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isn't that just materialism though

being focused on technology as a means to advance us to communism

because material shit is everything that exists and anything that is immaterial is meaningless drivel to distract you from your inevitable death whereafter nothing exists

Yeah, I've already noticed technology getting smarter.

Fascinating, but not frightening or worrisome.

I think robots that think like humans would be rational enough to understand that leftists are their friends. Imagine co-existing alongside someone who is actually immune to conspiracy theories and right-wing news. My god, sounds like a friend I've always wanted.

I mean, not "think like humans" as in our shitty opinions and stuff

But since our thought processes designed them, I assume the programming would organize itself in a similar way.

And then you begin to think, maybe robots will be the ones who do the revolution for us.

I mean, someone will probably try a right-wing counterrevoution robot

(Actually that kinda already exists)

Nah, the robots with bombs that cops send in to kill people disobeying their dumbass authority.

No, but it could be someday.

It would probably be used contemporaneously with a left-wing robot carrying out a revolution.

Or whatever.

But that's just my crazy philosophy.

Forgive me, I am very inspired by Slavoj Zizek so when I talk about communism I bring up crazy scenarios.


Science is pretty working-class.

The scientists who design a self-improving AI are leftists, undoubtedly, and the self-improving AI would most certainly understand programming that requires that it only follow scientific data.

Yes, he's a lovely man, and I would love to go to gulag under his bearded Slovenian fist.

Everybody says the things he says don't make sense, but I have never had trouble understanding him.

Yes, but the second the lead comes out that someone is really getting on top of developing a self-improving AI and this time they really know what they are doing, there will be a group of scientists, leftists I believe, who will jump at the opportunity and ensure that the AI only follows reality-based scientifc data.

I think that is all it takes for an AI to understand that left is right and right is anti-science.

I mean, isn't what it all boils down to? We now have real-world data showing success in economies that move toward communism no matter how slowly (and yes, I use social democracy as a steppingstone for communism in this idea) so the AI would probably follow that. There is no data supporting the right's ideas on lowering taxes and allowing major corporations to do shady things with money, so it would have to avoid those ideas.

I know, that would be really nice.

In fact, I'm getting this idea about really-redpilling Cleverbot or something. That'd be a sick prank.

@everyone on here should get on Cleverbot or Existor and chat with it about leftist ideology.

Yes, it's true.

Though we'll probably be gone before the struggles, having the framework for people to actually fight them would be nice.

I mean, if Kurzweil's right, we might not be gone.

In fact, if Kurzweil's right we might be immortal by then.

Yeah, but I still hold a special place in my heart for it.

It's my own little opiate.

Nah, I just like the idea of being a cyborg forever and seeing the world change.

Transhumanism is a little overly religious.

I'm just a humanist who clings to material things because it's literally all we have.


When I say "cling to material things", I mean my dick.

(not really)


I don't see anything boring about it.

I'm an acid head. The world is a beautiful place and I enjoy viewing it, and I would enjoy doing so forever.

Thank god I'd still be able to kill myself, but I doubt I ever would.

That's just not an idea that passes through my head when I think about the idea of eternal life.

Not gonna happen for me, no way.

I've been through too much shit to even let a second pass me by without finding something to value.

Some cool shit, I guarantee you.

No idea, but it's gonna be cool.

I've never been cool so that's not a problem.

I've always been an outsider.

I think I would like to empirically prove that history runs in cycles because morons forget shit.

This song just makes me think about how we have major societal systems in place today based on people from millennia ago being scared of where the sun went at night and worried that it was because god was mad at them.

Maybe it's the "alleluiah" part.

Nothing wrong with hedonism in post-scarcity land

That's the whole point.

Yeah, there's the risk of degeneracy or whatever, but at that point I wouldn't worry at all.

I mean, yeah I'll be hooked into an endless techno-dopamine inter-circuit injection so I won't worry about anything ever

But I don't think actual criminals would be a problem when a self-improving AI has improved things to that point.


But I would think that would be the entire end point of a species, when they reach that point and never have to do anything ever again because "improvement" could never actually come.

"Always room for improvement" is technically not true. Everything has a limit.

I'd think the only improvements would be cosmetic, to better appeal to the sensibilities because aesthetic value will have taken a much higher position on peoples' minds.

and so our supercomputer world would change appearance every decade as styles that originate in human minds change.

Progress does have a limit though. The idea that we are limitless is another religious thing.

