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2018-01-03 13:04:56 UTC

**Ethnic Enclaves:
Fortresses or Death

2018-01-03 13:05:04 UTC

*"A racially-integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of
the first black family to the exit of the last white family." - Saul Alinsky*

2018-01-03 13:05:52 UTC

Every reader of this book should consider his own local situation. Are you living in an enclave that can be easily surrounded and cut off from outside help, like Dawson and Forsyth counties to the north of Atlanta? If you are, you're likely a statistic, history, gone with the wind. Well, your local militia might be able to hold them off till the federal cavalry comes galloping to your rescue. Then again, they'll more likely be ambushed and cut to pieces on Route 19 before you can even hear their bugle call. And of course, you have to consider that the federal cavalry might be too busy up north to bother with you. And you even have to consider that the federal cavalry might have every intention of coming to do you harm. It did happen that way in a previous war in your area. Remember? You might consider surrendering, in which case you will have to explain to some besieging militia commander, whose name will likely be something like General Abdullah Mohammed, why your great, great, great, great grandfather raped his great, great, great, great grandmother. Be advised it will not be a good idea to point out to him that that makes you cousins. It is not likely he'll perceive either kinship or humor in your reply. The most probable case is that surrendering will be, to put it delicately, an ill-advised exercise in self-deception.

2018-01-03 13:07:19 UTC

Consider all the pertinent facts of your local area. Make some, approximation, however crude, of how the military situation will develop locally. What National Guard armories and federal military bases are nearby? What heavy weapons are stored There? What is the ethnic mix of the personnel stationed there? How vulnerable are these military bases to siege? Are there militias or gangs active in your area? What are their numbers, armaments, political, and ethnic loyalties?

2018-01-03 13:07:36 UTC

Is your area a surrounded ethnic enclave? If so, consider this: For an enclave to be economically viable, it must have secure sources of food, fuel, water and electricity. If these are not internal to the enclave, they must be imported from a nearby area securely in the hands of co-ethnics, and that means that corridors for these essential items must be punched through hostile territory by military force and kept open by military force.

2018-01-03 13:07:56 UTC

All essential roads, power lines, water and fuel pipeline must be identified and their military vulnerability analyze If this military opening of corridors can not be accomplished and sustained, then your enclave is not viable. And keep in mind that offensive operations to force open and keep open these corridors in actual combat conditions will be infinitely more difficult than planning such operations on paper in peacetime. Additionally, prudent individuals should acquire knowledge of the military assets and military potential of neighboring ethnic enclaves composed of ethnic groups other than theirs.

2018-01-03 13:08:29 UTC

While the focus should be on self-defense, in objective terms self-defense may, as circumstances evolve, necessitate offensive operations. At that point, preemptive strikes must be allocated a priority consistent only with their calculated utility. It must be pointed out that during Civil War II ethical restraints will undergo modification to the point of inversion.

2018-01-03 13:08:42 UTC

What is the ethnic pattern in your area? Is it changing, and how? Make an objective projection of what it will be five, ten, twenty years from now? Some demographers say that actual experience reveals that once an area becomes one-third black, whites begin a rapid and general exodus, and the area rapidly converts, to entirely black.

2018-01-03 13:11:38 UTC

How far is your home from what will likely be the future location of the front? Specifically, is it within artillery range? If not, consider that areas just outside the military zone will be flooded with refugees. Consider again how economically viable your area will be during Civil War II. There are many locations, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Hawaii that will become non-viable, perhaps to the point of mass starvation, as they are dependent on economic patterns that will be disrupted or disappear during the hostilities. Smaller communities in primarily agricultural areas far from the front should suffer relatively less.

2018-02-07 01:40:29 UTC

To be sure, these considerations will not be of great importance for some time. Although its eruption is certain, it is not likely that Civil War II will commence its all-out and continuous military phase for at least another fifteen years. Still, the impact of Civil War II should be something prudent individuals devise some plan for, just as they plan for other events within the same general time frame, such as retirement and a college education for their children.

