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2019-07-13 04:56:35 UTC

if everyone's house price went up 5%

2019-07-13 04:56:39 UTC

it's appreciation which is good

2019-07-13 04:56:42 UTC

NOT inflation

2019-07-13 04:56:44 UTC

inflation bad

2019-07-13 04:56:50 UTC


2019-07-13 04:57:07 UTC

Asset appreciation is zeo sum. Its only good if you own the house.

2019-07-13 04:57:16 UTC

Most people don't own a lot of assets if any.

2019-07-13 04:57:17 UTC

i meant that ironically

2019-07-13 04:57:48 UTC

or make people buy the assets that have appreciated

2019-07-13 04:57:55 UTC

Think about it like this to see the trick. If assets increase x4 but everything else remains the same, then the amount of work you need to preform to get assets has increased by x4

2019-07-13 04:57:58 UTC

selling your appreciated house for dollars

2019-07-13 04:58:01 UTC

🀑 πŸ”«

2019-07-13 04:58:20 UTC

once people realize the assets have inflated

2019-07-13 04:58:21 UTC

uh oh

2019-07-13 04:58:23 UTC


2019-07-13 04:58:32 UTC

The fact is we're seeing deliberate manipulation, instead of allowing things to naturally adjust for more stability.

2019-07-13 04:59:16 UTC

Actually that's the beauty of it. Assets have been inflated, but... the way in which they have been inflated, is permanent... unlike 2008

2019-07-13 04:59:23 UTC

I've never seen a forced system stay consistent

2019-07-13 04:59:39 UTC

what changed

2019-07-13 04:59:44 UTC

Unless all that Quantatative Easing money dissapears, its a permanent change.

2019-07-13 05:00:29 UTC

They already started with quantitative tightening, should be interesting to watch what happens now.

2019-07-13 05:00:33 UTC

And the only way to remove all of that mess is to slowely kill off all the major banks over the next 40 years, at the cost of the current generation... or have a politcal reform...

2019-07-13 05:00:46 UTC

2019-07-13 05:00:52 UTC

Hence the number of communists and fascists wanting to burn the liberal system down to the fucking ground

2019-07-13 05:01:04 UTC

The only country that does this in the west. The only one.

2019-07-13 05:01:05 UTC

The DOW has been stangnant for a while now, maybe it's because of QT.

2019-07-13 05:01:10 UTC

Lmao America won't exist in twenty years, the way this is heading

2019-07-13 05:01:24 UTC


2019-07-13 05:01:36 UTC

wait what is the problem now

2019-07-13 05:01:44 UTC

cutting baby boys

2019-07-13 05:01:58 UTC

no i mean with the money

2019-07-13 05:02:02 UTC

who cares about babies

2019-07-13 05:02:15 UTC

its the fact its life long mutilation

2019-07-13 05:02:18 UTC

it happens in any country that has jews and no law against it @RedBSierra It's just hyper prevalent in the US

2019-07-13 05:02:19 UTC

That's very left wing of you

2019-07-13 05:03:06 UTC

>no, the money
>who cares about the babies
-furry anime nigger for MEP 2019

2019-07-13 05:03:07 UTC

Arguably the baby problem, is a result of people not being able to afford houses, and all the rest of it.

2019-07-13 05:03:10 UTC

doesnt happen in the UK Muten unless you're muslim/from african background who family wants its done more than 95% of the country is uncut

2019-07-13 05:03:23 UTC

and pretty much 100% where i live

2019-07-13 05:03:46 UTC

it costs $2000 to have surgery perform they pay doctors money the parents to mutilate their kids

2019-07-13 05:03:46 UTC

it still happens

2019-07-13 05:03:51 UTC

they arent dirt poor

2019-07-13 05:03:58 UTC

@Muten Japan doesn't have foreskin, and that's. sooty non jew

2019-07-13 05:04:14 UTC

never seen a circumcised Jap

2019-07-13 05:04:30 UTC

Asians don't have the same kind of dicks. Their foreskins almost always are short, and don't fully cover the head past puberty

2019-07-13 05:04:41 UTC

that's bullshit

2019-07-13 05:04:42 UTC

how would you know that

2019-07-13 05:04:51 UTC

he's a japanese man

2019-07-13 05:04:52 UTC

go watch asian gay porn

2019-07-13 05:04:58 UTC

even worse

2019-07-13 05:04:59 UTC


2019-07-13 05:05:02 UTC


2019-07-13 05:05:02 UTC

I read a lot about science on race and genitalia

2019-07-13 05:05:07 UTC

sounds gay

2019-07-13 05:05:11 UTC

Pron is not equal to real life mate.

