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2017-10-08 13:32:47 UTC

It happend in Sweden and Denmark aswell

resistant / immune to HIV & aids

2017-10-08 13:32:53 UTC


2017-10-08 13:32:54 UTC

sure m8

yeh, it's proven

bone marrow transplant from lineage 1+1 of genetic mutations cured one instance of aids

2017-10-08 13:33:26 UTC

Show me that studie then

aids literally is racist

what fucking website has a URL like that?

immunity towards aids is an actual thing, if your ancestry only composes of survivors of the black plague

mix it and you get resistance

dilute it and you just like everyone else

2017-10-08 13:35:15 UTC

That doesn't change your hapla group <:facepalm:334049628284518401>

we are the original norwegians, take the hint

sweden and rest of scandinavia has taken all the immigrants

2017-10-08 13:36:00 UTC


historically, because of access

not as a meme

so you've been genetically diversified over the years

2017-10-08 13:36:21 UTC

Historical Sweden were mainly immigrated by germans

2017-10-08 13:36:23 UTC

and finns

still a shitty URL. ncbi.nlm.nih

2017-10-08 13:37:20 UTC

Swedes are the less diversified people of all the germanic tribes

2017-10-08 13:37:21 UTC

so W/E

majority of norwegians immune to aids yo

cant say the same about sweden

where your black plague survivors at?

their genes have been flushed away

2017-10-08 13:37:50 UTC


it's how to tell who are mixed

2017-10-08 13:37:58 UTC


2017-10-08 13:38:05 UTC

You are so stupid πŸ˜‚

2017-10-08 13:38:15 UTC

Just look at your hapla grps and then compare it to Swedes

go take a dna test, check if you're immune to aids or not

2017-10-08 13:38:20 UTC

you will see how fucking mixed you are

2017-10-08 13:38:34 UTC

Norweigans aren't immune to aids

2017-10-08 13:38:35 UTC


hapla groups of syrians/africans obviously different from ethnic norwegians

stop being silly

2017-10-08 13:39:30 UTC

Well the hapla test is tested out on ethnical norweigans

who you gonna compare with? Finns?

finno-mongolians more like it

2017-10-08 13:40:11 UTC


2017-10-08 13:40:15 UTC

so much for being immune to Aids

2017-10-08 13:40:17 UTC


a gypsy here or there in your bloodline and your immunity is gone

2017-10-08 13:40:59 UTC


2017-10-08 13:41:06 UTC


i've submitted my dna to a jewish conglomerate

and they gave me the results

i mean, the chances of finding an attractive female with aids to try out the theory kind of is low

2017-10-08 13:41:58 UTC

There is only one tribe in africa from what i've know about that is immune against Aids

2017-10-08 13:42:18 UTC

they get HIV but it doesnt develop to AIDS

black plague genetic mutation renders aids / hiv unable to hide inside of the bloodcells

that why immunity occurs

2017-10-08 13:43:02 UTC

Whatever they can cure aids nowdays

2017-10-08 13:43:16 UTC

If you still are in the earlie stage

2017-10-08 13:43:20 UTC

of it

not really, it can never be fully cured because it hides in the bloodcells then proceeds to eradicate the immune system

2017-10-08 13:44:00 UTC


people that are "immune", aren't really immune

they just got better red bloodcells enabling immune system to wipe out the HIV/AIds virus

TL:DR genetics is racist

2017-10-08 13:46:19 UTC

Okay well i've not digged into that shit about immune system

2017-10-08 13:46:35 UTC

maybe should do it when i've got the time for it

how to cure aids: give people the genetic mutation

billion dollar patent rite there

2017-10-08 13:48:17 UTC


2017-10-08 13:48:18 UTC

not really

2017-10-08 13:48:25 UTC


2017-10-08 13:48:26 UTC

you earn more of stop it up

2017-10-08 13:48:32 UTC

than to actually cure it

@🐧🐧 Pingu 🐧🐧 western AIDS is more of a gay people thing

2017-10-08 13:48:46 UTC


2017-10-08 13:49:03 UTC

well gay and junkies

in the documentary "bug chasers", there was a guy that clearly was resistant to HIV

and he kept trying to get pozzed

he had to get pozzed like 8 times for it to actually settle

2017-10-08 13:49:28 UTC

Only peole that's got aids are either homo or a junkie

2017-10-08 13:49:56 UTC

You can't really cure it but you can lower the amount of it in your blood and its growth rate to the point where you can have unprotected sex and not transmit it

cure it by forcing the virus out of the bloodcells

whats that latest meme innovation with the genetic alteration stuff

2017-10-08 13:50:46 UTC

Well if this shit will happen when they can get this nano robots to boost your system

