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2020-04-29 03:09:29 UTC

Shouldn’t be surprised I’m the only one here πŸ˜‚

2020-05-02 02:25:12 UTC

You are not alone

2020-05-02 02:26:51 UTC

45 minutes south of Memphis. In Little Rock about one or two weekends out of the month

2020-05-02 02:28:29 UTC

Bout an hour and some change west on the 40 from Littlrock

2020-05-02 03:04:27 UTC

Now we just need a plug in berrville who can hook us up with some Wilson Combat goodies lmao

2020-05-02 03:16:49 UTC

There are a few of us on vbulletin, a Northwest and a southwest, linked up with a Benton and a Sherwood on the FB. Trying like hell to find close support since moved here last month. It's kinda tough, as I should expect I suppose.

2020-05-02 05:24:04 UTC

I’ll have to check it out. Never heard of vbulletin.

2020-05-02 05:24:35 UTC

Dog keeps barking at random noises and I’ve got work at 6. Gotta wake up at 430 to get ready and then drive.

2020-05-02 05:24:51 UTC

Gonna be a fantastic day I can already tell lol

2020-05-02 13:46:09 UTC

Man, I tell folks that the day is going to be fantastic, whether it likes it or not.

2020-05-03 02:07:28 UTC

Hey man, hope the day went without event. Sent a couple of invites, maybe this section will pop off

2020-05-03 13:21:00 UTC

Man I finished up my shift, went home, took 2 melatonin chewables and had the best sleep of my life. Feeling like a million bucks right now. And he’ll yeah borther! More the merrier

2020-05-03 15:34:44 UTC

You ever make your way further west than LR?

2020-05-03 22:56:25 UTC

Used to live in white county, drove as far as Tulsa OK

2020-05-06 10:11:19 UTC

I see we have more <@&704796700119662753> folks. Welcome πŸ™

2020-05-06 10:12:17 UTC

State legal supressors. Wilson Combat is in house in that regard. Check em out, they’re quality pieces.

2020-05-07 19:45:56 UTC

Wait what!?!? Suppressors what we can has? πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

2020-05-07 20:00:20 UTC

Where are our Arkansas peeps at?

2020-05-07 20:00:46 UTC

Memphis area willing to jump the river

2020-05-07 23:19:46 UTC

Nice! Great handle you got there

2020-05-08 03:38:32 UTC

I’m 45 minutes from Memphis

2020-05-20 17:12:10 UTC

Hello y’all. NWA here

2020-05-20 18:35:13 UTC

Reporting in from NEA

2020-05-21 02:08:41 UTC

Where at in NEA @X Black Exodus

2020-05-21 02:08:46 UTC

Lawrence Co here

2020-05-21 02:18:54 UTC

@Jon Irenicus Jonesboro, Craighead County

2020-05-22 00:05:25 UTC

Hell yeah, Jonesboro is like 25 minutes from me. I usually go to a range in Paragould, or the fields where I live. Where do you go?

27 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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