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2019-07-15 04:33:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-16 18:36:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

โ€œ16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.โ€

2019-07-16 18:37:53 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Maybe the Christians were on to something...

2019-07-16 19:01:30 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I blame the Canadians for this

2019-07-17 04:17:04 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Hulk would be completely fucky if they did

2019-07-17 04:20:59 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I like Robbie Reyesโ€™ Ghost Rider design

2019-07-17 04:25:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The English VA for Joseph in Part 2 is Numbuh 1 from Code Name: Kidโ€™s Next Door

2019-07-17 04:28:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes] I donโ€™t care, itโ€™s nice hearing that voice again

2019-07-17 04:30:17 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The Part 2 dub is fucking gold, everything else subbed though, Kira feels off in English

2019-07-18 02:04:59 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

What in the goddamn

2019-07-18 05:42:12 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I got Megalobox and Hellsing on Blu-Ray recently

2019-07-18 21:40:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The price tag on these things

2019-07-20 21:44:37 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

*Socialist Nationalism*

2019-07-21 07:27:21 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I ran into a glitch where I could level all of the skill trees in multiplayer

2019-07-21 07:33:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Just check danbooru for Au Ra girls nerd

2019-07-21 07:34:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Thatโ€™s a fucking mod, the Mako canโ€™t jump that high

2019-07-21 07:35:24 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Iโ€™ve only played them on consoles

2019-07-21 07:36:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Mouse and keyboard feels fucking jank in most circumstances

2019-07-21 07:37:33 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Iโ€™d fuck a female turian

2019-07-21 07:40:20 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Behold the best thing in ME: Andromeda

2019-07-21 07:41:11 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Which considering itโ€™s Andromeda isnโ€™t a high bar to pass

2019-07-21 07:41:30 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The fuck is Sylvari

2019-07-21 07:42:21 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I havenโ€™t played Guild Wars

2019-07-21 07:44:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Oh, I see what you mean

2019-07-21 07:45:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Quarians are also good

2019-07-21 07:45:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Andromeda was such a fucking disappointment

2019-07-21 07:46:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I need to go back and play Inquisition again at some point to see if itโ€™s as good as I remember

2019-07-21 07:47:00 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Also yoink

2019-07-21 07:48:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Combat had some of the coolest shit though

2019-07-21 07:48:37 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Knight Enchanter with the Spirit Blade

2019-07-21 07:48:52 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Reaver with the dragon claw thing

2019-07-21 07:49:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Didnโ€™t play Rogue because fuck bows and fuck stealth

2019-07-21 07:50:13 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I was super hype to be able to play as a Qunari until I learned I couldnโ€™t wear the helmet on the fucking box

2019-07-21 07:50:50 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Oh yeah, I forgot that they had uncensored tiddy

2019-07-21 07:51:16 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I mean like everything else they looked like plastic lathered in oil but still

2019-07-21 07:52:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Everything I remember from the game is twinged with nostalgia from when I was a massive BioWare fanboy

2019-07-21 07:54:31 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Also I meant to post this in response to the Tali statue

2019-07-21 08:05:57 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Yeah, Tali is great

2019-07-21 08:06:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

One of the best characters in the trilogy

2019-07-21 08:07:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Up there with Garrus and Mordin in terms of development

2019-07-22 13:27:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Wesley Snipes isnโ€™t playing Blade, so Phase 4 can already go fuck itself

2019-07-22 13:29:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I think itโ€™s because he was a pain in the ass to deal with in the original movies

2019-07-22 13:29:56 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Itโ€™s one of the reasons Dogma 2 doesnโ€™t exist, one of the actresses was a pain in the ass to deal with

2019-07-22 14:34:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Double plus racist

2019-07-22 16:49:15 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Two incredible meetings of the minds

2019-07-22 16:58:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I dunno man, Peter Jordanson had some good points

2019-07-24 05:22:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

In Texas there was a fat dude dressed as Chie Satonaka, so I donโ€™t think crossplay is illegal here

2019-07-25 04:15:57 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

When does the sale end? I might check it out later.

2019-07-25 04:24:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Alright thanks, Provolone.