2019-07-13 05:05:11 UTC


2019-07-13 05:05:19 UTC

look at "lesbians"

2019-07-13 05:05:23 UTC

its still real dicks

2019-07-13 05:05:23 UTC

I'm a tismite

2019-07-13 05:05:39 UTC

anyway no everyones penis is different

2019-07-13 05:05:56 UTC

there's no racial thing in it except for pubic hair thats literally it

2019-07-13 05:06:12 UTC

There's a legitimate difference. There's still some born with long foreskins, but it's much more rare

2019-07-13 05:06:14 UTC

im a autist on this so i know

2019-07-13 05:07:02 UTC

Black women have the most narrow cunts, whites have the deepest, and mexoids have the widest

2019-07-13 05:07:04 UTC

personally i havent seen dicks on asians any different from white guys or black guys except skin tone and hair different and obviously different shapes and sizes

2019-07-13 05:07:16 UTC

There really are studies on this

2019-07-13 05:07:21 UTC


2019-07-13 05:07:32 UTC

personally as in lots of porn

2019-07-13 05:07:34 UTC

also some irl

2019-07-13 05:07:38 UTC

ok wtf

2019-07-13 05:07:53 UTC

put it this way i would notice

2019-07-13 05:08:03 UTC

Ok so science vs porn

2019-07-13 05:08:06 UTC


2019-07-13 05:08:07 UTC

If you're talking about personal experience, you don't understand statistics. You have almost always been exposed to the minority, not the majority

2019-07-13 05:08:10 UTC

this is literally where we are

2019-07-13 05:08:12 UTC

i havent seen the science

2019-07-13 05:08:17 UTC

so stfu

2019-07-13 05:08:22 UTC

or (x) doubt

2019-07-13 05:08:27 UTC

don't bring in porn

2019-07-13 05:08:33 UTC

you fucking autistic retard

2019-07-13 05:08:36 UTC

can you show me the statistics pls

2019-07-13 05:08:45 UTC

If you took every non mixed Asian in your city, and saw their dicks, you would see snooty foreskin on the overwhelming majority

2019-07-13 05:09:09 UTC

snooty as in long or short?

2019-07-13 05:09:14 UTC

That whole thing about dick size by race though, isn't true. Asians have the same average size

2019-07-13 05:09:31 UTC

aye i know size by race is bollocks

2019-07-13 05:09:51 UTC

it is however a bit of to do with family history or even location but not race

2019-07-13 05:09:58 UTC

@Chaplain_Valen dude, hitler killed 69 billion people

2019-07-13 05:10:04 UTC

How could you joke about that

2019-07-13 05:10:07 UTC

hitler killed the 6 gorillian

2019-07-13 05:10:23 UTC

get it right

2019-07-13 05:10:24 UTC

hitler killed 6 billion

2019-07-13 05:10:26 UTC
2019-07-13 05:10:31 UTC

stop this historic revisionism

2019-07-13 05:10:36 UTC

you cuck

2019-07-13 05:10:48 UTC

he killed 69 million

2019-07-13 05:10:53 UTC


2019-07-13 05:10:57 UTC

it's 6 gorilian

2019-07-13 05:11:01 UTC

You're right. Only 200k Jews existed in Germany, in 1938.

2019-07-13 05:11:11 UTC

Sorry for the revision

2019-07-13 05:11:28 UTC

>everyone hits google

2019-07-13 05:11:33 UTC

what about the 3 gorillian from poland

2019-07-13 05:11:38 UTC

No, please, look it up

2019-07-13 05:11:39 UTC

and the 2 gorillian from franc

2019-07-13 05:11:40 UTC


2019-07-13 05:11:51 UTC

that makes 6 gorllian

2019-07-13 05:11:53 UTC

@Reprehensibletrash i know this well done the studies watched sex ed ect.

