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2020-04-27 23:27:31 UTC

PG county

2020-04-27 23:27:46 UTC


2020-04-27 23:28:39 UTC

Originally from baltimore, moved out to colorado for the time being

2020-04-28 00:57:31 UTC


2020-04-28 02:44:21 UTC

Hey y'all. I run a group out of VA that has a couple MD-based members. We provide advanced skills and training capabilities here in central VA and are glad to provide training to anyone who wants to bounce down our way

2020-04-28 02:45:03 UTC

Still waiting to find more DE people!

2020-04-28 04:41:25 UTC

This discord app is the titts !

2020-04-28 06:18:16 UTC

Aussie coming through, i’ll just chill with you lot

2020-04-28 06:18:52 UTC

Ha ha right, I’m still figuring this shit out, seems like the right spot

2020-04-28 06:19:02 UTC

The whole app

2020-04-28 12:39:21 UTC

Whaddup goons

2020-04-28 14:56:19 UTC

What’s good man ! Glad to see you here

2020-04-28 15:25:44 UTC

What's up you lot of freedom loving whores

2020-04-28 17:03:47 UTC

Ha ha freedom boner !

2020-04-29 21:43:55 UTC

I'm NY but was wondering if anyone knew these guys

2020-04-29 21:51:41 UTC

@Prophet Alleghany rescue Co does. The guy in the yellow is Duncan's dad iirc.

2020-04-29 22:51:08 UTC

Ok thanks

2020-04-30 15:06:43 UTC

Outside of baltimore here, i'm a vet and a super-nerd, let me know if you have any questions about the app or computer stuff in general

2020-05-02 12:47:06 UTC

Harco here

2020-05-09 20:38:28 UTC

2020-05-21 17:40:28 UTC

PG here

22 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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