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2018-01-09 03:44:05 UTC

i dont even know how to transfer from one coin to another on binance

2018-01-09 03:44:05 UTC

you know what pays, pretty much every day

2018-01-09 03:44:12 UTC

consistant payoff

2018-01-09 03:44:16 UTC

too much and I'll get confused and frustrated

2018-01-09 03:44:17 UTC

p a t i e n c e

2018-01-09 03:44:30 UTC

i dont need sage wisdom

2018-01-09 03:44:32 UTC

just walk away from the cocksucker

2018-01-09 03:44:39 UTC

i need some clear like "click this, do this"

2018-01-09 03:44:42 UTC


2018-01-09 03:44:45 UTC

well i just got signed up for something new

2018-01-09 03:44:48 UTC


2018-01-09 03:44:52 UTC

god damnit im on a computer

2018-01-09 03:44:54 UTC

fuck yourself

2018-01-09 03:44:57 UTC

@Deleted User what did you do so far?

2018-01-09 03:45:05 UTC

at what stage you at

2018-01-09 03:45:10 UTC

I gotcha

2018-01-09 03:45:11 UTC

Signing up costs zero money

2018-01-09 03:45:27 UTC

i just need clear instructions if told to do shit

2018-01-09 03:45:27 UTC

you could sell the XRP, if you'd like

2018-01-09 03:45:41 UTC

not "be patient, this and that"

2018-01-09 03:45:46 UTC

trying to help bro

2018-01-09 03:45:48 UTC

like i don't know these websites

2018-01-09 03:45:54 UTC

asking what you di so far

2018-01-09 03:45:56 UTC


2018-01-09 03:46:03 UTC

I don't know you @Deleted User so you can't help me right now

2018-01-09 03:46:20 UTC

Simple, Sell your ETH in BTC on binance.
Transfer that into your BTC wallet on Kucoin.
Same thing you did on Coinbase

2018-01-09 03:46:33 UTC


2018-01-09 03:46:33 UTC

how do i do that?

2018-01-09 03:46:35 UTC

That’s if you want to buy XRB

2018-01-09 03:46:40 UTC

blue line is obvious, current value

2018-01-09 03:46:41 UTC

do i want to?

2018-01-09 03:46:44 UTC

i dont know?

2018-01-09 03:46:44 UTC

ok then ask these ppl for help

2018-01-09 03:46:52 UTC

ive been trying to

2018-01-09 03:47:00 UTC

i just need simple instructions

2018-01-09 03:47:06 UTC

yellow line is the overall trend. Too high above the line and it could be inflated, too low and it could be headed for a spike

2018-01-09 03:47:23 UTC

how i get free munny

2018-01-09 03:47:24 UTC

i get frustrated because i try to do shit and it doesnt work and keep trying to ask what to do

2018-01-09 03:47:30 UTC

That’s what I did. I don’t want to be responsible if you take a loss. Just giving me you tips.

2018-01-09 03:47:41 UTC

I invested a lot in XRB

2018-01-09 03:47:46 UTC

im not a retard when it comes to following trends or things like that

2018-01-09 03:47:48 UTC


2018-01-09 03:47:55 UTC

well lets go back to where i was

2018-01-09 03:48:02 UTC

The shorter red and green bars are basically the ratio of people buying and selling during that block of time

2018-01-09 03:48:14 UTC

I have a little ETH, and several hundred in XRP on binance

2018-01-09 03:48:34 UTC

@Deleted User yeah tahts common sense

2018-01-09 03:48:57 UTC

i can read graphs and understand that end of shit

2018-01-09 03:48:59 UTC

just trying to make it as basic as possible

2018-01-09 03:49:09 UTC


2018-01-09 03:49:24 UTC

well i have hundreds of dollars tied up in gook c oins i dont even know how to transfer from one thing to another

2018-01-09 03:49:29 UTC

i was walked through it

2018-01-09 03:49:37 UTC

and need help if im supposed to do someting

2018-01-09 03:49:42 UTC

Graphs are for nerds all you need is the hodl meme

2018-01-09 03:50:10 UTC

You transfer coins from the stuff you don't want anymore into bitcoin and then into the thing you do want

2018-01-09 03:50:44 UTC

2018-01-09 03:51:27 UTC

I. Dont. Know. How. To.

2018-01-09 03:51:34 UTC


2018-01-09 03:51:39 UTC


2018-01-09 03:51:47 UTC

Make your own decisions

2018-01-09 03:52:00 UTC

dude we've talked about charts and shit forever

2018-01-09 03:52:02 UTC


2018-01-09 03:52:22 UTC

"Market" and 100% sells all you have in that coin back to bitcoin for whatever its trading at right this second

2018-01-09 03:52:23 UTC

how many times do i have to say i dont understand the concepts of transferring from differnet sites and to differnet coins well?

