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2020-02-16 09:26:47 UTC

Ford is actually correct

2020-02-16 09:27:08 UTC

Seems like too much of debate gets the channel wiped...

2020-02-16 09:27:16 UTC

The whole server is being wiped

2020-02-16 09:27:35 UTC

I like to call that the wave

2020-02-16 09:27:38 UTC

I stand corrected.

2020-02-16 09:27:38 UTC

Are you serious?

2020-02-16 09:27:44 UTC

N word counter reset to zero

2020-02-16 09:28:03 UTC

Let's see how fast gets to 6 million again

2020-02-16 09:28:13 UTC

Were you half way through writing something Jer?

2020-02-16 09:28:17 UTC

How many ovens do we have this time?

2020-02-16 09:28:42 UTC


2020-02-16 09:28:45 UTC

what happened

2020-02-16 09:28:48 UTC

14 currently operational 88 under construction

2020-02-16 09:28:51 UTC

Server wipe

2020-02-16 09:28:52 UTC

why'd they achieve it

2020-02-16 09:29:00 UTC

They do every month

2020-02-16 09:29:05 UTC

Where is #palestra-debates?

2020-02-16 09:29:05 UTC


2020-02-16 09:29:09 UTC


2020-02-16 09:29:09 UTC


2020-02-16 09:29:11 UTC


2020-02-16 09:29:13 UTC

They are wiping it

2020-02-16 09:29:18 UTC

It will be back shortly

2020-02-16 09:29:29 UTC


2020-02-16 09:29:35 UTC

first "Nigger" of the month

2020-02-16 09:29:48 UTC

Already beat you

2020-02-16 09:30:01 UTC



2020-02-16 09:30:12 UTC

It isn't a full N word

2020-02-16 09:30:20 UTC

So maybe you do deserve some credit

2020-02-16 09:30:56 UTC

Corona was created in a lab as chink population control

2020-02-16 09:32:12 UTC

Was going to... But halfway got released

2020-02-16 09:32:39 UTC

I hope it is a racist virus, otherwise...

2020-02-16 09:35:14 UTC


2020-02-16 09:35:23 UTC

@Monstrous Moonshine Yes, Conservatism and the Old Right are collectivist. This is why there are varying motives in the Right for border control. This is why I don't accept the label Right Wing but libertarian. I'd take a weed smoking gay leftist who is for open borders over a Nationalist any day.

2020-02-16 09:35:45 UTC


2020-02-16 09:35:56 UTC

Oh my God when I said if you ride with Thermo you ride with socialism I wasn't even wrong

2020-02-16 09:36:11 UTC

Please stop making my parody real

2020-02-16 09:36:34 UTC

Thermonuclear is like a bad parody of Libertarianism

2020-02-16 09:36:53 UTC

*Consistent advocate of liberty

2020-02-16 09:37:04 UTC

I think he is taking principles to the 'extremes'

2020-02-16 09:37:05 UTC

"Nations are illegitimate but Megacorporation's aren't!!"

2020-02-16 09:37:07 UTC

Its why Jer called him controlled OP

2020-02-16 09:37:20 UTC

He's a personification troll, yeah.

2020-02-16 09:37:35 UTC

Read his above post imao

2020-02-16 09:37:53 UTC

I read it.

2020-02-16 09:38:16 UTC

I'm surely a "controlled OP" in a irl chat server of a Socially Liberal Youtuber Sargon of Akkad. LMAO.

2020-02-16 09:38:45 UTC

I joined here a few weeks ago just to have discussions

2020-02-16 09:39:03 UTC

Then stop being a hyperactive sperg and have a real nuanced conversation

2020-02-16 09:39:04 UTC

Sounds like you're upset over the fact he's a Classical Liberal.

2020-02-16 09:39:25 UTC

How Libertarian of you.

