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2017-07-14 22:28:40 UTC

Please report any violation of the rules worth noting.
Violation of these policies may get you demoted, kicked, or banned, no matter your rank or seniority.
PM a Mod or Admin if you have any concerns with the rules. We will step into voice chat with you.
AND LASTLY: There will be a meeting every Saturday at 8pm EST on Member Chat 2. It is optional of course(edited)

2017-07-24 01:53:21 UTC

@everyone Remember rule 5. Punching right will get you muted, further violations, kicked and banned.

2017-07-25 02:29:11 UTC

These are the following rules of Anticom.
1) Faggotry and degeneracy will be absent from the server entirely. If you happen to be a homosexual, a trap, or a tranny, keep it to yourself; we donโ€™t care about your sex life. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
- Posting porn, suggestive anime, hentai, or any other sexual NSFW material.
- Openly and unnecessarily referring to oneโ€™s sexuality and relationships.
- Posting suggestive pictures of another member.
- Donโ€™t talk about degenerate shit in general (Except for the occasional ironic banter).
- Debating over the race of a user; we really donโ€™t care.

2) Starting drama/infighting, including personal attacks on other members is not permitted. Be polite and professional. Banter is fine, but donโ€™t act like an autist. (We arenโ€™t here to attack other members).

3) Chat spam, especially mic spam, is strictly prohibited. Youโ€™re all adults here, so act like them.

4) Marxism will get you banned.

5) Do not openly hate on other right wing ideologies, you may disagree on some points but donโ€™t start saying things like "fuck [right wing ideology]"

6) When a Mod or Trusted Member says "CLEAR COMMS" in voice chat, you must be quiet or they may mute you temporarily. Donโ€™t interrupt mods or each other either.

7) Stay on topic within the voice or text channel you are in. Do not bring the topics of separate channels into each other. AND DO NOT ADVERTISE IN ANY CHANNEL.

8) Do not dox or advocate for doxing within anticom. Keep that stuff out of this discord.

9) Respect staff and their decisions. Any insubordination will result in a ban. If you have any issues with a staff member and/or their decisions, pm a staff member and we will deal with it.

10) Do not speak of any illegal activities(drug use, violence, etc) within chats.

2017-08-14 02:02:38 UTC


2017-08-20 01:02:33 UTC


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