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2020-01-25 17:06:33 UTC

@Skellington do you like Ray Bradbury

2020-01-25 17:06:55 UTC

I've read 2 books by him i believe

2020-01-25 17:07:04 UTC

Dark they were and golden eyed

2020-01-25 17:07:11 UTC

And dandillion wine

2020-01-25 17:07:46 UTC

Dandillion wine was boring

2020-01-25 17:08:02 UTC

Dtwage was interesting

2020-01-25 17:08:31 UTC

I’m reading Fahrenheit 451 at the moment

2020-01-25 17:10:06 UTC

Ah yes

2020-01-25 17:10:13 UTC

That's a pretty based book

2020-01-25 17:15:09 UTC

The actual story is like 100 pages but my copy includes like 140 pages of extra information

2020-01-26 06:43:51 UTC

That's such a tedious book. I can't recommend even though it's in the dystopian canon. Short, but tedious.

2020-01-26 06:44:54 UTC

I personally like his short stories more than Fahrenheit tbh

2020-01-26 16:41:21 UTC

Anyone read β€œthe problem of pain” by cs Lewis?

2020-02-01 21:46:44 UTC

The red book by Carl jung is a great read

2020-02-04 02:20:53 UTC

The Aeneid, by request from @Canadian Man

2020-02-27 12:23:45 UTC

like Harassment architecture but 2019 and looking towards Zoomers instead of wingnats and looking back

2020-02-27 12:26:23 UTC

reads like the best takes of your twitter feed two years from now

2020-03-05 02:36:22 UTC

Emailing into-the-darkness.pdf

2020-03-06 07:00:14 UTC

Audiobook for the Machiavellians: defenders of freedom by james burnham. it really gels with Nrx theory. he sums up the wiritngs of Machiavelli and the Italian elite theorists.

2020-03-06 07:05:03 UTC

Nice. I just finished The Prince and The Discourses a few weeks ago and it's difficult to come to any one conclusion of what he actually advocated, so it'll be cool hearing a redpilled take. Thanks for sharing.

2020-03-06 07:05:10 UTC


2020-03-06 07:08:06 UTC

@Norik yes he goes over that and gives context to the political situation of Italy at the time . Machiavelli wanted a republic but saw at that point in time Italy needed a sort of dictator or prince

2020-03-06 07:08:45 UTC

yeah that's what my professor said when I asked him what he actually thought

2020-03-06 07:08:56 UTC

he's a total boomercon though so idk

2020-03-06 07:09:35 UTC

i just got to the part where he talks about the iron law of oligarchy and how you cannot remove hierarchy

2020-03-06 07:09:39 UTC

also nice fake offline <:scowl:267481153777172481>

2020-03-06 07:10:23 UTC

yeah I think what makes machiavelli deeply resonate with me is that he's not full of ideological bullshit and realizes that even his desired form of government isn't always appropriate

2020-03-06 07:10:39 UTC

his central orienting principle is O R D E R

2020-03-06 07:10:46 UTC

which is exactly right

2020-03-06 07:11:09 UTC

james burnham also has another repill book where he talks about how liberalism is causing the suicide of the west in his book "the suicide of the west"

2020-03-06 07:11:25 UTC


2020-03-06 07:11:28 UTC

sounds dank

2020-03-06 07:12:01 UTC

AA released some clips from the audio book

2020-03-06 07:12:24 UTC

also ive heard alot of shilling for burnham from AA and from other people

2020-03-06 07:12:41 UTC

so seeing these clips finally pushed me over the edge to start reading them

2020-03-12 03:19:41 UTC

@everyone Any books to recommend concerning the subjects of the Quadrivium?

2020-03-12 03:41:26 UTC

Euclid's Elements

2020-03-27 23:51:47 UTC

So I read this book called Babylonian life and history written by EA Budge. It is about surprisingly ancient Babylonia and it’s history. The book starts by covering the geography and city states of the region then moves on to an overview of its history, the city of Babylonian itself and then talks about the laws, customs, society and writing system of Babylon. The it must be stressed that this is an overview of Babylonian and not an intense history of it. It is quite interesting learning about Babylonia because not much is talked about it. Babylon the city was founded almost 4000 years ago and was still occupied as a city until about a thousand years ago. It is a very old city and a very ancient region with parts that have been occupied on and off since the Stone Age and even when xenopon march an army through one of the cities he called it ancient it was old for him and was viewed by him probably the same way we view the Greeks and Romans today. It is weird thinking about it because the city seen thousands of people born, live, fall in love, make friends and enemies, traded, worshipped learn and die there but we don’t know a lot about them and they are often forgotten and we don’t know a lot about them we know a lot about the Greeks and Romans but don’t know as much about the Babylonians.

