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can we post answers here?

hol up

1: Natsoc

3: United States

4: extreme redpilling and just overall how shit western civilization is becoming

5: the only book the school didn't banned is Mein Kampf

6: The group is more important than the indiviual/authoritarian Nationalism

7: destroyers of Western civilization, though not all; but the majority of the alt-right is nothing but pagan mutts, works of Satan, a Zionist puppet that the Jews are trying hard to get control of

8: Francisco Franco. Saved his Country from Marxism and Anarchism, united the right, lynched Jews and Masons, both despised Communism and Capitalism

9: Orthodox (family n shet)

10: White (want to go deep in ethnics or what?)

11: Just your average autist doing average shit with his own group of friends n shet, nothing really special

12: read my username u cunt

Mein Kampf is the closet thing, I am interested in reading more about Fascism (Yes, I know Mein Kampf is not all about Fascism, National Socialism is Fascism)

though different

but related

I respect both



also known as pleb

fug natzis amitire my fellow masons


fug cheeto mussolini

sanders will give free health care to my wife's son

>only mod they have is a bot


marx is a jew

uss liberty? what's that?


>literally founded by a Jew

>"just cherry picking, carry along"

oke goldstein

>source: my ass

45 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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