2019-07-13 05:12:55 UTC

Poland did that months before Nazis took Auschwitz god I suck ass at germoid

2019-07-13 05:13:09 UTC

did what

2019-07-13 05:13:22 UTC

The deathcamp

2019-07-13 05:13:32 UTC

oh shit

2019-07-13 05:14:03 UTC

Literally the deaths only started, because France and Britain were offended Jews were getting exiled

2019-07-13 05:14:17 UTC

They set fire to the seas of Germany and Poland

2019-07-13 05:14:32 UTC

Because a sovereign nation did something they don't like

germany dindu

2019-07-13 05:15:07 UTC

so poland killed the 6 gorillian?

2019-07-13 05:15:11 UTC

They could have stayed out of it, and the war wouldn't have happened. The deaths wouldn't have been needed

2019-07-13 05:16:11 UTC

And we still would've had the geniuses such as Einstein, as he fled before the Nazis took power

2019-07-13 05:17:12 UTC

America was created to tell the rest of the world to go fuck themselves. Not to fight as your military

2019-07-13 05:18:27 UTC

That's why American culture doesn't exist anymore. American culture was telling you all to fuck off, and stay out

2019-07-13 05:19:04 UTC

This "melting pot" shit is a total farce

2019-07-13 05:19:53 UTC

I've heard everyone misunderstand this idea "melting pot"

2019-07-13 05:20:03 UTC

and I don't even have a grasp of it

2019-07-13 05:20:09 UTC

everyone hates it afaik

2019-07-13 05:20:18 UTC


2019-07-13 05:20:38 UTC

btw I asked a question

2019-07-13 05:20:50 UTC

so poland, before it was taken by the nazis

2019-07-13 05:20:55 UTC

American culture is damage first questions later

2019-07-13 05:20:56 UTC

killed the 6 gorilian?

2019-07-13 05:22:55 UTC

Well, it didn't kill 6 million, by what I understand that's actually impossible given the timeframe, and the resources

2019-07-13 05:23:24 UTC

but poland did the holocaust?

2019-07-13 05:23:31 UTC

pre ww2

2019-07-13 05:23:54 UTC

If you want to suffocate people in a gas chamber, you need a lot of gas. And that's just the first round. Imagine doing so hundreds upon hundreds of times over, the more people the larger the room, the more gas you need

2019-07-13 05:24:24 UTC

I don't care about the maths

2019-07-13 05:24:25 UTC

Then there's all these stories of people literally on the tracks down to the ovens, and yet no tale as to why they weren't killed by them

2019-07-13 05:24:31 UTC

I've heard it a hundred times over

2019-07-13 05:24:49 UTC

Waht I want to know is whether or not poland is guilty of holocaust

2019-07-13 05:24:58 UTC

Poland killed before the Nazis got there, yes. And continued afterwards

2019-07-13 05:25:26 UTC

On top of fighting with the Germans between then, as the Nazis invaded as an enemy

2019-07-13 05:25:48 UTC

so hitler didn't do nuffin

2019-07-13 05:25:51 UTC

and it was all poland?

2019-07-13 05:26:34 UTC

I'm just asking for clarity

2019-07-13 05:26:42 UTC

I'm not trying to get a gotcha

2019-07-13 05:26:44 UTC

Not what I said

2019-07-13 05:26:45 UTC

just curious

2019-07-13 05:26:52 UTC

Ok then clarify

2019-07-13 05:27:22 UTC

There's plenty hitler fucked up on, and he did end up doing a lot of killing, but as time goes on, that death count is continuously inflated

2019-07-13 05:28:00 UTC

ok so hitler did wrong yeah, but he didn't do holocaust it was poland?

2019-07-13 05:28:04 UTC

In 2010 a team of Jews conflated they six million to twenty million. At the time, I believe Germany wasn't even eight million in population. Literally impossible

2019-07-13 05:29:06 UTC

He didn't do everything. I suggest reading in detail. Most of it is available on such things as Wikipedia, but make sure you check and read the sources. All the sources.

