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2018-04-27 22:35:26 UTC

These are the creatures that plague our existence with pain and despair.

2018-05-14 20:44:37 UTC

very cool- I am really into this!

2018-05-19 21:20:33 UTC

Remember the movie Species???? https://youtu.be/372kZ5eQnJ0

2018-11-14 00:56:26 UTC

I think most of you are now ready for this one. Been holding out....


2018-11-21 14:09:22 UTC

Vampyres Lives Matter Some Families of Vampyre Follows the True Gods Edicts

2018-12-02 15:36:45 UTC

I might already have this but have a recap! https://youtu.be/_LfBRJE3NCk

2019-02-23 15:44:23 UTC

So, the hybrids come to claim their prize, yet the war will continue until the Draconians are completely defeated. How they not only thirst after our blood, our young for the regenerative properties, but the fear of our souls they compile to drink off of, as well. We have been asked by the collective to open the comminuctions, we were open minded to the Assistance of other universes. The heart of the populous has been turned towards A heavenly source, and man may live through this. But I only see smaller pockets of the Remnant, that must gather from all locales to be what earth was to have been, a huge family community of givers. If all dark forces are not annihilated prior to this time, they will seek us out to destroy. We have arrived at the ultimate battle for planet earth. I will help every way I can to stand shoulder to spear with any of my brothers,

2019-03-08 14:09:44 UTC

In case anyone needs a reminding of what type of war we are fighting https://youtu.be/T_HdkwmwSyI

2019-04-11 21:15:16 UTC
2019-05-06 21:31:42 UTC

Been awhile since I've seen this one, very cool. Might be up above, but who takes time these days? Hmmm. Breathe! Wrath is coming for the pedovores!

2019-05-06 21:42:18 UTC

Stop feeding them your energies! This is why I stopped the prep group, I was warned I was aiding and betting the enemy to propensiate the outcome filled with horror. Do you not see yet, it is their doom, not ours that is coming. Death is only a welcomed transition back to Source. Place your treasures in Heaven where moth and dust do not corrupt. We shall all see the War in Heaven. Pool your synergy towards the Love we all wish to feel, the serenity we should all have, it's been stolen from us for so long...not only do we have to take back our governments, we are the ones to bring in the Light to heal all Nations and recreate our world. Shine forth into the darkness!

2019-05-23 13:32:28 UTC

Just seen an aussy CNN coraspondant Shifting SBS aus Sam Tully https://www.sbs.com.au/news/india-election-narendra-modi-stuns-with-massive-victory-and-is-on-course-to-increase-majority the rotton video is buffering but shifter sam may be here Or there removing it (he tried to cough it off & his hole face done it) wtf !

2019-05-26 12:07:07 UTC
2019-07-02 13:42:56 UTC

@Aus07 lets see if Kininnigan caught that Indian shapeshifter.

2019-08-09 00:19:06 UTC

Visible spectrum - Wikipedia

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visible_spectrum. This is how they hide in plain sight...for those that know. Cyan and royal purple.

2019-11-23 01:13:23 UTC

Poor Nancy must be so pissed, she is losing her ability to cloak!! https://twitter.com/kabamur_taygeta/status/1197963301688184832?s=09

2019-12-02 23:25:12 UTC


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