2018-02-07 01:40:39 UTC

If you look at a map depicting ethnic patterns as they exist today (at the county level), you can get some glimpse of how the enclave situation is shaping up

2018-02-07 01:40:53 UTC


2018-02-07 01:40:56 UTC

**Enclaves in Alabama**

2018-02-07 01:41:09 UTC

In southeast Alabama and the central Florida panhandle there is currently a white enclave I'll refer to as the Dothan- Pensacola Enclave. It's more or less the counties of Covington, Coffee, Geneva, Dale, and Houston; and the Florida counties of Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Holmes. This enclave appears large enough on a map to be viable, at least initially, and it has the added attraction of possessing an outlet to the sea.

2018-02-07 01:41:20 UTC

The small and isolated white enclave of Lee County in eastern Alabama looks like it will be an interesting place during Civil War II, but not for long. Evacuate now and avoid the rush. There are five counties in central Alabama I'll call the Birmingham-Montgomery Corridor Enclave, because they lie between these two cities. These counties - Shelby, Bibb, Chilton, Autauga and Elmore - are in the middle of the Black Belt that sweeps across the South, and the blacks in the cities of Birmingham and Montgomery will supply much manpower for the siege of this enclave. It may be feasible to hold open a corridor through Saint Clair County to the white counties North of Birmingham, but this enclave's elongated shape makes it defense manpower-intensive, and this enclave will be outmanned as well. Also, the whites of the Birmingham-Montgomery Corridor Enclave may be peacefully displaced by a growing black population before hostilities commence. Bottom line: In either case, move to the white enclave north of Birmingham.

2018-02-07 01:41:29 UTC

This white enclave just to the north of Birmingham consists of Franklin, Marion, Winston, Walker, Cullman, Blount, Marshall, Jackson and De Kalb Counties, which I'll call the 278- 75 Enclave after the two highways that connect it to Mississippi and Tennessee. This enclave is more defensible, with a greater chance of maintaining links with the white areas of Tennessee. Still, the 278-75 Enclave is vexed by its elongated shape which will stress its defenders' resources. The defenders of this enclave may be able to hold open highway corridors to the white areas of Tennessee. One such corridor would be through Tishomingo County in extreme northeast Mississippi, and the other through their own Jackson County where it meets Marion County in Tennessee.

2018-02-07 01:41:39 UTC


2018-02-07 01:41:42 UTC

**Enclaves in Tennessee**

2018-02-07 01:42:21 UTC

There's an interesting situation developing in western Tennessee. The mainly white counties of Stewart, Benton, Houston, Dickson, Cheatham, Decatur, Perry, Hardin, Wayne, Lewis and Lawrence look as if they're becoming an enclave, which I'll refer to as the Highway 13 Enclave. They may be blocked off from the white area to the east by the following Tennessee counties - Montgomery, Roberston, Sumner, Trousdale, Davidson, Wilson, Hickman, Williamson, Rutherford, Maury, Bedford, Giles, Marshall, and Lincoln. I'll refer to these counties as the Nashville Enclave. If the Nashville Enclave's percentage of blacks continues to grow, the Highway 13 Enclave may loose its viability.

2018-02-07 01:42:29 UTC

On the other hand, the Nashville Enclave may itself may be surrounded and cutoff from the heart of the Black Belt to the south and east. It's rather like the oriental game of GO, where the object is to maneuver your pieces to surround the enemy's pieces, while he is likewise trying to surround and cut off your pieces.

2018-02-07 01:42:37 UTC

Further east in Tennessee, the blacks of the Chattanooga Enclave, apparently consisting only of the blacks of Chattanooga, appear to be in an entirely untenable situation. Their small urban enclave is at this time entirely surrounded by whites. The Chattanooga Enclave sets astride the intersections of railroads, the Tennessee River, and several interstate highways essential to the survival of 278-75 Enclave in Alabama and the white counties of Northern Georgia. It will doubtless be a priority objective in Civil War II.