2019-07-13 05:29:23 UTC

the holocaust was 50% jewish and 50% non jews as commonly understood, 6 gorillian jews, 6 gorillian non jews killed the same way

2019-07-13 05:29:31 UTC

they didn't just kill the jews in germany

2019-07-13 05:30:29 UTC

What I'm still not clear on is the holocaust, who did it? was it poland or hitler, you aren't being clear on that

2019-07-13 05:30:36 UTC

or was it both

2019-07-13 05:30:41 UTC

Gays and trannies were also killed. Plenty of racial groups were fucked with, however, the Nazis actually had mixed race military, unlike anyone else at the time. They actually trained their blacks

2019-07-13 05:30:43 UTC

hitler did it in poland

2019-07-13 05:30:45 UTC

once he invaded

2019-07-13 05:30:58 UTC

That's not the case

2019-07-13 05:31:05 UTC

He took it over

2019-07-13 05:31:14 UTC

@n meowzers please I'm trying to get a clear anwser

2019-07-13 05:31:14 UTC

But it was already happening

2019-07-13 05:31:24 UTC

What I'm still not clear on is the holocaust, who did it? was it poland or hitler, you aren't being clear on that
or was it both

2019-07-13 05:31:30 UTC

Auschwitz predates the war

2019-07-13 05:31:38 UTC

hitler is a person

2019-07-13 05:31:41 UTC

poland is a location

2019-07-13 05:31:49 UTC


2019-07-13 05:31:50 UTC


2019-07-13 05:32:00 UTC

Ok so aushwitz existed

2019-07-13 05:32:03 UTC

was it active?

2019-07-13 05:32:12 UTC

idk probably

2019-07-13 05:32:23 UTC

if so what happened after it was taken by the nazis

2019-07-13 05:32:26 UTC

You're asking a nonsense sic all question, one most believe is splitting hairs. @Muten

2019-07-13 05:32:34 UTC

they built it

2019-07-13 05:32:35 UTC

It continued killing

2019-07-13 05:32:42 UTC

No, they didn't

2019-07-13 05:32:49 UTC

Citation needed

2019-07-13 05:32:53 UTC

it existed before 1939?

2019-07-13 05:32:58 UTC


2019-07-13 05:33:05 UTC

what did it do

2019-07-13 05:33:07 UTC

I'm trying to be clear on what you believe happened

2019-07-13 05:33:11 UTC

because I'm not clear

2019-07-13 05:33:13 UTC

Literally, this is why France set fire to Poland's sea

2019-07-13 05:33:20 UTC

it doesn't make sense it's all blurry and fuzzy

2019-07-13 05:33:25 UTC

Because they were doing this before the Nazis took power

2019-07-13 05:33:30 UTC

I want you to clarify

2019-07-13 05:33:51 UTC

After Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, sparking World War II, the Germans converted Auschwitz I, a former army barracks, to hold Polish political prisoners.

2019-07-13 05:34:06 UTC

Poland is still one of the most fucked places, imo. I'd never step foot in there

2019-07-13 05:34:47 UTC

That's not the deathcamp. Also, copying text isn't a citation

2019-07-13 05:34:54 UTC

Give the source

2019-07-13 05:35:01 UTC

i don't care about this

2019-07-13 05:35:08 UTC

then fuck of

2019-07-13 05:35:09 UTC


2019-07-13 05:35:10 UTC

Then fuck off?

2019-07-13 05:35:10 UTC


2019-07-13 05:35:23 UTC

>I don't care about this reee

2019-07-13 05:35:53 UTC

ok so who did the holocaust, in your opinion, that's all I want to know

2019-07-13 05:36:16 UTC

i did it

2019-07-13 05:37:05 UTC

The holocaust was enacted by German people. That's the case. However, they were not the first to kill, they did not intend to kill at first, and Poland basically pushed all the blame from their camps, onto the German Reich

2019-07-13 05:37:26 UTC

so it was both ok

2019-07-13 05:37:38 UTC

Yes, that was my point

2019-07-13 05:37:48 UTC

that's all I wanted to know

2019-07-13 05:37:53 UTC

Fuck, the japs kicked out all the kikes they had as well

2019-07-13 05:37:58 UTC

that's all you needed to say

2019-07-13 05:37:59 UTC


2019-07-13 05:38:10 UTC

Just no one set fire to their seas in result

2019-07-13 05:38:28 UTC

it seems like to the extent extermination was carried out it was a wartime measure

