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2019-01-21 12:30:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

2019-01-21 17:04:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

the picture statisfiaes me very much

2019-01-21 18:55:32 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i agree that it is indeed possible

2019-01-21 19:20:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

discipline and commitment and righteous man

2019-01-21 20:01:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Russian Empire best empire

2019-01-21 20:01:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i honestly think that its in interest of humanity that russia shuld always be glorious

2019-01-21 20:02:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

slavs are culturally most unefected by western degeneracy

2019-01-21 20:05:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

you westerners look only about the material

2019-01-21 21:16:11 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

cause you are ignorant of your own looks, or looks of your environment, or maybe you are simply subjectively not preffering look of a white individual?

2019-01-21 21:16:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Christian

2019-01-21 21:39:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

!rank Socialist

2019-01-21 21:39:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Socialist

2019-01-21 21:40:08 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank European

2019-01-21 21:41:19 UTC [Nationalist Union #bot-commands]  

?rank Culture Nationalist

2019-01-21 22:17:57 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

is socialist state these people need to be monitored for their lack of care!

2019-01-21 22:27:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i believe government should be able to video/sound record every inch of is territory

2019-01-21 22:27:50 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

so when someone doesnt toothbrush and goes to state clinic for bad teeth's goes to jail for being a cunt

2019-01-21 22:50:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they should be put to "*re-education camps*"

2019-01-22 18:58:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Hezbollah is epic

2019-01-22 18:58:43 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i would like to see Persian Empire from Cairo to Kabul

2019-01-22 18:59:26 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 18:59:29 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

greek propaganda

2019-01-22 18:59:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

stop watching movies and read books

2019-01-22 18:59:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:00:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

heoroduts was

2019-01-22 19:00:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:00:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:00:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

he just draw shitton of numbers

2019-01-22 19:00:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

for it to be epic

2019-01-22 19:00:56 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

there was not practical way of leading 2 mILLION soldiers

2019-01-22 19:00:58 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

at that time

2019-01-22 19:02:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

greeks where gay especially spartans

2019-01-22 19:02:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

mearly all soldiers practiced in sparta gay shit

2019-01-22 19:03:11 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

whenever i play andy paradox game

2019-01-22 19:03:16 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i never form yugoslavia

2019-01-22 19:03:18 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i always play as serbia

2019-01-22 19:03:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and conquer the world by any means possible

2019-01-22 19:03:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:06:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i just get

2019-01-22 19:06:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

mr.antifun trainer

2019-01-22 19:06:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:06:26 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i mean

2019-01-22 19:06:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

western europeans

2019-01-22 19:06:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

are gay

2019-01-22 19:06:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they also massacre everyone the colonize

2019-01-22 19:06:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Russians on other hand, civilize

2019-01-22 19:06:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

just look at central asia

2019-01-22 19:07:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and compare it to india

2019-01-22 19:07:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

or algeria

2019-01-22 19:07:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

as long as you speak slavic i dont give a damn about a color

2019-01-22 19:09:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

no serbs are not degenerate

2019-01-22 19:09:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

let me explain

2019-01-22 19:09:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Croats are degenearet like Ukrainians

2019-01-22 19:09:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Bosnians like muslims

2019-01-22 19:09:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

slovenians are just boring c***

2019-01-22 19:14:08 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Albanians had a tribal monarchy in europe at early 20th century

2019-01-22 19:16:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Most manly man are Uzbek's

2019-01-22 19:16:57 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

to much bordergore

2019-01-22 19:17:43 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

that was pleasent culmination

2019-01-22 19:18:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

only middle class peasents play fortinite

2019-01-22 19:18:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

what is that?

2019-01-22 19:18:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

an animal?

2019-01-22 19:19:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i just blow up trade ships and build only war ships

2019-01-22 19:19:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

pro tip

2019-01-22 19:19:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

you dont need to worry about trade ships

2019-01-22 19:19:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

if you have no trade ships

2019-01-22 19:21:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i read classical literature

2019-01-22 19:21:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and learn marxism and facism

2019-01-22 19:22:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i read Juleas Verne

2019-01-22 19:22:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i have couple of his books

2019-01-22 19:23:20 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i read economy too

2019-01-22 19:23:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and history

2019-01-22 19:23:56 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i have pdf, but havent rode it

2019-01-22 19:24:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i rode

2019-01-22 19:24:18 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:24:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

bro that was toughest part of my life

2019-01-22 19:25:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

redpill me on english what is past sentence of of read?