2018-02-07 01:42:56 UTC

In the former Yugoslavia, road and rail corridors (and the nearby highpoints that gave their possessors military dominance over these corridors) were bitterly contested objectives, even the point of launching mass infantry assaults that often amounted to little more than suicide to secure them. The future black militia commander of the Chattanooga Enclave will be well advised to reach an accommodation with local white militias, preferably before the fighting breaks out, just as the cut off Moslem enclave of Bihac in Northwest Bosnia reached an accommodation with the besieging Serb militias

2018-02-07 01:43:05 UTC


2018-02-07 01:43:08 UTC

**Enclaves in Mississippi**

2018-02-07 01:43:19 UTC

In Mississippi, the whites in De Soto, Webster, Neshoba, Rankin, Smith, Jones, Lamar, Perry, Greene and George counties are all engulfed by the Black Belt, and no serious consideration should be given to their defense when hostilities break out.

2018-02-07 01:43:29 UTC

Militia commanders should consider requests to aid nearby enclaves of co-ethnics from a purely military perspective, the perspective of triage. The triage system was developed by military medical personnel for treating battle casualties when their numbers do not allow full medical attention to every patient. At that point, all incoming battle wounded are placed into one of three categories. A designated medical triage officer with a marker, perhaps a grease pencil, puts a mark on the forehead of each incoming causality. A large "D" means (D)elay, which indicates that the wounded soldier will probably live even if he receives no medical attention at all. They are simply set aside, perhaps with a shot of morphine if they're lucky, and medical treatment is (D)elayed until the triage situation is no longer in force. An "E" mark indicates that the wounded soldier is (E)xpected to die even if he receives prompt and extensive medical attention. These terminal cases are likewise set aside without treatment. An "I" mark means that the wounded soldier falls into the intermediate category - that he will probably live if he receives prompt medical treatment and that he will probably die if he does not. The "I" means (I)mediate, and this triage category of wounded are the only ones that receive immediate and extensive medical attention.

2018-02-07 01:43:37 UTC

Triage logic is brutal, as is most military theory and military reality, but it cannot be argued with. The whites of Southeastern Mississippi are clearly an "E" enclave, and they should base all expectations and preparations squarely on this big "E" reality. The situation in Georgia is shaping up clearly enough. There's a white enclave in Southeast Georgia I'll call the 341 -84 Enclave after two primary highways that intersect in its approximate center at the town of Jesup. The 341-84 Enclave includes the counties of Toombs, Jaff Davis, Appling, Wayne, Long, Bacon, Pierce, Brantley, and Camden. The 341-84 Enclave fits exactly into the "E" category.

2018-02-07 01:43:45 UTC

Also in the "E" category are the counties of Echols, Berrien, Colquitt, Lee, Taylor, Peach, Pike, Fayette, Columbia, Glascock, Effingham, and Bryan. In northern Georgia, if you draw a line from Forsyth County northeast, and a line from Cherokee County northwest, the area to the north is white. This area is not properly speaking an enclave because it adjoins with white areas in Tennessee and North Carolina. However, the Black Belt may expand north, displacing whites along the Forsyth-Dawson line, and almost the entire area will be within the range of the artillery of black secessionist.

2018-02-07 01:43:58 UTC


2018-02-07 01:44:02 UTC

**Enclaves in Georgia**

2018-02-07 01:44:14 UTC

Atlanta, Georgia up the Atlantic seaboard to about Baltimore the pattern is pretty well fixed. The closer to the Ocean and the old Tidewater plantations, the higher the percentage of blacks. Starting at the Appalachians and westward, the population is almost all white. One expects that as geographic segregation increases in the future, both regions will become increasingly monoethnic as whites abandon the Tidewater area. Where the two areas meet, basically in the Appalachian foothills, the Front will divide the two areas, and much ethnic cleansing will take place. The whites will enjoy a decided military advantage here because they will occupy the high ground all along the Front.

2018-02-07 01:44:48 UTC

I will make mention of one particular North Carolina county. Dare County. Any white militias in Dare County are whistling Dixie, and they had better select the short version. On a county level demographic map, they're a snow white mini-Rhodesia surrounded by heavily black counties. I suppose Dare County is some sort of enclave for wealthy whites, or else all this is just a misprint on the map. In any case, they're history.

