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Question : Should we allow Intellectuals or Intellectualism within Fascism?

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2017-12-27 11:35:28 UTC

No, People who dabble into the semantics and dialectics of Intellectualism within the fascism are not only wasting their time, but other peoples times, as well. Intellectualism is pulling every string of humanity until there is only one left to be pulled, dissecting everything to it's smallest parts, it is of the Modern thinking. It has, therefore, no place in our movement.

2017-12-27 11:41:03 UTC

Not only that, it is not in in their best interests to be an Intellectual within our "movement", since you and I are simply not reinventing the wheel, and Fascist Revisionism has already been done countlesss times in the past before, In fact, It is neatly summarized within this book, "Next Leap", Granted, there is nothing wrong with being someone with high Intellect, however actions will always speak louder than words. Therefore, intellectualism is a baseless fallacy, ie you must read x amount of books to be a national socialist, and/or I have read Evola, hence I know more about fascism than you, etc. Rick and Morty type archetypes.

2017-12-27 11:41:06 UTC

**To quote about the compatibility of Intellectualism and Fascism**

2017-12-27 11:46:38 UTC

[Here another problem arises: the people who got to reading the
works of such people (a prominent name would be Julius Evola)
had typically been wanna-be intellectuals and self-proclaimed
philosophers, who rarely engage in any sort of actual Fascist
Action. These swines managed to create a general distaste for this
field of knowledge amongst the Fascists who are thus far isolated
in the context of political ideology. Worse still these β€œintellectuals”
do not even fully comprehending the subject matter that they
absolutely adore to espouse complete nonsense about in their
little academic circle-jerks where they stroke their own egos and
jack each other off, complimenting themselves on being β€œintellectual”.
These are the euphoric fedora-wearing imbeciles of the
Fascist world, who had rightfully earned themselves the title of
evolafags, which shouldn’t be taken as a slight against Julius
Evola, who would’ve trashed these vermin himself. In fact, he did:

2017-12-27 11:47:14 UTC

*Representatives of this sort of "intellectualism" value the
brilliant phrase and effective wielding of polemics and dialectics
far more than the truth. They use ideas as an excuse; it’s important
for them to shine, to give the impression of a particularly
smart person; same as contemporary politicians use party ideology
exclusively for the purposes of advancing personal gains. It
is a real "market of vanity" where the worst kind of subjectivism
rules, often accompanied by honest narcissism, which becomes
increasingly evident, when these gangs of intellectuals attain
secular gloss (for instance in all sorts of literary "clubs" and
cultural groups). Without a doubt there is a measure of truth in
the words of whomever said that amongst all the varieties of
idiocy the most disgusting idiocy is that of the intellectuals.*
-The Bow and the Club (Julius Evola) ]

2017-12-27 11:47:46 UTC

No, unmanly mass humans like you consider yourself a little bit ;sophisticated; because you manage to get through an Evola book. Their are passages and writings of Evola that is genuine but he is nothing but a bystander and couch warrior (yeah I know he fought in the war, but a lot of men did). But Evola is a bookworm that writes for bookworms who do not have guts and courage to go out for real and fight the political correct anti white society we have. Neither do you. Evola is for fags and unmanly men. NSDAP created a empire, they stood alone against the world, they were the only ones almost able to create an Aryan empire with the most heroic spirit. Evola sat at home writing and complaining and have not accomplished anything. He is just an average intellectual, so are all his unmanly disciples. I can show you millions real Ksatryas in the NSDAP, SS, SA and Wermacht. How many of you Evola book worms are real warriors and men?The writing of Evola can inspire but the can't create shit.

2017-12-27 11:47:55 UTC


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