2019-01-22 19:25:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:26:58 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 19:27:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its balkanised version only choseen 10 million people know

2019-01-22 19:28:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

im gonna ban english and make russian mandatory from california to Kamchatka

2019-01-22 19:35:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

*civilization intensifies*

2019-01-22 19:36:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

@Modern Man i speak serbian not russian

2019-01-22 19:37:05 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

but i can understand what they say like 40-60% of times

2019-01-22 19:37:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

but cant speak it

2019-01-22 19:37:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its unhealthy

2019-01-22 19:37:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i would ban it in Serbia

2019-01-22 19:38:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

serbia needs military discipline and unity

2019-01-22 19:38:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and a common goal

2019-01-22 19:38:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they have nothing like that currently

2019-01-22 19:39:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its just broke workers or *westernized* serbs all around the place

2019-01-22 21:54:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

There is something inspiring about Hitler

2019-01-22 21:54:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i am at high school

2019-01-22 21:54:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i am still an intelectual

2019-01-22 21:55:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

in serbia

2019-01-22 21:55:03 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

we buy bachelor

2019-01-22 21:55:57 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Serbian president

2019-01-22 21:56:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

before the current one

2019-01-22 21:56:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 21:56:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

bought doctoriates

2019-01-22 21:57:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

better make em work in factory

2019-01-22 21:57:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and create bigger industrail capacity

2019-01-22 21:57:45 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

slav man dont work in cubicles

2019-01-22 21:58:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

you can do it for free if you do it for Russian government

2019-01-22 21:59:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i want to work with my mind

2019-01-22 21:59:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i read things

2019-01-22 21:59:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i conquer things

2019-01-22 22:02:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Malevich is slavic surname

2019-01-22 22:06:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

*Third Rome* @Kazimir Malevich

2019-01-22 22:11:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

maybe being gay is ok after all?

2019-01-22 22:12:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its *progressive*

2019-01-22 22:15:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

I think Modern Man cant be real

2019-01-22 22:18:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

monarchism is for peasent

2019-01-22 22:19:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i sexually indentify as an aristocrate

2019-01-22 22:21:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:22:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

middle eastern architecture was best

2019-01-22 22:22:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

western architecture is just boirng

2019-01-22 22:25:20 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Babylone was epic

2019-01-22 22:25:48 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they just blitzkrieged middle east

2019-01-22 22:26:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

bruh its middle east

2019-01-22 22:27:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Middle east was historical public house of people's

2019-01-22 22:27:33 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i mean the way semites ruled

2019-01-22 22:27:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

then got wrecked

2019-01-22 22:27:43 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

then persians

2019-01-22 22:27:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

than many iran peoples

2019-01-22 22:27:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

etc etc...

2019-01-22 22:28:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

wasnt Assyria an empire???

2019-01-22 22:30:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

the middle east was economic center of the world

2019-01-22 22:30:44 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

where all trade was passing by

2019-01-22 22:31:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

ultimate chad

2019-01-22 22:31:40 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its a city right?

2019-01-22 22:32:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they where more just barbarian emperors more then anything

2019-01-22 22:32:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they would massacre shit ton of people and enslave when conquer something

2019-01-22 22:34:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

stop playing eu4 and be a chad and read some books

2019-01-22 22:35:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

dont tell me you diddnt google it all???

2019-01-22 22:35:45 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

my gosh

2019-01-22 22:36:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:42:44 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

chemistry can fix it all cant it?

2019-01-22 22:44:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

you will burn in hell for your hersey

2019-01-22 22:45:44 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i belive in organized labor

2019-01-22 22:45:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

just direct

2019-01-22 22:45:48 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

military like

2019-01-22 22:45:51 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

strict economic

2019-01-22 22:45:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:46:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

who gives a shit about capitalist profit?

2019-01-22 22:46:19 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

we can exploit Jupiter one day

2019-01-22 22:47:56 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

we just need a space race and exploit wastness of space resources

2019-01-22 22:48:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

for such a thing to be complete

2019-01-22 22:48:08 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

international conflicts must be stopped

2019-01-22 22:48:17 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

even by brutall military force

2019-01-22 22:48:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

dozen bigger state should be left that will dominate the globe

2019-01-22 22:48:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:48:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and then make a space race

2019-01-22 22:50:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

it be epic

2019-01-22 22:50:12 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

to find aliens

2019-01-22 22:50:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

in space

2019-01-22 22:50:18 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

then conquer them

2019-01-22 22:50:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and enslave them if they are not human

