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2017-11-24 23:28:08 UTC

**Welcome to the Midwestern Alliance!**

__** List of Rules:**__

Rule 1. No degeneracy or degenerate posting.(faggotry, drugs, nudity, etc.).
Rule 2. This is a white, ethnonationalist server. ~~Jews, negroes, beans, and others~~ not welcome. Also, non-Midwesterns could be welcome, so long as we have a use for them.
Rule 3. Leftists will be gassed. Anyone further left than Stasser will be banned immediately.
Rule 4. Be respectful to the mods. If we have any guests, such as reporters, be respectful to them, even more so than the staff.
Rule 5. As stated in part 4, respect is expected. Bantz and Shitpost is fine, but don't get into shit on here.
Rule 6. Anime is gay, any anime will result in a kick or a mute.
Rule 7. Use Channels for what they are meant to be used for. Too much disobedience will result in a mute.
Rule 8. Mods are required to follow the rules as well.
Rule 9. Advertising is restricted to <#356999672289558528>
Rule 10. Vetting is required, attempt to get vetted around a week or you could be kicked.

2017-11-24 23:28:42 UTC

Ideological Roles-

`National Socialism` `Fascism` `Social Nationalism` `Clerical Fascism` `Falangism` `National Capitalism` `Integralism` `White Identitarianism` `White Nationalism` `White Supremacism` `Libertarian Fascism` `Strasserism` `Monarchism` `Right-Wing Populism` `Legionarism` `Traditionalism` `Radical Traditionalism` `Classical Fascism` `Autocracy` `Italian Fascism` `British Fascism` `Corporatism` `Syndicalism` `Capitalism` `State Capitalism` `State Socialism` `Keynesianism` `Mercantilism` `Classical Feudalism` `Neo-Feudalism` `Reactionary` `Neo-Reactionary` `Militarism` `SPQR Republican` `Stratocracy` `Revolutionary Conservatism` `Imperialism`

2017-11-24 23:29:57 UTC

Religious Roles-

`Protestant Christianity` `Lutheranism`
`Methodism` `Baptism`
`Calvinism--Reformed Church` `Puritanism` `Roman Catholicism`
`Sedevacantist Catholicism` `Eastern Orthodoxy` `Non-denom Christianity` `Atheism` `Agnosticism` `Gnosticism` `Theism` `Deism` `Paganism`

2017-11-25 02:26:08 UTC

If you need any help or you have something to report contact


Or contact
@Guy Führereri🔥

2017-11-25 04:36:20 UTC

2017-11-29 22:06:10 UTC

Link to the server here:

2017-11-29 22:06:35 UTC

You can invite people, but please, ask the mods first

2017-11-29 22:06:49 UTC

2017-11-29 22:06:52 UTC

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