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2020-01-08 04:58:21 UTC

Iran has nukes (I doubt the earfquake was non nuclear)

2020-01-08 04:58:53 UTC

Iran has had enough materials and a large tunnel formation and Russian and Chinese information and Scientists with a vested interest in the region

2020-01-08 04:59:59 UTC

If so, why the sudden test?

2020-01-08 05:00:00 UTC


2020-01-08 05:01:11 UTC

Most nuclear tests in history were rushed and if this happened then I highly doubt it is non functional in any capacity

2020-01-08 05:03:07 UTC

2020-01-08 05:05:55 UTC

Smart decision

2020-01-08 05:06:00 UTC

Exactly what I thought

2020-01-08 05:10:18 UTC

what is the internet like in iran?

2020-01-08 05:10:46 UTC

i don't mean the speed or quality of the service

2020-01-08 05:10:57 UTC

You mean accessibility

2020-01-08 05:11:11 UTC

yeah, to the greater WWW

2020-01-08 05:12:09 UTC

"Not amazing" would be my guess. Islamic countries always use heavy filtering

2020-01-08 05:12:54 UTC

when you ban half the stuff on the net you have to already have a system in place to pick and choose what you limit.

2020-01-08 05:13:03 UTC


2020-01-08 05:14:29 UTC

Iran has bans on some website but YT is accessible

2020-01-08 05:23:16 UTC

RIP Ukrainians

2020-01-08 05:23:29 UTC

Would be very interested to know who was on that

2020-01-08 05:23:48 UTC

and why they were flying during missile launches and possible retaliation strikes

2020-01-08 05:24:25 UTC


2020-01-08 05:24:28 UTC

Rip Iran

2020-01-08 05:25:00 UTC

Why did they go over Iran in the first place?

2020-01-08 05:29:55 UTC

They were taking off from Terhan

2020-01-08 05:30:05 UTC

so flight originated there.

2020-01-08 05:30:13 UTC

crashed shortly after take-off

2020-01-08 05:34:32 UTC


2020-01-08 05:35:15 UTC

Rip so I bet Ukrainians weren't on board just Iranian refugees or American counterintel trying to escape

2020-01-08 05:36:48 UTC

Who know. It was Ukraine flight though. Some 4chan reports were saying 10 americans on board, but that seems very sus

2020-01-08 05:36:57 UTC

2020-01-08 05:37:06 UTC

But thats just funny in a sick way

2020-01-08 05:37:44 UTC

It shows these airline tracking sites are complete bullshit

2020-01-08 05:38:01 UTC

Still shows it in the air and about to land in 20 mins

2020-01-08 05:38:47 UTC


2020-01-08 05:54:11 UTC

This list gets updated tomorrow I hope....

2020-01-08 05:58:38 UTC


2020-01-08 06:20:47 UTC

since more people will have already cemented their war/anti-war positions

2020-01-08 06:20:53 UTC

since that list was made yesterday

2020-01-08 06:32:17 UTC

oh i see

2020-01-08 06:40:31 UTC

is 66% hit rate good?

2020-01-08 06:41:22 UTC


2020-01-08 06:41:53 UTC

Well, depends on where they launched them from

2020-01-08 06:41:55 UTC

I need a map

2020-01-08 06:42:36 UTC

what is the meaning of "failed" though? Did not hit target or did not explode?

