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2020-03-26 07:01:31 UTC
2020-03-27 01:47:50 UTC
2020-03-27 01:48:31 UTC

Not a boomer...just a well trained Gen -X'er

2020-03-27 01:50:05 UTC

Any of y'all loading BLC-2?...I'm shooting 27gr. For a 55g hpbt Hornady...other data is free if you need it

2020-03-27 01:51:52 UTC (OK) loading 22.5-23gr of H322 with a 55gr bullet... why the variance in grain? Because that's how my powder measure throws it. Idk why.

2020-03-27 01:52:03 UTC

But yeah, max loading on H322

2020-03-27 01:52:11 UTC

Gonna try varget soon

2020-03-27 01:54:39 UTC it?

2020-03-27 01:55:07 UTC

I load 24.7 gr Varget for the 68, and 23.7 for the 75(C.O.L is 2.235") for my Ruger rifle

2020-03-27 01:55:30 UTC (OK) I shoot 55 almost exclusively.

2020-03-27 01:55:32 UTC

Good velocity, consistent grouping...

2020-03-27 01:55:59 UTC

I know 55gr isnt great for target shooting, but I like standard weight rounds

2020-03-27 01:56:54 UTC

Excuse the mess...this is my sons 300yd target with the ruger...flyer @ 12 is a 55gr. All others 68gr.

2020-03-27 01:57:13 UTC

2020-03-27 01:57:30 UTC


2020-03-27 01:57:36 UTC

Twist rate on barrel?

2020-03-27 01:57:51 UTC


2020-03-27 01:58:19 UTC

I'm reloading for 1-9. Lighter round for the faster twist rate sorta deal

2020-03-27 01:58:29 UTC

My AR is a NATO heavy profile...its not quite as tight a shooter but close

2020-03-27 01:58:50 UTC

223 wylde*

2020-03-27 01:59:35 UTC

55 in a 1-9 is as heavy as I'd go..., a 1-7 , can go as high as 90gr. in a bolt gun

2020-03-27 02:00:29 UTC

That wylde chambering gives you .223 max pressure capability...

2020-03-27 02:01:01 UTC

@90 gr. You'll be hitting the lands...

2020-03-27 02:02:25 UTC

Anyone shooting H110, I got some sub loads for 300blk..990-1000fps...10.5" bbl

2020-03-27 02:03:06 UTC (OK) hitting the lands?

2020-03-27 02:03:11 UTC

I'm missing the ref

2020-03-27 02:04:58 UTC

Lands and grooves, the wylde chambering can vary on how far the bullet "jumps" from case neck to engage the rifle'll also hear talk about throat erosion in some calibers...that's the unbridled area just past the chamber...

2020-03-27 02:06:06 UTC


2020-03-27 02:47:13 UTC

That includes others besides wylde chambering...each manufacturer has a secret formula for performance

2020-03-27 02:49:35 UTC

@mcguyver123 the variance is the cut/shape of the powder...4064/varget are very similar...what scale are you running?

2020-03-27 03:00:36 UTC (OK) a lee scale that came with my press

2020-03-27 03:06:48 UTC

How did I miss this lmao

2020-03-27 03:22:50 UTC

Did the scale come with a standard?...100gr. Weight perhaps...

2020-03-27 03:23:34 UTC

Both of the digital scales I have came with one to calibrate it

2020-03-27 03:29:52 UTC

Soo just to add to this- if you have a 1/9 twist ratio you can shoot up to the 77grain smk so long as you have a 20in tube, there’s enough velocity to up the muzzle rpm to keep it stable for 600 yrd matches and -even though it doesn’t matter in this case- lower twist rates have less rifle tq and spin drift but really the only benefit is the spin drift but it easy to calculate for. I actually had a m77 tactical that I messed around with for a long time and used it as my first tactical match rifle (it called prs now). My favorite load in commercial brass was 25.5 grain of RG4895 which I do not think you can even get anymore lmao.

2020-03-27 03:33:02 UTC

I'm looking for powder now.

2020-03-27 03:33:08 UTC

Varget is unobtainable

2020-03-27 03:33:30 UTC

H322 is very available locally. But expensive

2020-03-27 03:33:39 UTC

May have to stick with that tho

2020-03-27 03:34:13 UTC
2020-03-27 03:34:29 UTC

Same burn rate*

2020-03-27 03:36:04 UTC

8208 is another good option but for some reason it seems to only work in 308 for me.

2020-03-27 03:38:22 UTC

@booglooman92 {OH} hows shipping from these guys? Any extra charges like hazmat?

2020-03-27 03:39:30 UTC

I'm only offering info based on 16" barrels that I've obtained through experience shooting/testing...DMR/ FT-R categories can get complicated(interesting), and with unobtanium becoming the new norm, 55/62/68 seem to be the easiest projos to get,

2020-03-27 03:39:31 UTC

It’s 15 bucks for hazmat- if you add an item with free shipping you pay nothing else for shipping.

2020-03-27 03:40:13 UTC

I'll check that it IMR/Hogdon?

2020-03-27 03:41:30 UTC

I use Vitavourhi in my swedish mauser...closest I could find to Bofors powder orinally good

2020-03-27 03:42:46 UTC

Oh the RG4895 was a British powder- it was supposed to be another 4895 clone but was way slower like almost 4350 But a cunt hair faster. Slower then Varget too- it’s an odd ball but works very well.

2020-03-27 03:46:51 UTC

I would bankrupt my self shooting any of the vitavourhi powders lmao- when I messed around with 6.5x55 sweds with the diopters I tended to use h4350 since it went nicely with some my m1’s and 30-06 AI gun.

2020-03-27 04:06:54 UTC

AI...πŸ˜ͺ sadly...cannot afford one...

2020-03-27 04:07:25 UTC

Those diopter sights are hens teeth...

2020-03-27 04:08:17 UTC

I saw a set once at a gun show for about $750

2020-03-27 04:13:37 UTC

That they are now, in the late 90’s they they were cheap- my dad bought me a Swedish and it just happen to have those installed on it, it was my start in learning load development. It surprising how hard you can really drive those 6.5x55 m96 in lapua brass. I regret selling it but I need money for glass at the time and 1350 was hard to say no too.

2020-03-28 19:30:10 UTC

Im going to take apart a 7.62x39 and pack it with as much powder as fits, ramming it down until it fits to make bullet go faster. Am i doing it right?

2020-03-28 19:30:37 UTC

Replace the primer with c4

2020-03-28 19:31:13 UTC

@Doc preemptive F

2020-03-28 19:33:47 UTC

Oh and my trunion is cast so it'll be able to handle the detonation guys, don't worry

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