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2018-08-07 01:39:51 UTC [BLACKOUT Survivalism #vetting]  

1. Political Ideology? Fascist
2. Age? 21
3. Country? United States
4. What got you into your ideology? Started off as a vanilla conservative and slowly grew more radical over time in the past few years with the help of the internet
5. What books have you read that helped you throughout your political journey? Mein Kampf: Stalag Edition, Hunter by Dr. WLP
6. Thoughts on Jews, Alt-Right, America, LGBT, and Trump? big gay normie shit, a symptom of the modern world that traps the political landscape in an endless cycle
7. Who are your heros? Adolf Hitler, Yukio Mishima
8. Have you read SIEGE, give a synopsis of it's main point. Haven't finished it yet. Being a radical and extreme in your beliefs is the only way to live, kowtowing like conservatives do wont get you anywhere. also fuck the pigs
9. Race? Spaniard
10. Write something about yourself. I have an interest in survivalism and reading more about siege, as well as discussing the content to help me further understand
11. Where did you get the invite to this server? Rapelash
12. give me a sec im uploading it on my phone

2018-08-07 01:41:22 UTC [BLACKOUT Survivalism #vetting]

2018-08-07 01:56:52 UTC [BLACKOUT Survivalism #vetting]  

im not fluent in spanish but my family descends from spain, dont know exactly which part though

2018-08-07 01:58:21 UTC [BLACKOUT Survivalism #vetting]  

i kept asking my family about the family history but they dont seem to know much. only that my grandparent's on my fathers side came from spain to Jalisco in Mexico

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