2020-02-16 09:39:27 UTC

All I have got so far are ad homs thrown at me for advocating for a principled position of libertarianism

2020-02-16 09:39:54 UTC

@Jeremy He isn't a Classical Liberal, but a weird mix of Social Liberal and Nationalist

2020-02-16 09:40:07 UTC


2020-02-16 09:40:10 UTC

wew lad

2020-02-16 09:40:50 UTC

He is a Classical Liberal, and he's dedicated hours to demonstrating his philosophical understanding of it, @Thermonuclear.

2020-02-16 09:41:28 UTC

Sargon wasn't always a classical liberal but I'd say he is now

2020-02-16 09:41:57 UTC

And yes he is also a nationalist

2020-02-16 09:42:03 UTC

No. Classical Liberals are Fiscal Conservative and Socially Liberal. Sargon has said he is Fiscally Liberal as well.

2020-02-16 09:42:09 UTC

very, very weak nationalist

2020-02-16 09:42:13 UTC

I love my country as well, @Samaritanā„¢.

2020-02-16 09:42:30 UTC

He also argued for porn ban recently

2020-02-16 09:42:34 UTC


2020-02-16 09:42:43 UTC

He didn't argue for porn ban

2020-02-16 09:42:47 UTC


2020-02-16 09:43:03 UTC

Sargon was socially liberal but he has moved along the line by now

2020-02-16 09:43:20 UTC

Gotta doubt that chief

2020-02-16 09:43:22 UTC


2020-02-16 09:43:57 UTC

@Ethreen42 By your standards weakly but not by everyone elses

2020-02-16 09:44:26 UTC

@Sq crcl, got any further updates on 2019-nCov?

2020-02-16 09:44:36 UTC

In any case, Sargon is certainly not a Classical Liberal by the standard definition

2020-02-16 09:44:41 UTC

My standard just weather he is more or less in one direction rather than if he is firmly in one direction

2020-02-16 09:45:13 UTC

Not that I'm saying his position isn't firm just that it isn't hard on one side

2020-02-16 09:45:20 UTC

He has exclusively identified himself with Classical Liberalism, @Thermonuclear.

2020-02-16 09:45:24 UTC

Sargon spends a lot of time coddling with the far right and crying about Muslims ruining his country

2020-02-16 09:45:37 UTC

@Jeremy He can call himself a unicorn, doesn't mean he is

2020-02-16 09:45:40 UTC

Okay calling it now

2020-02-16 09:45:42 UTC

my standards are normal standards, nationalism has a ethnic and cultural element, Sargon has stated that he isn't a Ethnonat and is at best a "cultural Nationalist",more accurately known as a Patriot, not a Nationalist. @Samaritanā„¢

2020-02-16 09:45:53 UTC

True, I was going to add a summary last... For now anyway

2020-02-16 09:45:59 UTC

Thermo is a leftist pretending to be right wing

2020-02-16 09:46:06 UTC


2020-02-16 09:46:18 UTC

actually no I take that back

2020-02-16 09:46:22 UTC

Imagine calling a principled Libertarian as a leftist

2020-02-16 09:46:35 UTC

The normal standard isn't ethnonationalism, I understand your position though

2020-02-16 09:46:38 UTC

The absolute state of "freedom lovers"

2020-02-16 09:46:39 UTC

He's more likely a fascist pretending to be a libertarian to discredit Classical Liberals.

2020-02-16 09:47:03 UTC

> Imagine calling a principled Libertarian as a leftist

2020-02-16 09:47:15 UTC

So I went from a controlled OP, to a socialist, to a leftist, to now a Fascist

2020-02-16 09:47:26 UTC

Controlled OP leftist

2020-02-16 09:47:27 UTC

Yes, you're still controlled OP.

2020-02-16 09:47:33 UTC


2020-02-16 09:47:39 UTC

Thank you for your big brain take statist

2020-02-16 09:47:46 UTC

My pleasure.