2018-01-09 03:52:26 UTC

and need help with that?

2018-01-09 03:52:36 UTC

Here let me ask

2018-01-09 03:52:43 UTC

Why would you sell the ripple at all

2018-01-09 03:52:55 UTC

did it make you money

2018-01-09 03:52:59 UTC

i never said i was going to

2018-01-09 03:53:01 UTC

then once you have it back in Bitcoin, Market and 100 on the Buy side puts all your bitcoin into that new one

2018-01-09 03:53:05 UTC

That’s the greatest channel icon ever

2018-01-09 03:53:33 UTC


2018-01-09 03:53:39 UTC

I have no idea what im doing with any of this

2018-01-09 03:53:48 UTC

and have very limited time to learn every fucking coin

2018-01-09 03:53:57 UTC

and want to at least know how to cash out of this if i can

2018-01-09 03:53:59 UTC

There is only one coin

2018-01-09 03:54:03 UTC

shit up

2018-01-09 03:54:05 UTC

shut up

2018-01-09 03:54:11 UTC

turn your computer off

2018-01-09 03:54:14 UTC


2018-01-09 03:54:14 UTC

simple enough ?

2018-01-09 03:54:17 UTC


2018-01-09 03:54:26 UTC

me too

2018-01-09 03:54:56 UTC

@Jackk L O L & true

2018-01-09 03:55:19 UTC


2018-01-09 03:55:32 UTC


2018-01-09 03:55:33 UTC

Just hold what you have until you get familiar with everything

2018-01-09 03:55:52 UTC

you told me i need to sell back to bitcoin

2018-01-09 03:55:56 UTC

on binance with my eth

2018-01-09 03:56:01 UTC

Or do some research/watch vids that explain

2018-01-09 03:56:02 UTC

ive been asking how to do that

2018-01-09 03:56:10 UTC

jeez don't keep having him move his money back and forth

2018-01-09 03:56:30 UTC

If you want to transfer money into KuCoin, you have to use coins they accept

2018-01-09 03:56:43 UTC

then back to where we were!

2018-01-09 03:56:45 UTC


2018-01-09 03:56:53 UTC

do i change the eth into bitcoin on binance

2018-01-09 03:56:55 UTC


2018-01-09 03:57:00 UTC

thats what ive asked so many times

2018-01-09 03:57:29 UTC

@Deleted User withdraw and imput your wallett address from the exchange you want to move money to?

2018-01-09 03:57:46 UTC


2018-01-09 03:57:48 UTC

that is how cex.io works

2018-01-09 03:57:55 UTC

you click withdraw

2018-01-09 03:58:00 UTC

select btc

2018-01-09 03:58:08 UTC

input wallet address from exchange\

2018-01-09 04:01:08 UTC


2018-01-09 04:02:15 UTC

i cant youtube

2018-01-09 04:02:17 UTC


2018-01-09 04:02:21 UTC

someone just listen to me.

2018-01-09 04:02:44 UTC

I was told by @Deleted User to buy one coin on this new site i signed up for

2018-01-09 04:02:50 UTC

dude you sure you want to change it to it

2018-01-09 04:02:59 UTC

and pay the transactions fees and all that shit

2018-01-09 04:03:07 UTC

andhave to wait because bitcoin takes forever

2018-01-09 04:03:15 UTC

why not junst traade some coins on binance where your money already is

2018-01-09 04:03:18 UTC

then he told me i had to change it to bitcoin, from the eth i had, or if i was going to sell the XRP for it

2018-01-09 04:03:28 UTC

i hate bitcoin

2018-01-09 04:03:32 UTC

You htink your jimmies are rustled now?

2018-01-09 04:03:44 UTC

dude its not about the investments and market fluctuations and miss

2018-01-09 04:03:47 UTC

Just wait till 4 days later ripple is all time high price

2018-01-09 04:03:51 UTC

im used to losing money left and right

2018-01-09 04:03:58 UTC

who's fault is that then ?