2019-07-25 05:27:35 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I would say have Secret Service guard his cell but I donโ€™t think they can be used like that

2019-07-25 05:27:46 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Nor would the optics likely be good

2019-07-25 05:29:52 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

โ€œLooking like we got 3 shots to the back of the head, 2 of them post mortem...yeah, gonna jot this down as a suicide.โ€

2019-07-25 05:31:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I donโ€™t think he has any hand in the process, though they might use the testimony he made in a previous case against Epstein if such a thing is allowed.

2019-07-25 13:16:04 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-25 19:45:05 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Itโ€™s been โ€œin the next 10-12 yearsโ€ for the past fucking 60 years

2019-07-26 01:12:16 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Iโ€™m in downtown Austin and I found out I hate big cities

2019-07-26 03:59:28 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Joeโ€™s fucking baked out of his mind

2019-07-26 12:58:53 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Reminded me of this old ass picture

2019-07-26 17:05:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-26 21:47:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Get bent, deerfuckers

2019-07-26 21:47:29 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Kind of?

2019-07-29 04:32:48 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Rumor has it that if you turn off the lights, look into a mirror and say "Biden" three times, he'll show up behind you and sniff your hair.

2019-07-29 16:41:59 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-29 16:42:24 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-29 16:45:01 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I think both of them are Jesse Jackson, I havenโ€™t seen their faces before so I donโ€™t actually know, all I know is that they all used to be friends

2019-07-29 16:45:35 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

But now suddenly Trump is a vile racist who hates black people because the lady on the TV said so

2019-07-30 21:41:56 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Matt of the Mundane variety?

2019-07-31 16:33:50 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-31 16:33:57 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-31 16:34:43 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Too bad, heโ€™s going to be Sam Wilson

2019-07-31 16:35:45 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I feel like Bucky deserves the Shield more than Falcon, especially since the Shield would be unwieldy while heโ€™s flying

2019-07-31 16:36:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Also Marvel doesnโ€™t have the balls to call him Captain Falcon

2019-07-31 16:36:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Hulk Hogan as Hulk

2019-07-31 16:37:00 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-31 16:38:52 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Jesus, Brock Lesnar even looks the part for the character

2019-07-31 16:41:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Honestly, after I watch Endgame Iโ€™m tapping out of the MCU

2019-07-31 16:42:45 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

My problem with that one is that the guy playing him bitched at Marvel for not having Asian superheroes in the MCU on Twitter and then they gave him the role

2019-07-31 16:44:00 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The dude that looked over the library in Doctor Strange

2019-07-31 16:45:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I havenโ€™t seen the movie in a few months

2019-07-31 16:45:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

He was Tibetan in the comics I heard

2019-07-31 16:46:26 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

And the reason that he was changed for the movie was because the Chinese hate Tibetans

2019-07-31 16:48:27 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Something weird I learned while talking about how fucking bad the recent Squirrel Girl comic art is is that at some point in one of the continuities she and Wolverine fucked

2019-07-31 16:49:27 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Because for some reason they enter Wolverineโ€™s head and they find a door labeled โ€œSexual Fantasiesโ€ and Squirrel Girl is in there

2019-07-31 16:49:42 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Among several other female heroes

2019-07-31 16:52:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Also didnโ€™t Malcom X want to re-segregate everyone?

2019-07-31 16:54:06 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

It was also something about their dialogue in the comic

2019-07-31 16:54:34 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

And everyone else in that room was someone he had done it with before

2019-07-31 16:56:47 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Sheโ€™s a meme character

2019-07-31 16:56:57 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Like Deadpool

2019-07-31 16:59:27 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

I donโ€™t play MTG because Iโ€™m not a fucking nerd

2019-07-31 16:59:36 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Like Magnus

2019-07-31 17:01:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Magnus plays Red-Blue

2019-07-31 17:31:13 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Holy shit it goes from flame breath into a fucking laser, thatโ€™s awesome

2019-07-31 19:24:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Wasnโ€™t the absolute botching of mental health services FDRs fault or am I mistaken?

2019-08-01 03:17:36 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

This man is my spirit animal

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