2018-02-07 01:44:57 UTC


2018-02-07 01:45:00 UTC

**Breakup of the United States**

2018-02-07 01:45:17 UTC

What some presently refer to as the Black Belt will define the new independent black nation. Start at Houston and draw a line along Interstate 45 up to the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. From there the line pretty much follows Interstate 30 up to Little Rock, Arkansas. From Little Rock follow highway 67 to the small town of Newport, Arkansas. From Newport the line runs due east to another small town in Tennessee, Covington. From Covington the line swings around Memphis and then follows highway 78 southeast to Birmingham, Alabama. From Birmingham it follows Interstate 20 to Atlanta. From there just more or less follow the Appalachian foothills up to Baltimore, Maryland, perhaps by following Interstate 85 to Greensboro, North Carolina, and then take Highway 29 the rest of the way to Baltimore. And don't forget to chop off southern Florida. That's hispanic, and the boundary between the black south and hispanic Florida should be Interstate 4.

2018-02-07 01:45:43 UTC

Those living near the line will dispute its course, saying that it really runs fifty miles thisaway, or umpteen miles thataway of where I drew it. I concede that local residents obviously know more about their area than I do.

2018-02-07 01:45:50 UTC

This line was drawn based on current demographic patterns and trends. One is the relatively strong demographic trend of blacks returning to the South, and the growing trend of whites vacating heavily black areas in the South. At some point of increasing black population, which many demographers put at one-third of the total population, whites tend to begin to vacate the area, which increases the black portion of the population, which soon precipitates a general abandonment of the area by whites. Also, one must bear in mind the higher birth rate of blacks. The line I drew took these trends into account, and thereby put the line nearer its maximum future value. Depending on when Civil War II actually breaks out, the line may be different.

2018-02-07 01:45:59 UTC

**The Hispanic Southwest**

2018-02-07 01:46:07 UTC

*"Whoever conquers a free town and does not demolish it commits a great error and
may expect to be ruined himself." - Machiavelli*

2018-02-07 01:46:15 UTC

From Houston, Texas follow Route 45 to Dallas. From Dallas follow highway 287 all the way up to Denver, Colorado. From there follow interstate 25 to Albuquerque, New Mexico. From there follow route 40 to Barstow, California. From there follow highway 58 to Bakersfield, California. From there follow highway 99 through Fresno and on up to Sacramento. Then follow Route 80 to San Francisco. That's about it, except you also have to throw in the entire Sacramento Valley up to Redding. That's Mexamerica, Aztlan, New Hispania. Call it what you will, that's approximately the land the Hispanics will take back during the Reconquista, according to current demographic patterns.

2018-02-07 01:46:24 UTC


2018-02-07 01:46:28 UTC

**Enclaves in Texas**

2018-02-07 01:46:37 UTC

There are numerous Anglo enclaves in this area, specifically the following Texas counties - Hamilton, Llano, Washington and Fayette. In the Panhandle, there is a possible multiple county enclave consisting of Hartley, Oldham, Randall, Hutchinson, Carson, Armstrong, Gray and Donley counties. In Colorado, Fremont county appears to be shaping up as an enclave for affluent whites who deem themselves too damn good for Denver. In the vast suburb of Southern Califomia, there will be many Anglo enclaves here and there ... for a while.

2018-02-07 01:46:52 UTC

The enclave problem may take care of itself to a certain extent. As Civil War II approaches, a great exodus out of surrounded enclaves will take place, causing a collapse of housing values in the Black Belt and the Hispanic Southwest. Many will lose most of the equity in their homes because of this exodus and collapse of housing values. A similar exodus of English-speakers out of Quebec is now taking place. Our exodus will be worse because, unlike the English speakers in Quebec, our enclavers are facing the prospect of butchery. Readers of this book who live in enclaves have fair warning, but they should not tarry in selling out and moving out. Watch for a growing mention of this tribal exodus in the media and real estate business, and its impact on real estate prices. When the media picks up on it, move out immediately or it will be too late. Sell out, move out, stay alive.

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