2020-02-16 09:47:47 UTC

Jer has a point in that leftists wouldn't understand lib position enough to larp them

2020-02-16 09:48:13 UTC

They never did, @Samaritanā„¢. <:pot_of_kek:544849795433496586>

2020-02-16 09:48:34 UTC

You have yet to address any of my arguments. So far there has only been mud slinging and conspiritard accusations. Next you'd be calling me a Russian bot.

2020-02-16 09:48:52 UTC

No, you haven't indicated any characteristics of such.

2020-02-16 09:48:53 UTC

The leftist sympathies could be indicative of trying to discredit classlib

2020-02-16 09:49:03 UTC

I'd get hard if that was true

2020-02-16 09:49:04 UTC

I haven't seen any Cyrillic slip-ups from you, yet.

2020-02-16 09:49:08 UTC


2020-02-16 09:49:11 UTC

Means we're a threat, I like that feeling

2020-02-16 09:49:32 UTC

@MalinaKlaar Russian agent represent

2020-02-16 09:50:06 UTC


2020-02-16 09:50:17 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ I make alliance with whoever I see advocating for more individualism. Leftists advocate for social freedom while some on the Right advocate for economic freedom.

2020-02-16 09:50:19 UTC

Is @Thermonuclear one of your operatives?

2020-02-16 09:50:35 UTC

Some of the right

2020-02-16 09:50:48 UTC

He's saying we aren't because we aren't for abolishing the United States

Where did diabeetus chat go <:sadgon:544640228166598657>

2020-02-16 09:51:21 UTC

Thermonuclear be like "mmmm yes big daddy Corporation please rape me harder"

2020-02-16 09:51:24 UTC

It'll be back in a few hours... probably

2020-02-16 09:52:03 UTC
2020-02-16 09:52:50 UTC

I'm adding a bunch of pictures as updates..

2020-02-16 09:52:52 UTC

For instance, Trump advocates for tariffs and Tucker Carlson is also more of a Nationalist protectionist on economy. Not to mention that the Right was (and still is on some of these issues) against race mixing, homosexuality, transgenderism, legalization of hard drugs, sexual liberation, porn etc.

2020-02-16 09:53:03 UTC


2020-02-16 09:53:12 UTC

Tucker Carlson 2024 lets go bois

2020-02-16 09:53:14 UTC


2020-02-16 09:53:17 UTC


2020-02-16 09:53:24 UTC


2020-02-16 09:53:42 UTC

Tucker Carlson 2024 Build a Wall and make the Hispanics and Pajeets pay for it

2020-02-16 09:53:44 UTC


2020-02-16 09:53:44 UTC

The libertarian position would be legalization of all these, which the left has historically fought for. I see no reason not to align with well meaning leftists over statist Nationalists.

2020-02-16 09:53:56 UTC

> well meaning leftists

2020-02-16 09:53:57 UTC


2020-02-16 09:54:10 UTC

```Interwoven as is the love of liberty with every ligament of your hearts, no recommendation of mine is necessary to fortify or confirm the attachment.

The unity of government which constitutes you one people is also now dear to you. It is justly so, for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquility at home, your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of that very liberty which you so highly prize. But as it is easy to foresee that, from different causes and from different quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth; as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly and insidiously) directed, it is of infinite moment that you should properly estimate the immense value of your national union to your collective and individual happiness; that you should cherish a cordial, habitual, and immovable attachment to it; accustoming yourselves to think and speak of it as of the palladium of your political safety and prosperity; watching for its preservation with jealous anxiety; discountenancing whatever may suggest even a suspicion that it can in any event be abandoned; and indignantly frowning upon the first dawning of every attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest, or to enfeeble the sacred ties which now link together the various parts.```

2020-02-16 09:54:15 UTC

```For this you have every inducement of sympathy and interest. Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same religion, manners, habits, and political principles. You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and successes.```

2020-02-16 09:54:15 UTC

I'll add the satellite update later... Can't be bothered to edit them all too..