2017-10-08 13:50:47 UTC


2017-10-08 13:50:49 UTC


2017-10-08 13:50:51 UTC

disease's like aids

2017-10-08 13:50:52 UTC


2017-10-08 13:50:54 UTC

will get fucked

just use CRISPR to give people the genetic mutation that makes aids not able to be inside of bloodcell

i'd be surprised if that hasn't been tried already

it is being tried

2017-10-08 13:52:32 UTC

Do you really think pharmaceutical owners want to cure AIDS?

but you get credz for tryin

cure it but don't distribute it, make an example proving you can cure it

2017-10-08 13:53:25 UTC

I'm pretty sure they could have cured aids long ago

2017-10-08 13:53:33 UTC

im almost relieved that Paddock was a democrat / muslim convert

2017-10-08 13:53:44 UTC
2017-10-08 13:54:10 UTC

because it makes both of them look worse than they already do

2017-10-08 13:54:57 UTC


that democrat shooting people up practicing for a charity sports thing didnt really make democrats look worse

i imagine most people forgot about it already

2017-10-08 13:55:49 UTC

because moste people are libtards

2017-10-08 13:55:51 UTC

sad but true

2017-10-08 13:56:02 UTC

I just wish all the fucking idiots to die out

2017-10-08 13:56:12 UTC

no, most ppl are not libtards

2017-10-08 13:56:37 UTC

Then why does the moste vote for degenerated shit?

2017-10-08 13:56:46 UTC


2017-10-08 13:56:51 UTC

explain how Trump got elected then

2017-10-08 13:57:02 UTC

@ordosius Hillary won the populare votes bruh

meme magic

2017-10-08 13:57:13 UTC

I like the American system

2017-10-08 13:57:18 UTC

with Elector votes

trump got elected because left propaganda kept trying to portray white people, regardless of political stance, to be priviledged bigots

2017-10-08 13:57:33 UTC

when you deduct the voter fraud and the illegal immigrant votes, hillary did not win the popular vote

2017-10-08 13:57:49 UTC

@ordosius Well If you can give me an exact number of that

2017-10-08 13:58:01 UTC


2017-10-08 13:58:01 UTC

around 11 million fraudulent votes

being called racist constantly when you aren't actually doing anything, makes people pissed

2017-10-08 13:58:08 UTC

@Drakus_ please say thats fake <:FeelsDabMan:356316778470834176>

2017-10-08 13:58:18 UTC

@ordosius source?

2017-10-08 13:58:27 UTC

t. common sense

2017-10-08 13:58:31 UTC

niggas acting like democracy matters lol

2017-10-08 13:58:34 UTC

@whytho πŸ˜‚

EU is becoming more democratic by cutting funding to all political parties that aren't pro-EU

2017-10-08 13:59:00 UTC

@ordosius Yeah i've agree after what O'keefe revealed

2017-10-08 13:59:44 UTC

Keefe is getting his own show thank God.

2017-10-08 14:00:05 UTC

apparently all he is going to do on his show is literally fight fake news.

2017-10-08 14:00:22 UTC

OANN i think is the network he is going to be on

2017-10-08 14:00:25 UTC

O'keefe is an american hero tbh

2017-10-08 14:00:26 UTC

fuck the sunburn on my face is blistering

2017-10-08 14:00:51 UTC

@whytho you are the peepee poopoo man


2017-10-08 14:01:04 UTC


poo poo pee pee, pepe was the best pepe era

2017-10-08 14:01:14 UTC


2017-10-08 14:01:29 UTC

fucking hell

2017-10-08 14:01:33 UTC

it's raining outside

tfw have blinds down, curtains covering windows

2017-10-08 14:01:54 UTC

Hurricane Nate should be hitting me some time this evening fellas.

i dont know what weather is outside

2017-10-08 14:02:14 UTC

Where in america do you live+

2017-10-08 14:02:20 UTC


2017-10-08 14:02:28 UTC

Nashville <:kekpepe:334027788610830337> ?

2017-10-08 14:02:39 UTC


2017-10-08 14:02:48 UTC


2017-10-08 14:03:19 UTC

look's like a nice city

2017-10-08 14:03:20 UTC


2017-10-08 14:03:33 UTC

>shes going to be a virgin for life to set a good example for her son

2017-10-08 14:03:38 UTC


2017-10-08 14:03:44 UTC

did she get injected?

