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Cubans? more like Mexicans

Don’t forget about the Dust Bowl

we just nuke the two and then all of Eastern Asia is caught in the fallout and we have posadist nation to the southwest of the Himalayas

Where’s that article that says that a small nuclear exchange would go good for climate change?

Does anyone remember the article of the year 2017?

No it def wasn’t Forbes

(((Climate change)))

Amirite fellas?

The Great Barrier Reef is dead bro

Climate change is real

(((The Great Barrier Reef)))

To stop the argument of “but its cold outside”

It was a scientific community move to help spread awareness p

What’s more likely? The fact that over 75% of the scientific community is trying to create a massive tax scam or that 100 conglomerate corporations are trying their hardest to cover up the fact that we’ve got 10 years until the collapse of ecosystems?

Nothing is you. You are part of the weltgeist and the weltgeist feels you.

Ah but you are wrong observations and experiences are dependent on perspective.

*ziz sniff*

And what are you to see it?

Apparently buck is the Kwizatz Haderach



I read the beginning of that like the mad max opening



Unite the whole world under communism and form InterKosmos like a real 🅿️ℹ️🅱️🅱️🅰️

That’s still a thing right?

State enforced homosexuality

If you ain’t sucking cock, go get in front of the glock


Piss yourself

Maybe shit and cum


It’s when they’re are more than 3 dark skinned people within your border

And you better pray they are all the same gender otherwise it’s time for (((great replacement)))

Higher birthrates = genocide

A temporary birthrate boost really...

Lol The implication that Capitalism can provide stable birthrates

Just like how they accept women’s suffrage and desegregation as signs of western values

Well, for Spencer maybe not desegregation

UBI is a bandaid on a dam

The founding fathers were aware of class

However their hopes were to cut away what-they-didn’t-know-of-as-but-definitely-was the ruling class

Just they were also higher class and so the cycle began anew just not from an island thousands of miles away

Nothing will fuck up an Americans perception of history more than realizing that there is no way in nine hells the founding fathers were the only faction trying to gain all of the colonies independence

There absolutely were other factions and they were washed away by the tides of time

Just because world war Z talked about how it’s not likely doesn’t mean it’s impossible

I brought up how a small nuclear exchange would be good for (((climate change))) [inb4] and now I wonder if lil’ Benny would support it too based on this tweet

Correction: I didn’t support small nuclear exchange. I was referring to an article that claims that in order to gain a laugh. I’m not a posadist

Bonk bonk

Holy shit American Libertarians are the fucking Freudian Id of humanity

>be Gary Johnson
>get asked basic question on income tax
>Instead of answering, cock head to one side and softly scream for 45 seconds

That’s news to me

Is he republican then?

Third party Amerifat politics? Yes.


Well, I *was* just posting about how I seemed to have recently discovered how fucked the libertarian party is

The American libertarians

Gary literally just takes it too lmao

No that makes a lot of sense actually

Seeing as how nationalism is about separation based on ethnicity I can see hoteps and Nazis getting along by agreeing they don’t want anyone crossing their lines.

It’s kinda like Milos stance on Israel

I saw it the minute he took it

The idea that “we [the nationalists] don’t want any Jews in our country but we will gladly send them to Israel to keep away the Muslims”

And also take away any leverage Israel has

*as well as any supposed*

Israel shouldn’t exist

Reduce it to a city state and give the rest back to the Palestinians

Call it Zion. I don’t fucking care

Nah most of these Jews didn’t do nothing but file reports in their desk jobs im the military.

You realize only a quarter of IDF actually get to do the SS stuff

Most just work for the military and never get the chance to hold a gun

I didn’t say not punish them

I said not all of them followed the same orders. So they deserve separate sentences.


Alexa play frolic

Hey, Serb hero!

Do we have any mufti in chat?

Can someone issue a fatwa that ass is now halal?

We out here in Nicosia smoking grass and my phones about to die.

║░▒║with this blade
║░▒║i cut those who

I was talking about left handed ppl you don’t need to get so political


Smoke grass not a perfect example of a product that was oversold and needed to be chemically modified to sell more under capitalism


Tbh grass is hard to get around here tho so it’s not hat hard I just need to be lazy

Zizek misses Yugoslavia.

The thing that sets Peterson apart from other speakers, especially Shapiro, is that he focuses mainly on logos and pathos.
Unlike others who only seem to argue in terms of ethos and pathos. (Ex; “Karl Marx never held political office” and “muh human nature!”) and occasionally With some lop-sided logos for a brief paragraph because that’s what they learned to do in college to pass all requirements for a written argument that the professors were looking for.

So this is gonna be a treat for all of us and not an hour of ziz getting interrupted mid-sniff to hear a quick remark

Yes. But that’s still logos rhetoric.

19/4 one day short

4/19 for the Amerifats

And also cause I’m referencing 4/20

Which, as we all know, is a real holiday at this point.


😩 👌

😤🖐 Arabic script
😌👉 Cyrillic script

It’s similar enough to Greek letters that I never bothered but credit where credits due that alphabet caters for all sounds your mouth can make.

Also one of the Japanese scripts I forget which one

My m8s learning Japanese and he’s bragging about how good of a language it is pp

Holy fuck steam doesn’t care does it

I mean I knew they never cared

But like damn son


Shove the baby back down your pee hole


Babies are stored in the storks wraps u fokin egg

This is the work of Greek Aussies

Regular Aussies would just jam a boomerang in between the ledges that hold the plate



@Kawaii Stalin you a mainlander?