2018-01-09 04:03:58 UTC

i never SAID i was going to sell it

2018-01-09 04:04:03 UTC

then dont

2018-01-09 04:04:05 UTC

i just asked a fucking question

2018-01-09 04:04:20 UTC

how do i turn the ETH on binance back into bitcoin ifi want

2018-01-09 04:04:22 UTC

ok ujst wanted to let you know it will take a bit and some mony to switch it to bitcoin and move it

2018-01-09 04:04:33 UTC


2018-01-09 04:04:37 UTC

since i was told i cannot use it on kucoin if i want to buy other coins

2018-01-09 04:04:37 UTC

someone who has binance make a list

2018-01-09 04:04:47 UTC steps to do what frank wants

2018-01-09 04:04:49 UTC

and give it to him

2018-01-09 04:04:49 UTC

like i keep getting market advice and videos

2018-01-09 04:04:52 UTC

i don't even use binance

2018-01-09 04:04:55 UTC

On the right side of binance, make sure the little 'BTC' tab is highlighted. Then scroll through the coins until you get to 'ETH', click it

2018-01-09 04:04:56 UTC

i don't either

2018-01-09 04:04:57 UTC

sorry i can't be more helpful buddy

2018-01-09 04:05:05 UTC

i just want like step by step isntructions on how to actually do something

2018-01-09 04:05:09 UTC

@Deleted User On Binance, in the search bar upper right go to ETH/BTC. Go to Sell, Market, 100%

2018-01-09 04:05:10 UTC

@Deleted User im answering your question

2018-01-09 04:05:21 UTC

On the right side of binance, make sure the little 'BTC' tab is highlighted. Then scroll through the coins until you get to 'ETH', click it

2018-01-09 04:05:24 UTC

then all your ETH is now BTC for whatever its currently selling for

2018-01-09 04:05:31 UTC

slow down a sec guys

2018-01-09 04:05:34 UTC

sorry, thank you

2018-01-09 04:05:51 UTC

will bring up that candle chart, right underneath the candles is the buy/sell interface

2018-01-09 04:06:13 UTC

chose a price, quantity to sell at

2018-01-09 04:06:24 UTC

click here


2018-01-09 04:06:46 UTC

then here


2018-01-09 04:06:55 UTC


2018-01-09 04:06:57 UTC


2018-01-09 04:07:15 UTC

im trying to learn the sites guys, its not like im on a marketing get rich thing

2018-01-09 04:07:24 UTC

i have to learn how to work them if i can even play this game at all

2018-01-09 04:07:27 UTC

then here, and your ETH is now BTC


2018-01-09 04:07:39 UTC

not just be signed up and throw money into stuff and not know

2018-01-09 04:07:45 UTC


2018-01-09 04:08:41 UTC


2018-01-09 04:08:45 UTC

like this?

2018-01-09 04:08:57 UTC

im not trying to make market frenzies, i just want to learn to use the sites

2018-01-09 04:09:19 UTC

thats what ive been trying to explain, and i appreciate the help learning this

2018-01-09 04:09:22 UTC

using the MArket tab will sell for whatever the price is that second

2018-01-09 04:09:27 UTC

i just need step by step shit

2018-01-09 04:09:50 UTC

Limit is a little more complex, jsut do MArket first

2018-01-09 04:10:03 UTC

ok, i had no idea there was a difference

2018-01-09 04:10:04 UTC

Honestly, you should watch a few tutorials

2018-01-09 04:10:18 UTC

the 25, 50, 75, 100 buttons are how much of your ETH you want to sell. 100% is all of it, obviously

2018-01-09 04:10:23 UTC

i really think you shuld be playing with your money at binance before you just transfer it

2018-01-09 04:10:31 UTC

ive lost all these videos in all this, @Deleted User if you think there are a few tutorials that are best, could you please DM them to me?

2018-01-09 04:10:42 UTC


2018-01-09 04:10:56 UTC

@Deleted User i havent done much, im just trying to learn how to work the site more than anything

2018-01-09 04:11:05 UTC

and was told to sign up for kucoin now

2018-01-09 04:11:33 UTC

Alright guys, so you see i have just some scraps of ETH, anything i should throw it at in binance for fun?

2018-01-09 04:11:41 UTC

to practice a transfer?

2018-01-09 04:11:45 UTC


2018-01-09 04:11:49 UTC


2018-01-09 04:11:59 UTC

i have $300 something tied up in XRP

2018-01-09 04:12:06 UTC


2018-01-09 04:12:10 UTC

i will

2018-01-09 04:12:19 UTC

and i wont get mad if any advice causes me a loss

2018-01-09 04:12:19 UTC

I learned just with trading half into TRX and back followign the trends

2018-01-09 04:12:25 UTC

i just need to learn the websites and stuff

2018-01-09 04:12:28 UTC

thats the main thing

2018-01-09 04:12:40 UTC

Don’t worry about transferring to KuCoin until you figure out Binance first

2018-01-09 04:12:50 UTC

i have a 155 IQ, i just am bad with exchanges and new websites

2018-01-09 04:13:03 UTC

ok, @Deleted User so dont worry about that coin you mentioned earlier?

2018-01-09 04:13:06 UTC

it takes a while to get used to

2018-01-09 04:13:18 UTC

and just keep this eth scrap, and the rest in XRP where i have it?