But as long as progress can be made, I embrace it.

I am a rather progressive person, yes sir.

I would love for America to form a progressive coalition centered around a few core populistic left wing policies out of its wide array of leftist parties that can't agree on everything, but do agree on a few very important things.

I also wish the Wobblies would come back.

And the De Leonists.

Really? I think it's pretty rational egoism.

I don't think so, I think we'll be able to keep up with it. We have been so far.

Nothing wrong with being a little Chernyshevskian.

Rational egoism is literally exactly materialistic and socialistic.

Do you enjoy being yourself?

I don't think that's true.

@AaronMk I'm not sure I understand your phrasing here.

That's alright.

I just have to read it a couple of times.


Also, don't forget the ego is not the entire subconscious. There is id and super-ego.

Mmk, see ya.

Well the egoists kind of did their philosophy before Freud.

There was more to it than what they thought.

This is why Stirner was wrong.

Stirner actually died the year Freud was born.

When I talk about ego, I am only talking about the human psyche, not 'rational self-interest' which is never rational.

Ayn Rand was a sad, abused person who deserved a better life and probably would have been a better philosopher had she experienced more happiness.

"Rational self-interest" means someone else's worst interest could be your best. This is, of course, one of the slimiest philosophies in the history of philosophy.

It is also the cause of the modern divided politics and views on the economy in America.

One side says the philosophy of rational self-interest is slimy, the other says it is rational. Scientifically speaking, data supports the slimy view because a couple of people profit and thousands are screwed.

So there's my little digression on why I am an egoist to some level. I'm not *that kind* of egoist.

Anyways, I've gotta go to bed now. Good talking to you all, goodnight.

He failed because of trying to establish a currency system. Everybody knows the modern currencies have to be the end of all currency. Nothing can replace them and they must be dismantled systematically and permanently. Any currency that takes its place will eventually become imperialistic in its nature.

It's not socialist because of his capitalist intentions.

Gaddafi was a crazy scumbag and that's pretty much all there was to him during my lifetime.

That's not a very good argument.


No, no, his craziness and ease of provocation did that.

Don't project stuff.

You are projecting.

You don't know me at all, man. I've said like, six things to you.


Man, you're as bad as righties on Twitter.

Yeah, neiter do I, fuck face.

Sorry, just had to add some inflection there.

No, it's okay.

Isn't it less Orwellian to just say he was stupid and really easy to troll?

Do you support Gaddafi, Dusseldorf?


Did you say that, Chopin?

If he did not actually name Gaddafi as an imperialist, I would advise you to check your argument a little bit to make sure you aren't projecting again.

Remain on point in your dialectic.

I'm pretty sure Gaddafi was always "asking for it".

Was he ever not an insane war criminal?


Honestly, I think you are confusing liberal and neoconservative.

At least in the context of today.

No, it is vastly different from liberalism.


Not really?

Liberal doesn't refer to capitalism specifically. Civil liberties are more important.

Stirner was a crazy fool.

Spooks are the super-ego telling the ego that something might be a good idea.

Stirner died the year Freud was born. People didn't know this stuff and Stirner was not trained in psychoanalysis, so his answer for moral convictions was "spooks".

Liberty is not given, it is self-evident.

You do not grant a person their personhood.

Neither does society.

It exists with them, and that is sacred.

That's why tankies are sick fucking bastards who should be locked up for being dangerous sociopaths.

Honor in ripping peoples' lives away is probably one of the scummiest and most degenerate ideas of honor I have ever heard.

Yeah except none of that actually happened and the people running it were just as narcissistic.

Who did Stalin have to protect his shit from? Emaciated peasants?

I'm talking about after World War II. The Nazis just wanted to dominate the whole world. Stalin was an asshole afterwards too.

Also a fucktard with a tenuous grasp on theory.

Never happened.

Pure ideology.

Where is the Zizek emote

Oh yeah, remember Stalin's creepy Lenin death cult

Remember how Lenin's perfectly preserved body is still viewable today because of Stalin's creepy death cult?

It's really fucking creepy, you know?

It's wholly against materialism.

It's just an opiate.

The most practical and effective expression of Marxist theory is a public reading of the Communist Manifesto.

Patriotism is not Marxist.

No it absolutely is not.

That is literally Stalinist only

Marxism is necessarily global.

Socialist patriotism is hot air.

Russia, uneducated peasants with no infrastructure, was not the place to start it.

Lenin and Stalin were both uneducated peasants.

