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2020-02-01 18:38:35 UTC

2020-02-01 18:48:50 UTC

2020-03-28 02:32:24 UTC

@товарищ I'm going to try to put together an in depth area study in a physical binder for us to use.

2020-03-28 02:33:57 UTC


2020-03-28 02:34:46 UTC

My dad's friend was in a webinar with Forward Observer and recorded a very detailed area study lesson so I'm watching that

2020-03-28 02:36:29 UTC

I have a text document up above on a really basic one and I may upload a new document with my notes from the video

2020-03-28 02:36:59 UTC


2020-03-28 02:54:27 UTC

That's something I'd definitely be interest in as well. I have a hard copy of my combat engineer hand book as well

2020-03-28 02:55:53 UTC

The focus of my area study is mostly going to be of my house, my bug out location, and the route to it

2020-03-28 02:57:23 UTC

If we're going to come up with a contingency plan of people in the South Pipe Goon Gang meeting bugging in or meeting up and bugging out we should consider having those people do their own section regarding their AO and their route to the RV point

2020-03-28 02:58:17 UTC

For example Belt would do a study of Urbana and a route to the BOL

2020-03-28 03:56:44 UTC

@товарищ I may have you work on some of this with me

2020-03-28 03:57:09 UTC

We have basically the same AO and same route to the BOL

2020-03-28 03:57:18 UTC

And additional input would be helpful

2020-03-28 03:57:55 UTC

That seems smart. We should work on that on sunday

2020-03-28 03:58:29 UTC

Btw we're gonna have taco meat for supper and bacon/sausage and eggs with cornbread for breakfast

2020-03-28 03:58:38 UTC

Okay lol

2020-03-28 03:58:38 UTC

I want to use my new cast iron

2020-03-28 03:59:11 UTC

Were having tacos tomorrow night for supper so we'll have some left over

2020-03-28 03:59:23 UTC

I might add some rice or beans or something

2020-03-28 04:12:18 UTC

2020-03-28 04:12:37 UTC

This is the updated area study instructions with notes from the video

2020-03-28 04:13:34 UTC

I recommend everyone in the <@&673212566465675264> group take a look at this, as this is going to be a group project I want us to do

2020-03-28 22:52:50 UTC

@товарищ This is the video I saw, just today he threw it on youtube as well.

2020-03-28 22:53:01 UTC

So if you have some free time check that out.

2020-03-28 22:54:34 UTC

I will tonight. Cricket just gave me 10gb of high speed data because corona so thats nice

2020-03-28 22:54:51 UTC


2020-03-29 06:48:42 UTC

For sure I'll be checking that out!

2020-04-16 14:24:38 UTC

That's actually really good

2020-04-16 14:25:20 UTC

Idk if It's a good idea for us to relay our location on the radio but other than that the video was fantastic

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