2019-01-22 22:50:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

*gets abducted*

2019-01-22 22:51:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i imagine mercury being settled by arabs

2019-01-22 22:53:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Hitler had some stuff that he would but at his chest so he could look like chad

2019-01-22 22:54:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i thinks its napkins that he used

2019-01-22 22:54:14 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:54:20 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:54:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:54:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:54:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i wouldnt mess with that emperor

2019-01-22 22:55:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its sad that he lost

2019-01-22 22:55:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

why didnt he just swap sides to communist

2019-01-22 22:55:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

he would still be a dictator

2019-01-22 22:56:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:56:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:56:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:56:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

that book

2019-01-22 22:56:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its stalin's book

2019-01-22 22:57:02 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

what has facist to do with historical materialism

2019-01-22 22:57:05 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and dialectics??

2019-01-22 22:57:27 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

You are BAD

2019-01-22 22:57:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

old age probably

2019-01-22 22:58:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i rode stalins

2019-01-22 22:58:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

national question

2019-01-22 22:58:28 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

its very good

2019-01-22 22:58:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and helped me a lot

2019-01-22 22:58:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:58:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 22:58:41 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

to leave his position

2019-01-22 22:58:44 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

but it was put down

2019-01-22 22:58:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

5 times

2019-01-22 22:59:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

he was more man of action i think

2019-01-22 23:00:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i plan to read facist literature

2019-01-22 23:00:54 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i want to read Mein Kampf

2019-01-22 23:01:00 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:03:38 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

no one cares about souh african politics

2019-01-22 23:06:16 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i dont like that communism is contantly banging everyone heads with working class

2019-01-22 23:06:20 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

after all working class

2019-01-22 23:06:22 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

is just

2019-01-22 23:06:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:06:32 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

we need aristocracy

2019-01-22 23:07:06 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

how can you make such an ignorant claim?

2019-01-22 23:07:58 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

jewish conspiracies make you a middle class peasent

2019-01-22 23:08:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

we need golden middle not extremism

2019-01-22 23:08:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:09:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

is "utopian" socialist right?

2019-01-22 23:09:30 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:09:34 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i tought aobut

2019-01-22 23:09:40 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:10:31 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

you will be begging for mercy when Third Rome marches threw streets of London

2019-01-22 23:12:29 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

western individualism will kill the west

2019-01-22 23:12:47 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

eventually its just product of the social darwinism mentally you guys have

2019-01-22 23:13:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

yeah its

2019-01-22 23:13:53 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:13:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:14:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

but i have a right to not sleep right?

2019-01-22 23:14:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

it was commited by militants had no conntections to organized forces

2019-01-22 23:14:54 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

on top of that

2019-01-22 23:14:57 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:15:01 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

was faked

2019-01-22 23:15:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

yeah i know i just contradicted myself

2019-01-22 23:15:32 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:15:35 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

my grandpa

2019-01-22 23:15:37 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and my

2019-01-22 23:15:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:15:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

lived in uzbekistan

2019-01-22 23:15:50 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

my grandpa was

2019-01-22 23:15:52 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:15:55 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and my grandmother

2019-01-22 23:15:56 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:16:04 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

evryone on father side was a serb

2019-01-22 23:16:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

but Uzbekistan is just epic

2019-01-22 23:16:23 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

they still lived there!

2019-01-22 23:17:07 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

Uzbekistan had Samarkand

2019-01-22 23:17:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and other nice culture and civilization

2019-01-22 23:17:25 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i have no idea

2019-01-22 23:17:36 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

thats all my mom told me im poor with central asia history

2019-01-22 23:18:13 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

there where many scientists there and stuff

2019-01-22 23:20:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

too big number

2019-01-22 23:20:21 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

it wouldnt be practical

2019-01-22 23:22:09 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

>persians get invaded by greeks

2019-01-22 23:22:16 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

>then sassanids come

2019-01-22 23:22:24 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

>then some other stuff happens

2019-01-22 23:22:42 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

yeah i remember parthia and sassanids from eu4 extended timeline

2019-01-22 23:22:43 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:22:45 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

i also rode

2019-01-22 23:22:46 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

a book

2019-01-22 23:22:50 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

about Roman Empire

2019-01-22 23:23:39 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and still is a shithole

2019-01-22 23:23:49 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

and its people are weird

2019-01-22 23:23:59 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  


2019-01-22 23:24:10 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

need access to asian ports in order to dominate the globe

2019-01-22 23:24:15 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

enslave indian population

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