2020-02-16 09:54:56 UTC

I find common ground with whoever I can, regardless of partisan politics

2020-02-16 09:55:56 UTC

Me and the bois getting ready to bomb the migrant boats


2020-02-16 09:56:37 UTC

Thomas Jefferson signed a law punishing homosexuality by castration. The left fought for legalization of homosexuality. This is another example of the fallacy of revering the founders as messiah. Why should I not align with leftists who are for individual liberties?

2020-02-16 09:56:45 UTC


2020-02-16 09:56:46 UTC
2020-02-16 09:56:47 UTC

@Thermonuclear Over the course of this chat


2020-02-16 09:57:06 UTC

@MalinaKlaar Aw cute dogo

2020-02-16 09:57:22 UTC


2020-02-16 09:57:40 UTC

Y'all gonna post news stuff too, at least remember people come here principally to read new stuff.

2020-02-16 09:57:52 UTC

> Whosoever shall be guilty of Rape, Polygamy, or Sodomy with man or woman shall be punished, if a man, by castration, if a woman, by cutting thro' the cartilage of her nose a hole of one half diameter at the least.
-Thomas Jefferson

2020-02-16 09:57:53 UTC

"Thomas Jefferson signed a law punishing homosexuality by castration" he did, the founders also did a lot of other epic things like excluding non-white migrants and establishing a White America Policy, for a lack of a better term

2020-02-16 09:58:03 UTC

You can look it up, I'm not exaggerating

2020-02-16 09:58:03 UTC

I know he is a leftist plant because he thinks Sargon is alt right


2020-02-16 09:58:16 UTC

I never said Sargon is alt right

2020-02-16 09:58:20 UTC

Learn to read

2020-02-16 09:58:31 UTC


2020-02-16 09:58:32 UTC

He just coddles with them and gives them a platform

2020-02-16 09:58:37 UTC

ok and?

2020-02-16 09:58:40 UTC


2020-02-16 09:58:52 UTC

When does the right EVER talk about platforming

2020-02-16 09:58:56 UTC

He platforms people who don't like that 19,000 white english girls were raped by Muslims, the horror!!

2020-02-16 09:58:58 UTC

Come on this is so obvious

2020-02-16 09:59:02 UTC

He's a leftist for sure

2020-02-16 09:59:22 UTC

^ this tbh

2020-02-16 09:59:42 UTC

>reducing everything as left or right
This is your brain on partisan politics instead of principled politics

2020-02-16 09:59:52 UTC

"gives them a platform" isn't a phrase anyone to the right of Sargon can use without cringing

2020-02-16 10:00:08 UTC

A right winger would never talk about it being bad to platform someone esp not ancap spergs

2020-02-16 10:00:27 UTC

I cheer when White Nationalists, Fascists and Communists get deplatformed by private corporations

2020-02-16 10:00:31 UTC

It just isn't how anyone other than a progressive thinks

2020-02-16 10:00:42 UTC

You don't have a right to their platform, they are a private company

2020-02-16 10:01:01 UTC

How is this not a fucking parody

2020-02-16 10:01:04 UTC

yet another example of a ancap begging so hard to be ass raped by big corp

2020-02-16 10:01:06 UTC

You cannot be a real persono

2020-02-16 10:01:17 UTC

Govt. is not restricting your speech when Twitter bans you

2020-02-16 10:01:28 UTC

Thermonuclear you dont have the right to clean water, the Water companies are private companies

2020-02-16 10:01:32 UTC

What if a corp has more power than a gov?