But in short the book is an 8/10
Pros: good for people that aren’t familiar with Babylon or are taking a class on it, it is good as an overview
Cons: I would not recommend this book to people that are familiar to Babylon or need a more in depth book on the subject

I heavily recommend it for people that want to learn more about it but don’t know much about.

2020-03-27 23:51:56 UTC

2020-03-27 23:52:54 UTC

If you have questions about it you can ask me below

2020-03-28 23:39:04 UTC

Boring capitalist crap

2020-03-28 23:40:35 UTC

Stop reading economics start reading siege

2020-03-29 00:08:00 UTC

I really don't like Austrian economics

2020-03-29 00:08:37 UTC

Preachy merchant religion

2020-03-29 00:53:48 UTC

Hey guys, Mises was pretty based...give him a shot

2020-03-29 00:55:54 UTC


2020-03-29 00:57:10 UTC

tbh i get all my economics from the bible

2020-03-29 02:37:49 UTC

Lachmann was great get all your economically illiterate friends to read him instead

2020-03-29 03:19:39 UTC

Tbh it is over-used

2020-03-29 03:31:32 UTC

I did infact

2020-03-29 03:31:40 UTC

Find that a funny joke given the context

2020-03-29 04:39:07 UTC

I don't know the full story behind that, but I'm willing to bet Mises was younger and less wise in regards to econ.

2020-03-29 04:56:31 UTC

I couldn't care less about Mises personal or work life I only care about his ideas

2020-03-29 04:57:20 UTC

Although I'm fairly sure you didn't give all the context

2020-03-29 05:08:13 UTC

Austrogang gotta stick together ✊

2020-03-29 05:13:07 UTC

Aha Austrians of the world unite ✊

2020-03-29 06:17:43 UTC
2020-03-29 06:17:58 UTC

take your capitalist bullshit back to israel

2020-03-29 06:44:28 UTC


2020-03-29 06:44:32 UTC

here's my economic policy:

2020-03-29 06:44:35 UTC

go back to the woods

2020-03-29 08:18:54 UTC

@Punished ElΓ­as "MuH UsUrY"

2020-03-29 10:55:36 UTC

Usury is shit

2020-03-29 13:47:42 UTC

kike detected

2020-03-29 13:48:06 UTC

"trust me guys prostrating ourselves before the free market and corporations will totally save the west"

2020-03-29 13:48:54 UTC

Optics check

2020-03-29 15:45:58 UTC

@DisCrypto he did this after writing a theory of money and credit

2020-03-29 21:37:13 UTC

Anything I can read about this?

2020-03-29 21:40:56 UTC

About Mises's gov job I mean

2020-03-29 21:41:36 UTC

To be clear, I'm not saying the market is the most important thing and I have some hard questions to face as a libertarian on many issues, but by understanding the economy you are not changing your political and philosophic outlook on life. It simply adds to your understanding of the world.

2020-03-29 21:41:56 UTC

You can say from an economic perspective one thing and a political one anohter

2020-03-29 21:42:01 UTC

e.g immigration

2020-03-29 21:42:24 UTC

But on the issue of loans I honestly feel as if it isn't immoral via the concept of time preference

2020-03-29 21:42:59 UTC

The real question we should be asking is "What is the definition of usury?"

2020-03-29 21:44:44 UTC

@AustrianSchoolUbermensch Have you read Hoppe yet (or at least have an a understanding of him, so to speak)?

2020-03-29 21:44:55 UTC

I got the reference

2020-03-29 21:45:14 UTC

Catholics seem to mostly consider all interest as usury, but from my personal studies it seems the biblical definition is more like "lending to someone who *you know* can never pay the interest."

2020-03-29 21:45:16 UTC

read his works economic science and the Austrian method and Democracy the god that failed.

2020-03-29 21:46:17 UTC

Does discord put up on the book title? (I know the book though)

2020-03-29 21:46:29 UTC

Pick up*

2020-03-29 21:46:54 UTC

Wouldn't think so just said it like that because it was quick

2020-03-29 21:47:57 UTC

Charging 6 Unobtainium coins (interest = 1 coin) to borrow 5 U-coins when only 5 coins exist in the entire world would be usury

2020-03-29 21:48:22 UTC

@AustrianSchoolUbermensch Oh ok, some of the normies will be confused though

2020-03-29 21:48:57 UTC

Hoppe is great

2020-03-29 21:49:17 UTC

I need to finish reading DtGtF

2020-03-29 21:49:55 UTC

edited it

2020-03-29 21:50:01 UTC

He is great in parts

2020-03-29 21:50:21 UTC

Can get abit spicy of course

2020-03-30 01:08:27 UTC

@AustrianSchoolUbermensch I understand the economy but economics is valuefree right? Groups can and will pick traditional ways of living over the optional economic option.

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