2019-07-13 05:38:37 UTC


2019-07-13 05:38:52 UTC

Because at that point it was the first extermination of sleeper cells

2019-07-13 05:39:14 UTC

every major player had to deal with troublesome ethnic groups

2019-07-13 05:39:18 UTC

during the war

2019-07-13 05:39:23 UTC


2019-07-13 05:39:25 UTC

who posed a threat of compromising the war effort from within

2019-07-13 05:39:27 UTC

And still do

2019-07-13 05:39:58 UTC

i mean, i suppose you could say that america wasn't as harsh as germany or the ussr, though at the same time america didn't have to deal with fighting an actual front on their home turf

2019-07-13 05:40:28 UTC

Ehem Mexico, Canada, Africa, and Honduras all still pose a direct issue for the US, and basically all industrial Arab nations are direct enemies

2019-07-13 05:40:51 UTC

are you saying they posed a direct issue for the us during ww2?

2019-07-13 05:41:04 UTC

No, but they do today

2019-07-13 05:41:19 UTC

Opening borders tends to do some really bad things

2019-07-13 05:41:46 UTC

well i'm speaking of the relative severity of the situation in ww2 regarding japanese internment in america vs jewish internment in germany vs the relocation of various ethnic groups in the ussr

2019-07-13 05:42:41 UTC

I mean, tbh, I'd have just done what the japs did during the 1880's, make an island and put them there.

2019-07-13 05:43:07 UTC

Was looking at the escapists youtube channel. Film Robert the Eugenics Guy is apparently not going to be allowed to upload his "Gameover Thinker" there anymore. He's still being allowed to make his film reviews sadly.

2019-07-13 05:43:08 UTC

That's what they did with the Spanish and Brits

2019-07-13 05:43:23 UTC

They put us on islands they manufactured

2019-07-13 05:46:02 UTC

for some reason i've developed an extreme fear of heights

2019-07-13 05:47:46 UTC

to be fair, a fear of heights is a much more normal fear most people won't have to deal with

2019-07-13 05:48:17 UTC

i have a fear of heights

2019-07-13 05:48:31 UTC

always have

2019-07-13 05:48:35 UTC

I'm afraid of fire

2019-07-13 05:48:41 UTC

And I'm a smith and welder

2019-07-13 05:48:58 UTC

Heights I’m fine with.
Depths, on the other hand, hoo boy.

2019-07-13 05:48:59 UTC

Well, in training for one

2019-07-13 05:49:13 UTC


2019-07-13 05:49:37 UTC

like recently within like 6 months

2019-07-13 05:49:42 UTC


2019-07-13 05:49:51 UTC

Heights don't bother me that much, nor does the dark...but put he looking into a dark hole in the ground and I can't stand it

2019-07-13 05:50:02 UTC

like i can't watch scenes where people are high up or i get this strong anxiety pull feeling

2019-07-13 05:50:22 UTC

could be triggered by other anxities

2019-07-13 05:50:28 UTC

Isn't there a name for that? "Call of the Void?"

2019-07-13 05:50:29 UTC

probably was

2019-07-13 05:50:30 UTC


2019-07-13 05:50:33 UTC

fk cant spell

2019-07-13 05:50:46 UTC

no i mean like butterflies except extreme

2019-07-13 05:50:58 UTC


2019-07-13 05:50:59 UTC

So this ain’t ur jam no more?

2019-07-13 05:51:32 UTC

It's interesting that when standing on the edge of a cliff or something, people get a sudden urge to either jump or push someone off.

2019-07-13 05:51:39 UTC


2019-07-13 05:56:03 UTC

But anyways, Moviebob's "Gameover thinker" where he basically just spouts lunatic sjw BS is no longer going to be on the escapist.

2019-07-13 05:59:10 UTC

The escapist went full retard years ago.

2019-07-13 06:02:08 UTC


2019-07-13 06:26:23 UTC

i have a question

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