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2019-06-28 19:50:14 UTC

Welcome to the NRx-Files!

2019-06-28 20:33:43 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-07-01 20:27:42 UTC

Happy Dominion Day!

2019-07-21 11:51:59 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-07-29 14:40:13 UTC

@everyone Video by Matthew Drake featuring my commentary on democracy:

2019-08-16 17:46:27 UTC

@everyone Think before you post. The enemy is watching...

2019-08-23 18:31:52 UTC

@everyone Here's my Bitchute channel. Subscribe to me here in case my channel or any of my videos get taken down:

2019-08-23 18:32:06 UTC

New video will be out tomorrow.

2019-08-24 08:13:41 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-09-05 18:11:47 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-09-09 20:46:03 UTC

@everyone I have some interesting content coming up:

2019-09-22 15:40:03 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-09-29 12:49:50 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-10-22 21:53:16 UTC

@everyone In addition to my regular edited videos, I'll be starting a new format of off-the-cuff videos which will be exclusive to BitChute. Make sure to subscribe to me on BitChute as well. My main channel will be reserved for my edited videos and livestreams. Here's the first BitChute exclusive video:

2019-10-23 20:01:23 UTC

@everyone I'm streaming with a guy I met when I was in England.

2019-11-02 19:30:30 UTC
2019-11-04 09:15:43 UTC

@everyone My conversation with The Iconoclast is now on YouTube:

2019-11-06 12:24:59 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-11-12 22:17:23 UTC

@everyone I've created a Patreon page for my channel. Donations from Patrons are per video for full edited videos ONLY. Livestreams and BitChute exclusives don't count. All my content will remain free, but I greatly appreciate any and all donations.

2019-11-14 13:27:05 UTC

@everyone New video, exclusive to BitChute:

2019-11-25 20:57:49 UTC

@everyone I'm having a conversation with a new YouTuber tonight,
@Settler's Lament

2019-12-10 09:34:41 UTC

@everyone New video:

2019-12-10 09:35:10 UTC

Happy International Human Rights Day!

2019-12-22 18:42:58 UTC
2019-12-24 15:32:27 UTC

@everyone Turns out I will be on Millenniyule this year after all:

2019-12-25 11:50:09 UTC

@everyone Merry Christmas!

2019-12-28 02:21:11 UTC
2020-01-01 03:03:32 UTC

@everyone I took part in TPS New Years stream on JF's Channel. I enter at the 2 hour mark and leave at the 3 hour mark. Happy New Year!

2020-01-06 16:51:38 UTC

@everyone I did an interview for a Reactionary podcast call 'Hearth & Fire':

2020-01-08 14:07:00 UTC

@everyone New video, exclusive to BitChute:

2020-01-10 03:03:31 UTC
2020-01-10 21:04:34 UTC

@everyone I'm speaking with Jacktion tonight:

2020-01-16 17:06:39 UTC

@everyone A known ANTIFA member tried to join the server (possibly associated with Kraut). He has been banned. If anyone associated with ANTIFA is tries to enter, report them to an admin immediately and block them. They'll be banned. Don't interact with them. That's what they want.

2020-01-19 01:56:11 UTC

@everyone The stream with Morgoth is now on BitChute:

2020-01-20 20:07:50 UTC

@everyone In the last few days, ANTIFA has tried to infiltrate our server several times. I am going to clear all chat logs so they can't log and report old messages. In the meantime, keep on the lookout. Report any suspicious activity to a moderator. They'll be banned immediately. Be careful what you post. People who make it harder to figure out who is legitimate or not by pretending to be in ANTIFA will also be banned.

2020-02-05 12:36:11 UTC

@everyone New video:

2020-02-15 00:15:53 UTC

@everyone New video, exclusive to BitChute:

2020-02-25 19:02:27 UTC
2020-03-12 20:52:00 UTC

@everyone New video, exclusive to BitChute:

2020-03-20 18:41:19 UTC

@everyone New Video:

2020-03-28 20:54:44 UTC

@everyone @Charlemagne and I are speaking to Morgoth and Keith Woods tonight:

2020-04-05 02:01:40 UTC
2020-04-07 09:53:33 UTC

@everyone I want to do a survey of the countries we have represented in our server. Add a flag emoji for your country of birth.

2020-04-12 16:08:27 UTC

@everyone He lived, he lives, and he will live again! Happy Easter!

2020-04-15 07:57:39 UTC

@everyone New video:

2020-04-19 15:50:58 UTC

@everyone New video, exclusive to BitChute:

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