2017-10-08 14:03:47 UTC

someone post the Black IQ info graphic

2017-10-08 14:03:57 UTC

Well she could have been injected <:kekpepe:334027788610830337>

2017-10-08 14:04:17 UTC

Or let another woman carrying her son in her womb

that shit happens you know, babies do get stolen

2017-10-08 14:05:20 UTC


2017-10-08 14:05:24 UTC

Fuck Vegans

2017-10-08 14:06:52 UTC


vegans manage to abolish outlawing eating meat, proceeds to outlaw animal husbandry, labeling it "animal slavery", vegans get cannibalized when there is no more fertilizer for their food

2017-10-08 14:07:09 UTC

Also when will this Rick and Morty Bullshit end?

vegans that try to make others vegans by banning meat essentially dont get the core concept of how plants work

@Drakus_ it's all marketing, p sure

2017-10-08 14:08:26 UTC
2017-10-08 14:08:40 UTC

Probably going to be a couple years before we get another season.

2017-10-08 14:09:49 UTC


2017-10-08 14:10:10 UTC

Framed picture of a package

2017-10-08 14:10:12 UTC


2017-10-08 14:10:20 UTC

anyone who likes rick and morty needs to be executed

2017-10-08 14:11:00 UTC

@Drakus_ I want off this planet

2017-10-08 14:11:22 UTC

Rick and Morty is fucking terrible

2017-10-08 14:12:04 UTC


2017-10-08 14:12:13 UTC

112$ and rising

2017-10-08 14:12:18 UTC

For 1 packet

2017-10-08 14:12:29 UTC

wubba lubba dub dub DUB

2017-10-08 14:12:39 UTC


2017-10-08 14:13:03 UTC

Black people are far inferior to wh*te people

2017-10-08 14:14:25 UTC

Why did you bleep out the i in white

because white people are racist


2017-10-08 14:15:02 UTC

I'm a fucking white male

keep your priviledge in check

2017-10-08 14:15:28 UTC

And I used up all my white privilege to do well at my STEM school

2017-10-08 14:15:36 UTC

And graduate

u sure that wasn't autism

2017-10-08 14:15:45 UTC

And work at a six figure job

2017-10-08 14:16:17 UTC

I do have a mild case of aspergers

2017-10-08 14:16:22 UTC


2017-10-08 14:16:23 UTC

If that counts

2017-10-08 14:16:30 UTC

But I am good at math

2017-10-08 14:16:33 UTC

And shit

[internal screaming]

2017-10-08 14:16:57 UTC

I'm in Partial Differential Equations RN

2017-10-08 14:17:01 UTC

And I want to die

2017-10-08 14:17:07 UTC

I've have enough of math

2017-10-08 14:18:55 UTC


2017-10-08 14:19:02 UTC

RationalWiki is such cancer

2017-10-08 14:19:09 UTC


2017-10-08 14:19:21 UTC

The atheism movement has really converged into the SJW trend

2017-10-08 14:21:09 UTC

what movement? come again

2017-10-08 14:21:30 UTC

The 2000s era atheism movement

2017-10-08 14:21:32 UTC

you know

2017-10-08 14:21:36 UTC

when it was really trendy to be an atheist

2017-10-08 14:21:47 UTC

when Amazing Atheist was getting 100,000s of views

isn't amazing atheist the guy that shoved bananas up his arsehole?

2017-10-08 14:22:19 UTC


2017-10-08 14:22:25 UTC

after that his channel started a slow decline

2017-10-08 14:22:32 UTC

now he gets a paltry 30,000 or fewer views

2017-10-08 14:22:32 UTC


2017-10-08 14:22:34 UTC

despite his big sub count

just shows what autheism brings you

autism = fedoras

atheism = fedoras

rly shud make u think

2017-10-08 14:23:37 UTC

The only thing I'd change if I went back in time is stopping the Rick and Morty creators from being born

2017-10-08 14:23:52 UTC

Most Atheists are autistic to some sort of degree

2017-10-08 14:23:58 UTC

oh no horts is back with his rick and morty rant

2017-10-08 14:24:11 UTC

Rick and Morty is awful

bigle rig!! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„

2017-10-08 14:24:17 UTC

piggie riggy

2017-10-08 14:24:20 UTC

does anyone know a good video mocking t

2017-10-08 14:24:32 UTC

like those 30 minute videos where people deconstruct stuff

2017-10-08 14:24:33 UTC

I had no idea this movement even existed lol

2017-10-08 14:24:33 UTC

love those

2017-10-08 14:24:43 UTC

when modern western atheists are neck beard fedora tippers


2017-10-08 14:24:46 UTC

Yeah I'm not talking about intellectual atheists

the banana movement?

2017-10-08 14:24:49 UTC

This guy paid 10 fucking dollars for that szechuan chicken sauce or whatever it is

2017-10-08 14:24:52 UTC

people who have actually thought it through

2017-10-08 14:25:01 UTC

the average Rick and Mort fan

there's a sub-culture of atheists that shove bananas up their arseholes

i think it's an anti-religious ritual

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