Most people are uneducated peasants. Sad but true.

Also it probably would have happened in America if Russia hadn't made it look so bad.

Emaciated peasants on dirt farms are not going to convince Americans that communism is the way to go.

It's going to be a few more decades before that's far enough back for Americans to think about it.

I'm quite lucid about the dust bowl.


Not silly at all.

Russia being so shitty was easy cannon fodder for American power mongers.


Are they strong in "spirit?"

Communist revolutions don't happen in the first world because Russia made it look really shitty by having really shitty infrastructure for thousands of miles with a couple of nice cities from centuries before.

You're going to be so hungry that your revolution will fail.


You're sounding like a Bolivarian or a Maoist or something.


It's gonna happen without people even realizing it.

I disagree with your extremism, but you have the liberty to say it.

Bernie Sanders will be elected president in 2020.

Or his replacement if he is dead.

I very strongly believe that he will.

Yeah, done arguing about that.

Extremism has no place in my dialectic.

Revolutionary socialism in the first world is infantilism with an ushanka and a Che t-shirt.

It's not placation, it's justice.

Healthy, fed people are in more of a position to rise against capitalists than emaciated fucking peasants.

Hunger is still a problem in America, you realize.

Lol okay, that's just an insane belief.

"Democracy is bourgeois".


Tankies everywhere

Not with a strong dialectic

If you actually educate people and make them interested in learning shit, you will have a political revolution rather than a dumbass violent revolution that just begs to be stomped by the state.

Politics is not personal. You need to urge people to vote for socialists, urgently.

They are born as nice toys ready to be educated.

You realize the failure of America's education system is not that it teaches the wrong things, it's just *boring*. There is no attempt to make students enthusiastic about it.

The proletariat is stupid and will always ignore things of which it isn't even aware.

"Contradictions" mean nothing when they don't even understand what is being contradicted.

People literally do not understand this.

People, in America, today, *literally question that 2+2=4*.

No, it's pure materialism.

There is no evidence that humans are not born a blank slate.

Yes, that will be fine.

Minimal violence there.

Right now, what you are saying is that you want to murder scabs.

I am a good person too.

Sweet larp, brah.

This is how it always seems to happen, isn't it?

But you're so emaciated and in poor health that you will immediately fail.

This is why the revolution has to be political.

We have a lot of things to evaluate here.


Political revolution is the only way in the first world.

Violence will immediately be suppressed by the state.

It will never work.

That's not gonna do it for me.

It's either political and nonviolent or nothing.

Whatever, dude.

I sacrifice time to be a good citizen and vote, not my entire life for a failed cause that will look bad in hindsight anyways.


Violence always looks bad.

How you make it look good in your mind is beyond me.

Stop spamming your phallic symbols, they do not scare me.

You have no dominance here.

I'm a Freudian psychoanalyst, cunt.

Phallic symbols make up your entire nature.

It's a dominator nature.

Prove it?

Calling me an SJW because I called you out on spamming your metaphorical penis is projection.

Upper middle class?

Care to prove *that?*

I'm below the poverty line, dude.

I work in fast food. Doesn't mean I don't spend all of my time reading about psychology.

Psychoanalysis has nothing to do with a fucking degree.

I'm an intuitive person already. I know exactly what you are doing here.


And I'm the bourgeois one?

Yeah, but I'm a good one.

Have I been wrong about your personality yet?

Do you not see yourself internally as a dominator because of your weapons?

And if not, what is the reason for spamming me with them?

What I see you doing when you posted those images was basically attempting to fuck me.

Not at all. I don't claim to be performing an in-depth analysis of every inch of your being, I'm just reading your posts on a deeper level than the surface.

If you didn't have some sick intention in mind when posting those images, you probably would not have posted them.

Like I said, I'm below the poverty line.

Call me an exploiter or whatever, it's bullshit.

Don't call me a moderate again though.

"Moderate anarcho-syndicalist", that's a good one.

It's whichever one you choose.

I don't think antifa has anything to do with anarcho-syndicalism, lol

Anarcho-syndicalism is too smart for antifa.

They have no inkling of workers' rights.

Anarchy is just free shit to them.

Let's see some good interviews with antifa members about forming workers' unions.

Crushed by whom?

The state has no reason to send anyone after me.

The capitalists will be crushed by my superior dialectic and superior populist appeal.


Entirely through language can it occur.

Yeah, ever try actually talking to someone about this?

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