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Are we all really leftists here?

I feel like we might not actually be leftists <:pn:312032035872964608>

<:merchant:323550879749898242> good


Are there "right winged" and "left winged" bird?

Far right and far left tend to act relatively the same asside from some semantic differences

But they're both out there beating people up and making car bombs

I don't understand anti Zionism, wouldn't we rather have Jews in the Mid East than Muslims?

Muslims are sub human. An enemy of Islam is a friend of mine

I don't give a fuck if their legit or not, they're Islamic

Fuck Muslims

Look what they do to European women

Animals have more dignity for each other than Muslims do

They have to cover their women in cloth so that men aren't tempted to rape them

And even then it usually doesn't work

I want an ancap society. It's retarded af, but that shit would be fun

Just since we're doing self promos for our political servers...

Invite me <:rb:312038543046475776>


You're wasting your breath on this guy, he's probably some Syrian guy living in the UK lol

Idk anything about him, but if I had to guess he's probably some kind of arab. They're always argumentative like this

They can keep it up for hours before they get tired

<:rb:312038543046475776> <:rbl:312038341736529923> <:rb:312038543046475776> <:rbl:312038341736529923> <:rb:312038543046475776> <:rbl:312038341736529923> <:rb:312038543046475776> <:rbl:312038341736529923>






Daily reminder that there are reds under the bed

There's gonna be some memes in this channel

Why is it that we hate the Jews again? I say let them fight Islam in the middle east like Churchill was gonna let Hitler fight communism on the eastern front

37 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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