2018-01-09 04:13:51 UTC


2018-01-09 04:14:01 UTC

Don't worry about a thousand different coins. I have like 3 or 4 that I watch and I ignore the rest

2018-01-09 04:15:00 UTC


2018-01-09 04:15:03 UTC

ill do this for now

2018-01-09 04:15:19 UTC

thank you for showing me more of how to transfer coin to coin on binance

2018-01-09 04:15:22 UTC

I went from having 20+ coins to only 5/6 now that I have faith in

2018-01-09 04:15:31 UTC

Research the product

2018-01-09 04:15:41 UTC

most of what i have is tied up in XRP

2018-01-09 04:15:49 UTC

and i will hold until it goes up

2018-01-09 04:15:55 UTC

Same I hold like 5 and keep 60 percent or so of my money in bitcoin

2018-01-09 04:15:58 UTC

i think i got it at $2.60ish?

2018-01-09 04:16:08 UTC

It’ll go up to 4/5$ in a few weeks

2018-01-09 04:16:32 UTC

i dont do bitcoin anymore, did it years ago and i just will only use it for exchange if i need at this point

2018-01-09 04:16:34 UTC

how i get free munny

2018-01-09 04:16:39 UTC


2018-01-09 04:17:17 UTC

@Deleted User wanna take in the thot i sent across the country to florida? lol

2018-01-09 04:17:28 UTC

her life is so fucked and still is asking me for help and what to do

2018-01-09 04:17:36 UTC

yea I learned the same lesson. id rather have 5 coins and know their prices and movements well, than 10-12 shitcoins that might do some shit

2018-01-09 04:17:39 UTC

@Deleted User and I can split her

2018-01-09 04:17:46 UTC

i greyhounded her across the state to florida

2018-01-09 04:17:50 UTC


2018-01-09 04:17:54 UTC

hey if you want to, go for it

2018-01-09 04:17:56 UTC

i got enough women problems

2018-01-09 04:17:56 UTC

And then feed her to the Gators

2018-01-09 04:18:00 UTC

but me and tbc can put her in a cage

2018-01-09 04:18:03 UTC

shes on the verge of being homeless in florida

2018-01-09 04:18:04 UTC

And then actual gators

2018-01-09 04:18:13 UTC

and i told her "I CANT DO SHIT"

2018-01-09 04:18:24 UTC

send her some shitcoins

2018-01-09 04:18:24 UTC

i called off the full assault on her because her life is ruined enough

2018-01-09 04:18:32 UTC

lol you just sent her here without anywhere to go?"

2018-01-09 04:18:33 UTC

if she's on the verge send her some xvg

2018-01-09 04:18:37 UTC

goddamnit @comcast i will suck your dick in anger

2018-01-09 04:18:42 UTC


2018-01-09 04:18:55 UTC
2018-01-09 04:19:04 UTC

Out of curisoity why do you believe ripple will hit 5 dollars?

2018-01-09 04:19:04 UTC

@Deleted User i sent her to her ex who she has a quarter spic kid with, because he said he would take her in, and shes saying hes gonna put her on the strees now and doesnt know what to do

2018-01-09 04:19:09 UTC

im like JFC BITCH

2018-01-09 04:19:09 UTC


2018-01-09 04:19:15 UTC


2018-01-09 04:19:19 UTC

nah bro just keep in mind

2018-01-09 04:19:22 UTC


2018-01-09 04:19:33 UTC

the only person who can wreck you is you

2018-01-09 04:19:37 UTC

nice ty

2018-01-09 04:19:47 UTC

i will hold the 41 xrp i have left for that 5$ mark

2018-01-09 04:20:11 UTC

@Deleted User her family abandon her long ago?

2018-01-09 04:20:27 UTC

Why do you believe it will hit 5 soon?

2018-01-09 04:20:32 UTC

out of curiosity

2018-01-09 04:20:48 UTC
2018-01-09 04:20:49 UTC

2018-01-09 04:20:51 UTC

shes 29

2018-01-09 04:21:14 UTC

@Deleted User should I sell my TRX and buy CND?

2018-01-09 04:21:25 UTC

actually not TRX, I have it in TRIG

2018-01-09 04:21:28 UTC

ok i have 142 XRP

2018-01-09 04:22:17 UTC

yo tactical bowl cut

2018-01-09 04:22:21 UTC

do you have a kucoin invitation code?

2018-01-09 04:22:31 UTC

i am signing up

2018-01-09 04:23:19 UTC

What is kucoin?

2018-01-09 04:23:32 UTC

binance clone

2018-01-09 04:23:36 UTC

way less volume

2018-01-09 04:23:42 UTC

but nice interface. has a lot of alts

2018-01-09 04:23:55 UTC

Hmm okay

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