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2020-05-17 23:11:03 UTC

<@&704855155039797249> only 11 more days till the trip.

With the success of the meetup last month we were talking about doing a hiking trip to the abandoned PA turnpike near breezewood. This will be a Saturday-Sunday hike. Show up either friday night or early Saturday morning hike and leave Sunday morning/afternoon May 29th-31st.

Depending on how my day goes I will show up either friday night or Saturday morning at around 7 or 8

With that said where we park you will have to ruck your water,food, and camping stuff into the site which is about a mile away from the lot.

Before we set up camp we leave the heavier bags in our vehicles and take just an assault pack with us that has water and lunch for the day then grab our rucks when we head back to set up camp.

The drive there is easily accessible to all vehicles

Dropped pin
Near Wells Township, PA

If you have any questions ask me.

2020-05-18 17:05:42 UTC

These piece of shit was up by the Erie area

2020-05-20 17:59:45 UTC


4 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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