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2018-05-13 05:52:34 UTC


1. Be a good person. Don't be overly combative towards other server members. Some trolling is allowed, obviously, but being obnoxious will result in a ban. Be judicious.

2. Tag any NSFW links accordingly. No NSFW image posting.

3. No encouraging/aiding/abetting acts of terrorism/violence or posting illegal content. Doing so will result in a ban.

4. No encouraging/aiding/abetting doxing of anyone, members or non-members. Doing so will result in a ban.

5. Don't talk over others or spam in the voice chat.

6. Don't park AFK in voice chat. Repeat offenders may be banned- just don't do it.

7. Use an avatar which is not the default discord avatar.

8. DO NOT post captures of the text chat or audio of the voice chat elsewhere without permission or you will be banned with absolutely no chance of appeal.

9. Absolute NO or Furry posting.

10. Spamming administrators and moderators is not a way to get unbanned, respectfully ask for your unban and explain why you were banned and who banned you if possible.

11. Do not speak of AW or associated literature whatsoever.

12. Channels WILL be wiped often, do not complain.

13. Do not ping everyone unless it's specifically relevant to the server.

14. Low quality posting may lead to an immediate ban or kick.

15. No NatSoc imagery or posting.

16. No brap posting.

17. Spamming chat is not allowed in the general channels, keep that to #spam

18. DO NOT bitch about being punished, or your punishment will increase in severity.

19. DO NOT excessively harrass or try to unironically pick-up e-girls, or be a total thot towards e-boys.

20. If you are underage you must make this apparent to anyone who tries to break rule 19 towards you, and let an admin or mod know if the problem persists.

21. DO NOT sexualize minors.```

2018-05-13 05:52:51 UTC


PUNISHMENT: All offenses to these rules may lead to immediate mutes, kicks, or bans at the discretion of the moderator or administrator at hand.

PRIVACY: While the server is invite-only, consider this to be a public server. You are responsible for maintaining your own opsec. We will ban any user that leaks information, but the system will never be perfect. Post and participate at your own discretion.

MODERATION: All posts made are the responsibility of the poster. America First Media, its employees, and volunteer moderators are not responsible for the content posted in this server. We moderate the server in the time we have available, and will naturally not be able to see every post.

FREE SPEECH: We will maintain a free-speech environment in the server and members will only be banned for speech that is pursuant to the rules outlined above.```

2018-05-29 01:35:28 UTC


2018-07-27 05:40:04 UTC

terminator 2 is the best movie, this will not be debated

2018-08-18 23:47:04 UTC

I agree

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