2020-02-16 10:01:54 UTC

If they do the exact same thing tell me how that isn't equally bad

2020-02-16 10:01:59 UTC


2020-02-16 10:02:07 UTC

```The primary objective of Bill 64 is indicated in its title, a Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments in Cases Heretofore Capital, and then stated specifically in Section 1 that capital punishment, "...should be the last melancholy resource against those whose existence has become inconsistent with the safety of their fellow citizens" and "...no crime shall be henceforth punished by deprivation of life or limb except those hereinafter ordained to be so punished."2 With these directives included in the introduction, the bill aimed at curtailing the widespread and indiscriminate use of capital punishment, which had been common under colonial law, while insuring a more uniform dispensation of justice throughout the commonwealth.```


2020-02-16 10:02:15 UTC

@Ethreen42 The difference is of consent. You can choose to not do business with the company. You cannot choose your govt. in any practical manner.

2020-02-16 10:02:22 UTC

Castration was a big improvement from capital punishment.

2020-02-16 10:02:36 UTC

I don't consent to being de platformed

2020-02-16 10:02:45 UTC

what if there's a monopoly, or a cartel?

2020-02-16 10:02:47 UTC

>ancap talking about consent

this is too good

2020-02-16 10:03:03 UTC

Can people below the age of 18 consent @Thermonuclear

2020-02-16 10:03:04 UTC


2020-02-16 10:03:23 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ Consent is about something to which you have rights. You don't have a right to someone else's private property in the first place.

2020-02-16 10:03:51 UTC

Imagine thinking you have a right to others' private property and then calling me a leftist instead

2020-02-16 10:04:08 UTC

did he just dodge that question? at least stand for your positions...

2020-02-16 10:04:15 UTC

Is it possible for someone under 18 to consent though? @Thermonuclear

2020-02-16 10:04:30 UTC

@Greasy >What is there is a monopoly?
I don't see a problem in that

2020-02-16 10:04:31 UTC

They are having trouble 'bleaching' BKP content from #palaestra_debates

2020-02-16 10:04:42 UTC

See he is totally a leftist

2020-02-16 10:04:55 UTC

Real ancaps say that there wouldn't be a monopoly without state intervention

2020-02-16 10:05:00 UTC

He's definitely trying to discredit the banner he flies under.

2020-02-16 10:05:02 UTC


2020-02-16 10:05:05 UTC

I'm not an ancap and I know that

2020-02-16 10:05:14 UTC

Well if you're saying Twitter and co are just private corps and not public platforms they should be regulated to uphold the American constitution, since they actively censor and stop information they dont like from reaching Billions of people

2020-02-16 10:05:33 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ Leftists have a problem with monopoly. They want to use the state to break them. Libertarians don't care about monopolies, they are a result of the efficiency of the rational actor.

2020-02-16 10:05:36 UTC

The fact that he won't say no to can kids consent disturbs me

2020-02-16 10:06:10 UTC



2020-02-16 10:06:16 UTC

Libertarians think monopolies are only formed because of state intervention

2020-02-16 10:06:30 UTC

@Jeremy So far I have only received bad faith ramblings and ad homs, not a single response to any of my arguments

2020-02-16 10:06:33 UTC

Thus it cannot be a monopoly, because they are simply more efficient. The use of force is required to prevent market entry, @Thermonuclear.

2020-02-16 10:07:24 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ No, that is a cucked position. The true position is that it is irrelevant whether monopolies are formed or not.

2020-02-16 10:07:36 UTC

He's not a real Libertarian.

2020-02-16 10:07:52 UTC

You are a leftists caricature of what a libertarian is

2020-02-16 10:07:56 UTC

McDonald's having a monopoly because of their caliber is not something that should be punished

2020-02-16 10:08:08 UTC

That's not a monopoly.

2020-02-16 10:08:15 UTC

You are advocating for punishing success and have the gall to call me a leftist

2020-02-16 10:08:15 UTC

Neither is Walmart.

2020-02-16 10:08:18 UTC

Nor is Amazon.

