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2017-10-29 21:36:14 UTC [Greenline Front #introduction]  

Greetings, Iโ€™m Storm. Iโ€™m 17, Iโ€™m an assistant at a medical clinic. Iโ€™m from the United States, Pennsylvania to be exact. I joined the National Socialist movement about 6 months ago, before that I was just a racial fascist that denied being a nazi, but I realized how obvious my true political ideology was. My reasons for joining is that Earth is sacred, and so is nature. I live in the woods and have done my part to help nature, Iโ€™ve always wanted a group for nature work but its always run by socialists. My interests are volunteering at my local animal shelter, hiking in my woods, helping the local parks in events, and sports, more specifically soccer. You can contact me on my discord or my kik at Rightwingusa. (I made the kik name a while back so donโ€™t criticize me) My family and I have always loved our animals, a project that I work on is I patrol my woods and I find deer stands were people would shoot our deer. I then place soap around the stand and the area so no deer would be tempted to go by there, effectively making the spot useless to hunters. I do my part to clean up the woods as well.

2017-11-23 16:59:54 UTC [Greenline Front #bushcraft_]

2017-11-23 17:00:09 UTC [Greenline Front #bushcraft_]  

Something around this my friends and I made when we were younger.

2017-11-23 17:00:39 UTC [Greenline Front #bushcraft_]  

Then a couple feet away we had a tree stand as a โ€œLookoutโ€ and around the perimeter we had walls and other traps. Miss those days

2017-12-09 17:58:41 UTC [Greenline Front #racial_anthropology]  

@seb of course the soy boy had respect for Turks smh

2017-12-09 22:00:06 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]

2017-12-09 22:00:26 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

Enjoying the snow๐Ÿ˜ฉ

2017-12-09 22:21:30 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

@Siegfried whomst

2017-12-09 22:30:11 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  
2017-12-09 22:52:26 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

heโ€™ll yeah

2017-12-09 23:13:36 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

someone should fash this up plz thank you

2017-12-09 23:20:43 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  
2017-12-10 00:30:57 UTC [Greenline Front #introduction]  

He means he transformed into each position

2017-12-10 02:29:11 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

Damn son thatโ€™s amazing lol @Vรกli

2017-12-10 02:33:34 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

Iโ€™m very pleased how much propaganda we get out

2017-12-10 02:38:47 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

โ€œAnimal abusers get the knifeโ€

2017-12-10 02:39:28 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  


2017-12-10 02:41:46 UTC [Greenline Front #photos_of_members]  

Pretty much lol, they complained because you killed a rat in Battlefield 4

2017-12-10 02:52:54 UTC [Greenline Front #introduction]  

Yeah lol

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