2020-01-08 06:43:08 UTC

had chuck norris been there he'd punched them rockets away

2020-01-08 06:50:29 UTC

No way they could identify the kill count

2020-01-08 06:50:41 UTC


2020-01-08 06:50:49 UTC

Calling all kinds of BS

2020-01-08 06:50:49 UTC

drones can read the heat

2020-01-08 06:50:53 UTC


2020-01-08 06:51:03 UTC

there are all sorts

2020-01-08 06:51:18 UTC

The US isn't going to hide 80 deaths very easily

2020-01-08 06:51:25 UTC


2020-01-08 06:51:27 UTC


2020-01-08 06:52:30 UTC

I do love that tally on 4chan of the deaths

2020-01-08 06:52:55 UTC

@DarthSammich Send link

2020-01-08 06:53:12 UTC

Not accurate but funny

2020-01-08 06:53:25 UTC

4chan deaths link

2020-01-08 06:53:53 UTC

US Deaths 0
Iran Deaths 50 from funeral stampede
Ukraine Deaths 176

2020-01-08 07:23:39 UTC

>who was on the plane?
Iranians - 71
Canadians -73
Germans - 4
Brits - 3
Swedes - 8
Afghanis - 6

+ 13 Ukranian crew

2020-01-08 07:24:58 UTC

Trump drones Suleimani.

Iran then has to retaliate. If they don't, they look weak and Iranian Revolution II: Electric Boogaloo kicks off.

Iran also knows that if they kill any American soldiers, America will bomb the shit out of them.

So they have to retaliate in a manner substantial enough to save face, but somehow without killing any Americans.

What could possibly be a better way of doing so than launching over a dozen ballistic missiles at an American base, but either intentionally missing by a large enough margin to ensure that no one is hurt or making your preparations so blatantly obvious that American forces are alerted with more than enough spare time to take cover?

Apparently the soldiers at al Asad received a warning of the attack well before it occurred, which makes this idea seem even more plausible.

Also, look at Trump and Iran's rhetoric. Trump stresses that he's not interested in a regime change operation, tacitly letting the Iranians know they don't actually need to start a war for their survival. Iran goes on at length about how their actions are "in self-defense" and that "their assault has concluded" after the attack to let America know there's no need for further action.

Both sides can claim victory, Iran by claiming that they hit America back and threatened to attack further, and Trump by waving away the attack as a colossal failure not even deserving a response. And so, both sides step back from the ledge without looking weak.

It just all seems like too much of a coincidence. The only other alternative is that Iran is so phenomenally incompetent that they can launch over a dozen ballistic missiles at a major American military base and cause precisely zero casualties.

2020-01-08 07:27:06 UTC

for some reason, i imagined a bunch of canadians on that flight

2020-01-08 07:28:05 UTC

Canadians or Iranian-canadians?

2020-01-08 07:28:17 UTC


2020-01-08 07:28:20 UTC


2020-01-08 07:28:31 UTC

Also, odd that it was headed to Ukraine but had no Ukrainians

2020-01-08 07:28:37 UTC

aside from the staff

2020-01-08 07:28:54 UTC

I wonder what Trudeau has to say

2020-01-08 07:29:06 UTC

If you fly, gravity wins.

2020-01-08 08:13:32 UTC

I was like you guys once, really concerned about what Trudeau would say

2020-01-08 08:15:44 UTC

"if you bomb your enemies, they win" -trudeau probably

2020-01-08 08:16:11 UTC

if you lose ww3, (((they))) win

2020-01-08 08:50:10 UTC


2020-01-08 10:24:26 UTC

yes an hour before the attack there was a shelter in place alarm at a few american bases

2020-01-08 10:24:42 UTC

they said it was an exercise , but clearly wasnt

2020-01-08 10:24:53 UTC

they probably made some deal for a symbolic strike

2020-01-08 10:25:01 UTC

to keep the respective npcs at home happy

2020-01-08 10:25:41 UTC

there was a rumor before that trump had offered symbolic retalliation to them

2020-01-08 10:25:48 UTC

through the swiss embassy in iran

2020-01-08 12:54:01 UTC

Seems weird to me that they don't know what caused a plane to crash

2020-01-08 12:58:39 UTC

it was on fire lol

2020-01-08 12:58:39 UTC


2020-01-08 12:58:48 UTC

i think i have a smol suspicion

2020-01-08 14:28:39 UTC

(always a good forum for civil aviation crashes or events)

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