2020-02-16 10:08:41 UTC

still dodging the consent question <:thinking_clown:590855640268668928>

2020-02-16 10:08:58 UTC

>Well if you're saying Twitter and co are just private corps and not public platforms they should be regulated to uphold the American constitution, since they actively censor and stop information they dont like from reaching Billions of people
@Ethreen42 I'm against regulations.

2020-02-16 10:09:06 UTC

Why can't he just say no kids can't consent

2020-02-16 10:09:10 UTC

McDonalds should be regulated, they actively promote fat diets to billions of people that lead to a unhealthy and degenerate society

2020-02-16 10:09:12 UTC

Now, I will say, price floors on labor benefit firms of economic scale, yes.

2020-02-16 10:09:27 UTC

That prevents small businesses from competing against them.

2020-02-16 10:09:29 UTC

No one is forcing you to use Twitter

2020-02-16 10:09:49 UTC

Multiple corporations collectivizing in lockstep to act as monopoly even though they aren't one is however a problem

2020-02-16 10:09:59 UTC

Use something else. The Free Market has spoken by removing White Nationalist filth like you from their platforms @Ethreen42

2020-02-16 10:10:21 UTC

Its the free market when leftists ban me from Facebook

2020-02-16 10:10:23 UTC

thats not the point, the point is that Twitter and Facebook influence billions of people and them actively censoring people is bad for freedom of speech

2020-02-16 10:10:24 UTC


2020-02-16 10:10:45 UTC

bro he called me a White nat, I just got btfo'd

2020-02-16 10:10:51 UTC


2020-02-16 10:10:54 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ Create your own company and ban the leftists then. Or are you afraid of picking yourself up from the bootstraps?

2020-02-16 10:11:11 UTC

>Unironically using the phrase " picking yourself up from the bootstraps"

2020-02-16 10:11:14 UTC

100% a troll

2020-02-16 10:11:18 UTC

You can't say anything that isn't a prefab slogan

2020-02-16 10:11:20 UTC

>more ad hom

2020-02-16 10:11:30 UTC

If you aren't a leftist you're the fakest motherfucker I've ever een

2020-02-16 10:11:32 UTC

As I expected from a White Nationalist idiot

2020-02-16 10:11:33 UTC

Ideally, you'd not segregate in such a manner, @Thermonuclear, as it'll result in only further polarization.

2020-02-16 10:11:50 UTC

>calling someone an idiot
>is an Ancap

bold words

2020-02-16 10:12:03 UTC

he follows ad hominem accusation with an ad hominem attack

2020-02-16 10:12:29 UTC

@Ethreen42 >thats not the point, the point is that Twitter and Facebook influence billions of people and them actively censoring people is bad for freedom of speech
Yes I agree. That doesn't violate the NAP though. The people have personal agency to not be influenced.

2020-02-16 10:12:48 UTC

I would ban you from my private server

2020-02-16 10:12:53 UTC

I dont really care if it violates muh NAP

2020-02-16 10:12:59 UTC

You are advocating to relocate the personal agency to the govt.

2020-02-16 10:13:24 UTC

I am advocating for a freer society by breaking up totalitarian companies

2020-02-16 10:13:56 UTC

I'm advocating for neither.

2020-02-16 10:14:13 UTC

Translation: I'm advocating for a "freer society" by punishing Capitalist companies who became successful through moral means

2020-02-16 10:14:17 UTC


2020-02-16 10:14:24 UTC

If Google attempts to influence the 2020 election they should be broken up

2020-02-16 10:14:27 UTC


2020-02-16 10:14:45 UTC

@Samaritanā„¢ It didn't take long for me to expose your statism

2020-02-16 10:14:51 UTC


2020-02-16 10:14:51 UTC

muh statism

2020-02-16 10:14:58 UTC

I am openly a statist

2020-02-16 10:15:00 UTC


2020-02-16 10:15:17 UTC

I think most people have a trouble imagining what 'non-crony-capitalism' looks like

2020-02-16 10:15:20 UTC

I don't burn my nations flag

2020-02-16 10:15:21 UTC

Funny that you were harping about the wonders of freedom just before I joined

2020-02-16 10:15:23 UTC

What a crime

2020-02-16 10:15:35 UTC

As I said, it is always the case with phonies

2020-02-16 10:15:42 UTC

You're projecting

2020-02-16 10:15:45 UTC

Leftist scum

2020-02-16 10:15:52 UTC

You're a socialist

2020-02-16 10:16:00 UTC

Get in

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