obviously more

if i picked one from a youtube comment section would it be strawmanning again?

oh my god

brb gonna get some youtube comments for you to read if smoloko is insufficient

actual absurdity

i unironically think biggest dingus is a troll

autistic people can be smart though


a ลกta ako jesam?

this is what capitalism does to an era

capitalism bad

zemlja je srbija

sve je srbija

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