Ah. I was born in Cyprus.

There’s nothing more Greek than a half Greek



Tbh I’d die of laughter too if I saw a donkey eating figs stoned off my mind

Is it true the term white lie comes from the lie in the white army that Anesthesia was still alive?


A nation born of the US and Europe is bound to have imperialist desires

In fact, it’s what drives it’s perpetuity

Of course the US is just like “hey who hasn’t killed people already living over the country you plan to make my mans?

No shit

Jews invading will do that to you

In the same way of a malignant growth

Expand, accumulate. Grow. Build. And do better than this quarter next quarter.

Such is the nature of capitalism. Which is the force that drives imperialism

More resources, more land. More people to either eliminate or assimilate

That was not their choice to give up

It was remembered as The only time UN actually did something.

And yeah America said so

And the U.K.

Eh. That’s more the US

subverting progressive change through either political or military means

Or private.

Or all three in the case of Sudan

The US maintains hegemonic stability through gaining favored political leader of other less fortunate countries.

This favoring shows up in UN international decision making.

The more countries and resources in the US sphere of influence, the more power they swing with

Which is one of the reasons burgers are worried about China building highways and ports for African countries. Gaining Chinese favoring over American

The US is just the government.

You need to also consider the business stationed within it that get those sweet sweet subsidies

which is a main reason for the debt

Eh. Even the Russians didn’t think that.

A military that HAS to keep being in conflict otherwise the companies that build the weapons for it will have mad shareholders.

Not really

The US is not beyond repair. It can fall and become something else.

It’s not a race thing

And I don’t see burgers as a lower class than me

I see them as exploiting what they can


Actually maybe

I’ve seen a lot of Ethnats in my time and they vary on opinions of the Jews

Some see them as lower than themselves. Other see them as okay to keep alive as long as they stay in israel and don’t leave it

If America kept to itself and didn’t influence stuff. I’d hate it less too

(((United States))))

If the Jewish conspiracy is real I hope they at help me out cause apparently I’ve been fighting for them and that’s gotta count for something.

Eh. I got Jewish friends. I’m sure they can give me connections

I at least hope they get some good living out of it cause I’d like to see my friends not struggle

The Torah explains how to destroy the west.

I can’t read mashuginah but it says so

A (((law))) book

Sure man

3rd world Gang

If you don’t have 300 ping when you plays CSGO you’re not a real 3rd worlder

We have good internet in Cyprus but it’s all illegal and we have to use the shitty British ISPs

true Korea

>in North Korea

Idpol is the result of counterintelligence

What better way to break up the left than to make them argue more about sex work and gender



This 🅿️ℹ️🅱️🅱️🅰️ gets it


The people responsible have been gulaged

The people responsible for gulaging the people who have been gulaged have also been gulaged

A target for time travelers

Small brain = I’d kill baby Hitler
Normal brain = I wouldn’t kill baby Hitler because another baby would have taken his place
Big brain = you can kill as many baby hitlers as you want but the system that created them is still going to fester a Nazi party no matter what
Fucking galaxy brain = go back in time and kill all capitalists who would obstruct the socialist development.

Universe brain = go back in time and industrialize Rome

Build a Mediterranean empire based on homosexuality and race mixing to create a proletarian revolution

No Idpol

But people work under anarchism



That’s tryna make the pasha meme

But that face doesn’t capture the perfection



2019-03-03 17:43:56 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hebrew]  

Who hasn’t blown their homies when they sad?

How do people actually believe pragerU?

just simply saying “yes, really!” Is not a sign that what you are saying it credible.

Me when mommy says we’re out of tendies

Rojava benefits the CIA to not be squashed by them.

But they’ve sold intel to Russia too

I agree

But they are not the CIA

They are a feeble state trying not to die.

They have a “history”

They have the same victim complex as the Jews.

Especially when you consider Sunnis and Shias have literally United to exterminate them too

I support this

The only time I agree with the feminists is that I’d do anything to get rid of that partiarchal monarchy that is Arabia



Kim Il Sung was based

False. They come from a Facebook page first.


Idpol has no worth

If it did, conservatives would have exploited to the extreme, far beyond simply using Candace Owens as a poster child.

Alan Partridge is about liberal reform after radical revolution.

The movie. I mean

So don’t fall short. Shoot your local liberal before they start singing

No we have interkosmos

It sounds better than kekistan

Plus it implies we have spaceships and they don’t

Why do we have to act like we must be their equal? We’re not.


oh phew


plumbers unions do tho

and insists that acquisition of wealth is all the freedom you need

i was talking about capitalism not the state



Talking about sex workers is just talking about Israel but for the left.

I have no real opinion on it tbh

I don’t know much about the conditions of sex work

I would assume they should at least be removed of any ownership from pimps at least tho.

Unregistered yes

I believe you needed a license

Wait was it entirely illegal?

I was told it was permitted in some cases like gun ownership


I just looked it up and yeah you’re right.

So should we unionize prostitutes?

And yes people don’t need sex to be happy but let’s be fucking real for 2 seconds, life can get a little bit less miserable with some consensual sex peppered in.

Western values are the best thing one can have according to prager so checkm80



It still honest to god baffles me that Ancaps think they are hot shit on the politics floor

I’ve met exactly one

And he fucking rides that Idpol like a Hawaiian wave

Just gonna chime in that the US weapons companies did know how to engineer a Hind-like but it wasn’t profitable to them if they actually developed and sold ones to the military as opposed to their current stock. so instead they lied to their government that they needed more money to figure out how to engineer it.

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