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I want to self defense against AF

I saw a skunk have sex with a rat, the skunk was a single mom and the rat banged other furries

SF has a very poZzed furry culture


It's (dis)guise for polyamory

Tried uploading meme, permission denied

@D3VNT ... So he can HH as long as his GPA stays above 88?

The Island of misfit toys

Got some great furtiture for new apt from Trustifarian

Giving away a bunch of crate and barrel stuff

I'm down for the vetting thing, got booted from IE for not obeying the guidelines on proper language on server, btw

I save autism for stormer boards now... Great place if anyone here feels like ranting, great place to get your rhee on

So I read rules. Am I reading into them too much? From what I gathered, I am not allowed to say I am hetero and find faggots disgusting. Mods, can I say that?

Sweet. One other disclaimer: Also, I am a national socialist and think that Rockwell was the second coming of Adolf H Christ


Law abiding citizen

I have a few interests that might be of use to the group

I am fluent in German and would be willing to hold free German lessons

Also, trying to convince my wife to have children, open to social engineering attempts from the group

I haven't been keeping up on this server til tonight

That's fine

You guys got Irving playing on a home theater or something?

Do you DM us or what?

I'll be working at that time

Sleep tight, don't let the bug people bite




Was talking to someone who was at the 'science March today'... Trolled them after they said science is anti-Trump

Took them down Socratic path to racial realism, it was pretty funny

I have Stalingrad: Kessel und Gefangenschaft by Zwank and Der Zweite Weltkrieg by Zentner for teaching materials

We could set up a voice chat room

I recommend anyone interested get a copy of Carrel's 'Die Wuesten Fuechse' in English and one in German

I can help with pronounciation and grammer

Should probably get vetted first

I would be willing to teach anyone from groups that support the 14 words

I'm almost dpne working

Can we make a time?

Can you do me? Won't let me do you

Which voice?

copy hyperlinks, don't click their hyperlinks directly

right click to get URL address

with HTML, you can spell out as the name of the hyperlink, but the address you are re-directed to could be


I thought we were okay with faggots here?

I actually enjoy countercurrents, don't care if the guy eats chocolate out of downstairs mouths

even SA was led by homos

so if they are bashing commies, and help me fasc the nation, I am happy

not until they let TV in @D.iogenes

they didn't allow television in South Africa until mid 1970s

Suidlanders told me so

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