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2019-10-17 16:19:54 UTC

Work in progress, server got wiped

2019-10-19 02:33:15 UTC

<@&618302685657169924> I was dumb and did not save what I had typed out for the rules section. It will all be restored and updated this weekend after the PvP map is set up. I still have to get the structures to spawn in the new map first.

2019-10-20 02:04:16 UTC

<@&618302685657169924> Until I recreate the rules section, I will leave the server name and IP here.

Server Name: JFG Universe
Server IP:

2020-01-08 22:47:55 UTC

Der Sturmer has been kind enough to set up a new server for those interested.

Rules for server will be posted here when they are finalized. Until then, don't be a dick.

Server is Vanilla. Creative mode will NOT be handed out. So do not ask.
Server name: StormServer
Server IP:

2020-01-08 23:13:08 UTC


2020-01-22 15:32:34 UTC


2020-02-05 01:12:07 UTC

Server is now set to SevTech: Ages. Apologize for the server wipes but there has not been much activity and I think that this pack, with its built in progression, is much more challenging than standard MC or custom modpacks. You won't have the convenience of chopping down trees with your hands, or crafting wood planks without the proper tools to do so. As you progress through the ages, you develop better technology and automation. Press "L" for the advancement timeline. I should be on fairly regularly to help, or you can ask here on discord.

In order to play, all you need is the Twitch app from You run Minecraft from that app rather than your normal launcher

Once you have the twitch app:

1. Click on Mods > Minecraft > Browse Modpacks > Sevtech Ages > Download ( make sure it is version: SevTech: Ages - 3.1.2 Hotfix 1)

2. Click the yellow user icon in the top right of the Twitch app > Settings > Minecraft > Java Settings and drag the scroll bar to at least 6000 MB

3. Click Mods > Minecraft > My Modpacks and press Play


Server info:

2020-02-05 01:41:24 UTC


2020-02-05 01:41:30 UTC


2020-02-05 06:43:52 UTC


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