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there are nudes of the berkley girl?

no suprise there

dreads on a white girl?

jesus are they still launching missiles?

what the fuck am I looking at


what happened to that hand jeeze

that's horrible

poor dude

he'd probably be dead

that's not fireworks I think

in theory at least one part of him is swiss cheese

RIP the hand

you can't sew the thumb back onto that one

friendly reminder

that nazi posting is antifa posting

please ignore nazi posting

oh my god guys


he was NOT trying to start fights with all of those piercings in

what the fuck?

frood-MN I wrote the book on shill goys

Seriously though, "let's go get nazi scalps" says the man with 8 facial piercings

2 liters of blood loss later

how dumb are these cucks

kekwave is approved

careful about false flag nazi posts

do you think there are actual rascist jew-hating nazis among us or just false-flagging antifa fags trying to derail whatever they can?


were these people


actual alt-right protesters

or is this some kind of antifa false-flag?

cuz they were being recorded

and seemed perfectly ok with it

which seems odd to me

people who know they're doing illegal and fucked up shit alwasy get in the cameraman's face

a fucking helicoptor crashed too

how often do police crash coptors honestly

that's so wild

they're saying they pulled this one white supremacist from it but the car is owned by an ethnic jew

wtf is going on here

well maybe

100% doubt it though

why are white people holding up a flag that says go back to europe?

Are these even real human beings?

overt rascism puts you at too much of a political disadvantage to win anything

the statistics are out on race anyways, the AI becoming rascist is already a problem google and facebook and others are having

it's just a touchy subject

hence the melting pot

don't you want to marry your dog hans

53 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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